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Its 2020 and Halloween is on a Saturday this year. What a perfect opportunity for NXT to bring back the classic WCW PPV Halloween Havoc! 

Logo created by @kenman1223 on Twitter.

Logo created by @kenman1223 on Twitter.

Whether it is a Saturday NXT Takeover: Halloween Havoc or we have a TV special during the week this has to happen this year or it would be a huge missed opportunity. We know WWE has the rights to the Halloween Havoc PPV name so why not use it and have some fun with it. 

Usually, I am the type of wrestling fan that enjoys pure wrestling and I do not want any weirdness added but I can overlook it for a Halloween themed PPV! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and to add to it I love horror movies. For this PPV I will let any weirdness slide and I say to make this as Halloween as can be! 

Now I would definitely do this article a disservice if I did not fantasy book this NXT special/PPV.  

NXT Trick Or Street Fight!


This type of match has to happen on NXT Halloween Havoc if the PPV happens! A Trick or Street Fight has happened a few times in recent years of the WWE. A street fight with Halloween weapons ringside is perfect for a PPV or TV special like this. In this match, I would have Drake Maverik vs Cameron Grimes. This match would be perfect for Grimes to show off more of his heel persona and humiliate Drake with a pumpkin on his head because that's how most of these matches end up. 

Costume Battle Royal!


Yes I know I am getting real cheesy here but why not its Halloween! I don't think they are going to be able to pull off a monster truck battle so this is the next best thing! Whether this is a women's or men's battle royal it would be a great comedic relief to see NXT superstars dressed up like superheroes or TV characters. 

Have all superstars involved come out with costumes then here comes Timothy Thatcher with no costume on at all and goes in there and wrecks house. 

House of Horrors Match!


This is your main event! Do another House of Horrors match but this time have Finn Balor and Damian Priest battle it out inside the house! Was the first House of Horrors match perfect and the best thing ever? No, but it tried something different and I would love to see it return for a Halloween themed NXT special! 

Would I be fine with just an NXT show called Halloween Havoc with a few pumpkin props set up with just plain wrestling matches? Heck yes, but why not add something weird because it is Halloween! We saw that NXT can put on great wrestling matches with an awesome special theme when we saw them do The Great American Bash special. 

Also with this special I would have a certain superstar make easter egg appearances throughout the night whether stalking a superstar or sitting in the shadows watching a match and that would be Dexter Lumis and yes he is out with an injury but this would be a perfect way to include him on the show without having him performing since his character is so creepy it would blend perfectly with the Halloween theme. 

Would you like to see a Halloween Havoc NXT special show? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter! 

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