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NXT (7/31/14) Results - Harts or Hart Breaker

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WWE NXT Results (7/24/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The Intro video

Out to start the show is Tyler Breeze. So Gorgeous.

Tyler Breeze vs Angelo Dawkins

Tyler goes to lock up and gets ducked and duplexed. Kicks Dawkins in the gut and throws him in the corner and stomps him. Breeze throws Dawkins to the outside. Breeze in pursuit and clubs Dawkins in the back. Breeze rolls him back in and gives him some elbows. Breeze hits Dawkins with the beauty shot.

Winner via Pinfall Tyler Breeze (Time 1:09)

After the match Breeze grabs a mic. He called the match boring and showed us a replay from last week of his interference. He announced his submission for his music video to the Emmys.

Neville comes out and asks him when he is going to challenge him for the NXT Championship.

 Backstage Interview

Natalya is asked about Adam Rose's return to NXT. Tyson Kidd interupts and trash talks Adam Rose and shows how much of a Lemon he is.

Inside the Commentators Booth.

Tyler Breeze has left the building.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Match starts and Charlotte hits the ropes then locks up with Becky. Charlotte throws her to the mat. Becky is up and trips Charlotte pins her for one. Becky into the ropes goes for an arm drag then chain wrestles and gets rolled. Charlotte puts her in the corner charges and gets kicked. Charlotte in the corner and gives Becky a huge elbow. Corkscrews Becky's leg and has her on the mat. Charlotte drives her knee into Becky's knee. Locks in a knee lock and wrenches on it in a bridge. Becky gives Charlotte a series of kicks with the free leg. Charlotte shoulder blocks Becky's knee. Charlotte puts Becky in the corner and throws her on the mat. Charlotte goes for a series of pins all resulting in two. Charlotte clubs Becky on the back. Charlotte puts Becky's leg on the bottom rope and sits down on it. Becky rolls up Charlotte and mounts an offense of clotheslines. Charlotte manages to stop her and nails her with Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via Pinfall Charlotte (Time 4:03)

Backstage Interview with Mojo

Mojo is looking for a tag team partner. He gets interrupted by Bull. He is willing to partner up but if Mojo messes up bad things will happen.

Ascension vs Steve Cutler and Miles

J1 comes out of the corner and locks up Viktor in a head lock. Viktor throws him off into the ropes and gives him an below. Viktor tags out to Konnor. Ge comes out and shoulder blocks J1. Konnor tags out and Acension is in and shoulder blocks J1. Vitkor puts J1 into the corner and beats him down. Viktor stand over J1 and looks to the crowd. Viktor tags out irishwhips J1 into the corner and Konnor gives I'm a clothesline from the second rope. J1 going for the tag Ascension in and hit him with a Fall of Man.

 Winner vis pinfall Ascension (Time 2:20)

Ascension cuts a post match promo. Talking about the tournament for the new #1 contenders.

CJ Parker Vignette

Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey vs The Mechanics Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Dawson and Bull to start the match. They lock up/ Dawson gets a wriest lock on Bull but gets thrown down. They lock up and Bull backs him into their corner and tags out to Mojo with a blind tag. Mojo and Dawson lock up and Mojo gets a wrist lock. Mojo hits a couple of shoulder blocks Dawson rolls and flips out. Dawson tags out and double team Mojo. Dash in gives him a knee and tags out again. Dawson hits him and tags out. Dash to the second rope and comes down on the arm. Dash goes for a pin gets down. Dash locks in a key lock. Mojo tosses him off and splashes Dawson i the corner tags out and splashes Dawson again. Bull hits the Bulldozer on Dawson.

Winner via Pinfall Mojo and Bull. (Time 2:45)

Backstage interview with Bailey

Talks about the possibilities of she can beat Charlotte and how she has already beat Charlotte. Then gets interrupted by Charlotte and talks about how she doesn't want to humiliate Bailey in a match.

Adam Rose vs Tyson Kidd with Natalya

Match starts and both men circle and lock up Rose trips Tyson. Rose gets an arm lock and Kidd gets in the ropes. Rose goes to the outside and stares down Natalya and offers his lollipop. Natalya accepts. Kidd goes out of the ring and throws the lollipop. Kid comes out of the corner with a kick and a series of punches in the corner. Rose reverses and stomps Kidd in the corner. Rose snap suxples Kidd and drops a series of elbows and a knee drop. Pin on Kidd for two. Kidd rolls out of the ring Rose follows. Rose goes for clothesline and gets ducked then puts drops him on the apron. Adam into the ring and baseball slides Kidd.


We come back with Tyson in a submission lock gets out and kicks Rose. Kidd clotheslines Rose over the top rope. Kidd throws Rose face first into the post. Picks him up and whips him back into the post. Natalya physically upset. Kidd rolls Rose bak in. Pins Rose for two. Kidd chokes Rose on the bottom rope then Leg drops his head onto the outside. Kidd locks in a headlock. Rose fights out with a series of punches in the gut. Rose shoves off Kidd and locks him into another headlock. Tyson hits Rose on a jawbreaker. Rose falls to the outside. Kidd pursues and rolls him back into the ring. Kidd sets up Rose upside-down in the corner goes to the outside and wrenches on Rose's neck. Kidd back in and kicks Rose in the chest. Kidd steps on Rose's head. Kidd whips Rose and gives him a reverse elbow. Pins Rose for two. Kidd locks in another headlock. Rose gains momentum and back suplexes Kidd to get out of the headlock. Rose in the corner and clotheslines Kidd. Rose then hits a series of punches and sets back up in the corner. Rose hits a huge clothesline on Kidd in the corner. Kidd kicks him for separation hits the ropes and gets hit with a spine buster. Rose pins Kidd for two. Rose up and measures Kid sets up the party foul but gets reversed. Kidd goes for the Sharpshooter but Rose crawls into the ropes and gets catapulted to the second rope. Rose to the outside and gets kicked to the jaw. Kidd rolls Rose into the ring. Kidd still upset over the lollipop and Rose rolls up distracted Kidd.

Winner via Pinfall Adam Rose (Time 10:12)

Natalya into the ring and talks with Kidd. Kidd is very upset with Natalya.

Show goes off the air.

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