NXT (5-6-2020) Preview, Live Coverage, and Results


Is there anyone more excited than me for the mini takeover that is happening tonight? 

The show tonight will likely feature the main event of Adam Cole defending his NXT Championship against the Velveteen Dream. Cole has held the championship since the middle of 2019 is the longest-reigning NXT Champion and looks to continue his run as champion. While Dream looks to put some recent allegations aside and finally grab the biggest prize in NXT.

The show will also feature another big championship match, as the Queen Charlotte Flair will defend her NXT Women's Championship against Io Shirai. Finn Balor will look to confront and bring to light his attacker from weeks past. Also, Karrion Kross will make his in-ring debut in NXT. Finally, Johnny Gargano will take on Dominic Dijackovic as well on the show. And who will remain undefeated in the NXT Interim Champion Cruiserweight Tournament? Stay tuned to the site for live coverage that will kick off at 7 pm CT.


We start the show with a video package highlighting the two championship matches occurring tonight. The show will be kicking off with Johnny Gargano vs Dominic Dijackovic. 

Johnny Gargano vs Dominic Dijackovic

Gargano comes out alone to the ring. On commentary tonight are Tom Phillips, Mauro Ranallo, and Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Gargano attacks the lower half of Dijak but he returns with lots of chops and punches. Dijakovic delivers a knee to the rib cage, throws him onto the floor and sends him into the corner. Huge chops to the chest once in the corner. Gargano begins to battle back with an elbow but looks to have been hurt after a leapfrog. A chop block by Gargano sends Dijak to the floor. Gargano is focusing his attack on Dijackovic left side and left knee. Cover by Dijak but Gargano kicks out at two. Dijak sends Gargano to the floor and once again begins to attack him in the corner once up. Candice LeRae comes out and Gargano uses the distraction to dump Dijak onto the floor and then dives into Dijak who is on the floor. As we go to commercial break LeRae tends to Gargano with both men outside of the ring.  Gargano is attacking the body but Dijakivic starts to battle back. Dijak does a cyclone kick and Gargano kicks out at two. Gargano uses LeRae to crawl out of the ring but is prevented by Dijak. Dijak catches him and Gargano tries to roll him out. Dijak goes for his finisher but Gargano counters and gets a two count. Gargano is taking the cover off of a turnbuckle and looks to use the distraction but Dijak meets him there and only gets a two count. Dijak goes to the top rope but Gargano catches him and punches at the back of the left knee. Gargano goes to the ropes and misses, Dijak misses and Gargano continues to untie the top turnbuckle. Dijak goes for the powerbomb and Gargano has exposed the turnbuckle and drives Dijak into the exposed turnbuckle. Gargano does a final beat, his new DDT finisher, and wins. 

Winner: Johnny Gargano 

Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher

This match is hard-hitting and it looks like Gallagher might win when he sends Tozawa into the ropes. However, Tozawa wins after a huge centaun. Tozawa says he might not know Fantasma, but he will beat Fantasma. 

Winner: Akira Tozawa. 

It is confirmed that tonight's main event will be Adam Cole vs The Velveteen Dream and later tonight Finn Balor will return after his attack two weeks ago.

We see Charlotte Flair preparing backstage. Mauro Ranallo says that for the first time since her win at WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair is defending the NXT Women's Title.

Xia Li vs Chelsea Green 

Xia is out first and Robert Stone introduces Chelsea Green. Green uses her skirt to attack Li. Li battles back with an elbow and clothesline Green. After the clothesline, we see a major kick by Li. Aliyah comes out and we see her grab Li's foot. Li battles back but then kick at Aliyah. Green uses the distraction to do her finisher, I am prettier. Chelsea Green wins and Robert Stone helps Aliyah up. 

Winner: Chelsea Green

The Velveteen Dream says backstage that tonight will be dream over for Adam Cole. Karrion Kross and Scarlett's debut will be up next. 

Scarlett is on the stage first and then Kross appears. Scarlett walks into the ring and we hear the new theme song that says Fall and Prey. Mauro says Doomsday is here. Kross is in action against Liam Rush. Huge suplex by Kross to Rush. Another doomsday to Rush and Kross with the Kross Jacket and Rush taps out. Kross does not let him go until Rush passes out. Tom Phillips says Kross is the devil and doomsday is upon NXT. 

Winner: Karrion Kross

We see a package highlighting Io Shirai vs Charlotte Flair who will be up next. 

