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NXT (7/24/14) Can Neville Handle The Gorgeous One?

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WWE NXT Results (7/24/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show starts out recapping the feud between Charlotte and Summer Rae.

NXT Opening video plays.

Ascension first to come out.

Ascension Vs ?

Both men lock up. jobber 1 gets into an arm lock. Viktor back drops him. Sneds him into the corner. Then throws Jobber 1 out of the ring. Tags out and Viktor runs to the outside of the ring and both men are stalking Jobber 2. Konnor is in the ring and clotheslines Jobber 2. Jobber 2 in the corner and gets stomped by Konnor. Konnor gives him a running boot. Konnor tags out and hits Jobber 2 with the Fall of Man.

Winners via pinfall Ascension (Time 2:36)


Tyler Breeze vs Mojo Rawley

Just a note there has been no word of where his boots are from.

The match starts and Tyler babies his finger. Mojo backs Tyler into the corner. Tyler out of no where hits the Beauty Shot.

Winner via pinfall Tyler Breeze. (Time :31)


Summer Rae vs Charlotte 

Women start the match pushing each other. Charlotte gives Rae a big slap then mocks Rae's dancing. Women start an all out cat fight. Both women come out of the corner and catch another. They both hit the matt face first. Rae backed into the corner and kicked to the gut. Charlotte takes her out snaps her down pins for 1. Charlotte drives her knee into the back of Rae and then locks in the Figure Four Headlock. Charlotte rolls it over drives Rae's head into the matt then rolls back over. Charlotte grabs Rae's wrist rolls her over again to slam her head then rolls back.


We come back and Charlotte still has the Figure Four headlock on. Rae rolls out of it. Charlotte runs at Rae and Rae pulls the rope down and Charlotte goes flying out. Rae to the out side rolls in Charlotte and pins her for two. Rae slams Charlotte's head into the corner turns her around and stomps her. Rae yells "I made you Charlotte." Then chokes her in the rope. Rae ties up Charlotte in the ropes and puts her foot in the back and wrenches back. Rae has Charlotte on the matt and legs scissors her. Charlotte throws elbows to get out but doesn't succeed. Charlotte rolls back for a pin. Rae up to her feet and throws her into the corner again. Rae slaps Charlotte. Charlotte comes out of the corner and rolls Rae up. Rae kicks out gets up and take Charlotte down. Rae has Charlotte in a leg bar rolls her over into a Half Crab. Charlotte bit Rae but she maintains the hold. Charlotte kicks Rae off. Both women are up and hit each other with a double clothes line. Rae goes for a move both women roll up. Charlotte hits the ropes but Rae hits her with a spinning heel kick. Charlotte starts throwing chops and nails Rae with a big Clothesline. Charlotte goes for a series of pins only getting 2. Charlotte goes for another clothesline gets caught Rae goes for a reversal, Charlotte reverse right back and hits Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte (Time 9:36)

Alexis Bliss Vignette.

Vaudevillians vs Kalisto and Sin Cara

Aiden and Kalisto to start.

Both men lock up. Aiden backs him into the corner. Kalisto reverses and gets Aiden into a headlock. Kalisto bounces off the second rope and snapmares Aiden and maintains head control. Aiden rolls him over with him over for a pin. Kalisto is up and hits the ropes. Tags out to Cara and double teams Aiden. Cara for a pin gets only one. Cara puts Aiden into the corner and chops him. Aiden throws Cara into the ropes, Cara springboards and cross bodies Aiden. Both men up Cara whipped into the ropes goes for another cross body and gets hit with a drop kick. Aiden tags out to Simon. Simon in snapmares Cara. Simon clubs Cara and goes for a pin gets 2. Simon gets Cara in a submission. The two exchange blows Simon gets up Cara and Cara reverses rolls him up gets two. Simon backs up Cara tags out to Aiden. Aiden gets a neck breaker on Cara goes for a pin gets two. Aiden frustrated and his Cara with a series of hits and kicks. Aiden locks in a submission and grounds Cara. Cara hits Aiden with a jawbreaker. Aiden stomps Cara and hits him with a leg drop. Aiden goes for a pin gets two. Aiden rolled up Cara picks up Aiden and slams him down. Cara going of the hot tag. Both men tag out. Kalisto up for a cross body. Kalisto rolls up Simon and hits him with a Kalisto kick. Kalisto goes for the pin and gets broken up by Aiden. Cara sends Aiden to the outside and suicide dives to the outside. Kalisto hits Simon with The Rising Sun.

Winner via Pinfall Sin Cara and Kalisto 

Summerslam commercial

Neville vs Rusev with Lana in a non title match

Rusev goes after Neville and Neville ducks Rusev. Neville hits the ropes and gets caught. Rusev throws him and Neville lands on his feet. Neville goes for a move gets caught again. Rusev puts him in the ropes and hits him with a series of knees. Rusev drops a series of elbows on Neville. Rusev picks up Neville and puts him in the corner. Rusev chokes Neville in the corner with his boot. Rusev to the second rope and drops down on Neville. Rusev picks up Neville and pts him on the second rope then kicks him in the back and pulls him down. Neville punches Rusev in the gut. Neville hits Rusev with a series of kicks. Rusev to his knees and Rusev gets kicked some more. Rusev grabs Neville by the jaw and slams him down. Neville to the top rope and drop kicks Rusev. Lana up on the apron yelling at Rusev. Breeze out and distracts Neville. Rusev hits Neville. He goes after Neville in the corner and Neville gets a boot up. Neville to the top rope and to hit the Red Arrow. Tyler grabs Neville's boot and pulls him of the rope.

Winner via DQ Neville (Time 4:00)

Rusev hits Neville with a big boot then locks in the Accolade.

Show goes off the air Rusev standing all over Neville and Tyler smirking outside the ring.

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