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Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, ratings results are on a big delay, so we have a Monday "Wednesday Night Wars" report for you. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to much good news to report as both AEW & NXT slide big time in ratings, specifically the key demographic.

Results are in for both brands and it appears total viewership victory goes to NXT as they amassed 810,000 viewers to NXT's 663,000. NXT has now won total viewership two weeks in a row, however, AEW continues to outshine NXT in the key demographic with 0.26 viewers watching AEW compared to 0.24 to NXT. 

In fact, AEW won every demographic except for the 50+ in which NXT brought in 0.40 to AEW's 0.25. You'll notice that difference is nearly the exact difference of viewers between each shows. NXT has stayed strong in that demographic since airing on USA. Surely, there will be many people reading into this throughout the week. The holiday and travel situation surely had some play into both shows losing viewership in the key demographic, but NXT appears to have held nicely despite the holiday while AEW lost quite a few viewers.

Full ratings can be seen below:

Ratings for 11-27

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