NXT Women's Championship Title Match - Charlotte Flair vs Io Shirai

This match starts with both women circling each other. Flair employs the side headlock and looks to counter but is clotheslined by Flair. Matrix escape by Io and sends Charlotte into the corner. Flair kicks at Shirai and sets up the figure 4 and drives her with her knees to the floor. Flair sets up the double knee scissors and sends Io into the mat. She then chops at Io in the corner. Io attempts a sunset flip but Flair counters. Shirai punches and driver herself into Flair. Flair counters with a kick and clothesline Shirai. Flair counter Io and Shirai meets Flair at the top rope. Frankensteiner by Shirai but only gets a two count. Shirai unloads strike but is met with a kick by Flair. Flair delivers a backbreaker and goes to the top rope and misses with her moonsault due to Shirai rolling away. Shirai with a tiger fade kick and double knees in the corner. Shirai goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Shirai moonsault but Flair puts her knees up. Flair does a big boot but only gets a two count. Io Shirai lands the moonsault and this match is done after Flair attacks Shirai with a kendo stick. Flair slams Io left leg into the ring post. Ripley appears and attacks Flair. Flair leaves and Shirai chases Ripley into the back. 

Winner: Io Shirai via DQ but Flair retains

Rhea is interviewed backstage and she says she is sick and tired of Flair and says she wonders if Flair can do it again. Shirai interrupts and both women brawl outside and have to be separated. We see Adam Cole backstage alone as he prepares for the main event. 

Kushida vs Jake Atlas

Kushida and Atlas start and Kushida goes for the submission. Atlas gets Kushida down into a huge kick to Atlas's arm. Kushida somersault centaun and wipes out Atlas who is outside of the ring. Kushida brings him back and attacks Atlas. Atlas begins to battle back and does a great kick to Kushida. German suplex by Atlas and only gets a two count. Multiple kicks by Kushida and Atlas counters with a neck breaker but Kushida rolls away. Toe pick by Atlas and Atlas goes from the top rope but is caught mid-air by Kushida into an armbar. Atlas taps immediately. Kushida says he will own all the cruiserweight champions of the past and he will be the next one. Time will tell if he accomplishes his goal.

Winner: Kushida

Finn Balor is up next. Finn Balor comes out and says he used to think the biggest snakes were in the office. He is not sure about that now. He calls out his unknown attacker and says he is ready to face him in the ring. He says if the attacker is expecting a push what he will get is a squash. Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against Imperium next week. 

Cameron Grimes vs. Denzel

Denzel is on the attack but a counter by Grimes. Grimes wins with a cave in. After his win, he says times are changing and it is Grimes time. He says he deserves better than this and he calls out Finn Balor but says he did not attack him. Balor comes out behind Grimes and Grimes quiets down when they are face to face. Balor takes down Grimes with a double feet stomp and a swing blade. Balor says he will find the snake hiding behind the scenes and when he does he will chop off the snake's head. 

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Before the commercial break, we get a promo for The Velveteen Dream vs Adam Cole. 

We find out we will see Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes next week.


NXT Championship Match - Adam Cole vs. The Velveteen Dream 

The dream is out first and Cole comes out alone. To start both men circle each other and Cole drives Dream into the corner. Dream lets his fist fly and both men go out of the ring. Dream sends Cole into the steel ring steps. Cole with two big superkicks once both men are in the ring. Cole goes for a move and Dream battles back with a spine buster and gets two counts. Dream sets Cole up on the top rope and goes to pick him up. Cole battles out but gets his neck snapped by the top rope. Cole kicks at Dream and goes to the second rope but is caught by Dream. Dream once again only gets a two count. Dream is on the attack until a kick by Cole. Dream counter with a kick and a clothesline and an Irish whip. Dream goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Dream sets up the firemen carry but Cole battles out. Superkick by Dream but Cole kicks out. Dream misses from the top rope and backstabber by Cole but once again only a two count. Cole sets up the carry but Dream battles out. Cole does a kick and a knee but Dream kicks out at two.  Cole begins to trash talk and both engage in a fistfight. Dream is sent out of the ring by a righthand from Cole. Dream goes to the top turnbuckle and falls into a safe pin but Cole kicks out. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish come out but are interrupted by Dexter Lumis. Strong kicks the referee out as he goes for Lumis. Dream gets the pin but the referee is out. Dream does a dive into the UE and Lumis who are on the outside. Cole uses the distraction and superkicks and does the Last Shot and pins Velveteen Dream. 

Winner: Adam Cole

By far my favorite NXT on the USA Network ever. What was your favorite part of tonight? Did you like the debut of Kross and Scarlett? Stay tuned to the site for breaking news and you can follow me on Twitter @undisputedeva. 

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