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NXT Live Coverage (3-25-20)

Hello and Welcome to the best day for wrestling fans, Wednesdays!

 Prior to tonight's show, it has been promoted that tonight, Triple H will address Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa, Roderick Strong will face off against Matt Riddle, Tyler Breeze will look to knock off Austin Theory, and we will see the matchups of Candice LeRae vs Kayden Carter, and Xia Li vs. Aliyah try to win for the top contender's ladder match. That match will no longer be on NXT Takeover: Tampa because due to COVID19 that has been canceled but on Tuesday Triple H announced that we will have the takeover matches over a few weeks starting on April 1st. 

Starting the show will be the matchup between Austin Theory against Tyler Breeze. On commentary tonight are Raw commentators Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips. Theory brings out his cell phone and mocks Breeze. At the beginning of the match Theory trash talks Breeze and says he is the past. Both men circle each other until Breeze begins to try to slow down Theory. Dropkick by Breeze and he begins to continue to knock Theory down until a boot by Theory followed by a blockbuster. afterward, we continue to see Theory work on Breeze and continue to remind him that he is the young star. And after a dropkick Breeze rolls out of the ring and we go to commercial break. When we come back Breeze is the one on the attack until Theory catches him and throws Breeze outside of the ring into the barricade. Breeze is able to roll back into the ring and avoid a count-out and counters Theory. We see both men get two counts on the other.  Theory catches Breeze at the top rope and counters but only gets a two count. We see Theory go on the attack as he continues to repeat "I'm a flash in the pan". Tyler Breeze wins with his Beauty Shot after Theory gets cocky and tries to record himself doing his finisher to Breeze. 

Next out is Killian Dain vs Tehuti Myles. Myles tries to counter but the strength of Killian Dain continues to give him the advantage. Dain begins to smash up Myles against the steps and into the barricade. And Dain quickly gets the win!

Up next is Cameron Grimes against Tony Nese. Grimes begins the match trying to run away from Nese and then counters and starts to work on his left arm. Nese quickly counters and gets to work on Grimes's left arm. Kick out by Grimes but once again gets hit by Nese. Both men continue to counter each other until Grimes throws Nese into the top rope and then digs his fingers into the chin of Nese. Nese uses the top rope back into Grimes and is slow to get up after a springboard moonsault. Superman forearm by Grimes and then superkick from Nese and Grimes gets the win after another superman firearm and a cave kick. 

Xia Lee is mysteriously attacked backstage. Aliyah comes out and we find out XIa Lee is not medically cleared to compete in this match but Regal has decided someone else will compete in her place. Io Shirai is medically cleared and will take her place. Io is back in action after a couple of months off due to injury. Io quickly does a dropkick to Aliyah and grinds her into the ropes. Aliyah gets back up and she counters and also uses the rope to continually kick Io. Io counters and wins with a moonsault. 

After a commercial break, North American Champion Keith Lee comes out to the ring to be interviewed by Johnny Quasto. His first question is to say why did Lee powerbomb Dijakovic. He admits that he owes Dijak an apology. Dijak's music interrupts and he joins Lee inside the ring. He says that he doesn't care about his apology but he does care about his title. Damien Priest interrupts and reminds then both of the injuries he has caused them and tells them all he wants is the title. Lee says that they might fight for the title but the champ is standing right there. All three men battle until Dijak takes down everybody. 

After the break we see Adam Cole celebrating his record-breaking reign poolside. He says Dream hasn't earned a match with him but Bobby Fish would like to have a match against him. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are out first and will face off against Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink. This is Thorne and Vink's second match this week, they lost to the Street Profits on Monday Night Raw. Vink continues to use his strength advantage. Thorne tags in and works over Burch. Burch counters and is able to tag in Lorcan. They work over Thorne until he is able to tag in Vink. Vink is a game-changer and he forces Lorcan into the corner and tags in Thorne. Both tag their partner in and Burch continues to shock Vink. Thorne tries to interfere but he is caught by Lorcan. Burch and Lorcan win after a double tap out. 

Candice LeRae is out first for this penultimate qualifying match against Kayden Carter. LeRae attacks first but Carter begins to counter. Both women do a stalemate and we see multiple pinfall attempts by Carter. LeRae counters but she also gets quite a few count outs. Carter begins to gain momentum but LeRae kicks out at two. LeRae tries to pin but Carter counters and Carter gets a two count. Carter goes for a shiny wizard but LeRae counters and wins with a Gargano Escape. 

For what might be tonight's main event, one-half of the tag team champions Matt Riddle is out first for his matchup against Roderick Strong. Strong and Riddle continue to battle each other and both men continue to counter every single of the other's moves and both show impressive kicks. As we go to commercial break we see Riddle slow to get up after being held up against them by Strong. Riddle has gotten separation from Strong and he launched Strong until he is caught. Strong goes for a submission victory but Riddle gets out of it. Riddle goes for the pin but Strong kicks out at two. Strong counters and Riddle is then the one to kick out at two. Riddle catches Strong and wins. As Riddle tries to celebrate he is attacked by ? an unnamed team that is managed by Malcolm Bivens. He says that he ook advantage that Dunne is halfway across the world he and his team decided to take advantage and states that his team is the future of the tag team division.

The" main event" tonight will be Triple H addressing Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. Triple H begins by saying that there hasn't been a rivalry like Ciampa and Gargano before. Ciampa comes out and interrupts Triple H. He says that he has been there for five years and he says everything has been said and he wants Gargano out here now. Triple H says there will be no physicality and he tells Gargano to come out. Gargano says he is not getting into the ring and he doesn't understand why he is being fined because he was not at fault. He says that the only reason they both remain is because of him because Regal wanted to fire them both. He forces Gargano to get into the ring and he stands in the middle of them both. He reminds them that he has lived through it with Shawn Michaels. He says that times like we are living through will make them realize what's important. Gargano says his regret is that he didn't break Ciampa's neck and Ciampa says he will end what is happening with Gargano. Triple H says it will happen at a big stage and they both interrupt and say they don't need a big stage. Ciampa says that this will determine who is the face and the heart and soul of NXT. In two weeks they will face off in a ring with a referee and when it is over, it is over. He says that if it continues after two weeks, they are done and NXT can and will carry on without them. The show ends tonight after a montage interrupts in which we clearly see Killer Kross appear.  He is the reason for the segments that have been happening for a few weeks now. 

Overall a really good show in which the two most noticeable absences are the Velveteen Dream and Rhea Ripley. Next week we will see the last qualifying match for the ladder match that will determine the top contender for the NXT Women's Championship.  That ladder match and Gargano and Ciampa will happen in two weeks. Stay tuned in to the site for more live coverage and to be the first to read about any breaking news. And make sure to follow both myself and the site on Twitter! 

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