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NXT Live Coverage & Results 4/1/20

NXT will take place tonight from the Performance Center and will feature two huge matches. There will be a gauntlet match to determine the final competitor in the #1 contenders ladder match next week, also Keith Lee defends his North American Championship against Dijackovic and Priest. Stay tuned for live coverage as soon as the show begins!

To start the show tonight we see that it says that this was recorded at Full Sail but with no crowd. The first match will be the Velveteen Dream against Bobby Fish. On commentary tonight are Tom Phillips and Sam Roberts. Perhaps this was recorded after the fact because audio is a bit strange for commentary. The match starts with multiple shots from both competitors. Double ax handle between the eyes from Dream to Fish followed by a series of strikes. The dream is seen favoring his left leg multiple times during this match. Fish sends Dream into the barricade as the first commercial break hits. 

As we come back from commercial we seek a segment that there will be a new episode of 24 featuring Edge and his comeback that will premiere on Sunday.

As we come back from commercial break we see that Fish is now the one primarily on the attack. He gets a two count and we see Dream slow to recover. As we come back from break we see that Dream is barely able to get to the bottom rope. Fish has Dream in a sleeper hold but he is able to battle out. Dream and Fish once again on the shoulders and there is a Dream Valley Driver for the win. 

We see Malcolm Bevins and his team be interviewed backstage and they say that the attack on Riddle that happened last week is only the beginning for them. This new team is part of Malcolm Enterprises. 

Jake Atlas vs Dexter Lewis. Dexter is slow, methodical, and calculating but Atlas is able to counter. However, Dexter quickly counters and begins to continue to brutalize Atlas. The attack proves to be too much and Dexter forces Atlas to tap.

As we come back from a commercial break we see the same vignette that interrupted Ciampa and Gargano which features another Doomsday clock. Many fans speculate that this vignette means that Killer Kross will appear soon. Speaking of Ciampa and Gargano we are shown a replay of them attacking each other all over the Performance Center. Their match will happen next week. 

The next match is the six women gauntlet match for the last spot on the top contender's match that will also happen next week. This match is also a second chance match. Shotzi Blackhart and Deonna Purazzo are the two women that will start this match, first and second respectively. This match starts with many technical moves. Deonna is the one who continues to attack Shotzi. She goes for the submission but Shotzi counters with a kick to her face, a head butt, and a centaun I. Shotzi eliminates Deonna. Xia Lee is out next and there are very fast exchanges between both women. Brutal kick by Xia but she is also eliminated by Shotzi. Aliyah is out next and the women roll all around the ring trying to pin the other. Both women continue to counter and both have to settle for two counts. Shotzi is able to pin Aliyah. Kayden Carter is out next and does a massive kick but only gets a two count. Back from commercial break and while Carter is on the attack Shotzi with another centaun gets the win. The last entrant is Dakota Kai and she continues to attack a visibly tired Shotzi. We see Raquel Gonzales ringside and she continues to applaud Dakota. Dakota distracts the referee and Raquel attacks but Shotzi is able to kick out. We see both women counter each other and Shotzi continues to kick out at two and events get her own two counts. Dakota rolls out and Shotzi is able to level both Dakota and Raquel. Dakota once again distracts the referee but Shotzi sends Raquel into the ring post. Kai uses the distraction to win the match with the Dakota kick. 

Back from break, we see another segment promoting the NXT Women's Championship match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley that will happen at this weekend's two night Wrestlemania. The next match is  Kushida is facing off against Joaquin Wilde. It is all Kushida in the first half of this match. Back from commercial break, we see Wilde get two count outs repeatedly. Wilde continues to attack Kusida in two different corners of the ring until Kushida counters with a kick to the left arm. We see Kushida concerned after that kick but Wilde battles back and we see a nasty jawbreaker from Wilde to Kushida. Back elbow by Kushida and Kushida pins Wilde. Wilde clutches his left arm and both men shake hands in the middle of the ring. 

Tonight's main event is up next and will be the three-way matchup for the NXT North American Title. We see Dijakovic preparing backstage. As this match starts we see the logo that was created for NXT Takeover Tampa.

Back from commercial break, we another segment promoting Ciampa vs Gargano that will happen alongside the top contender match live on NXT. We also see Joaquin Wilde be kidnapped while being interviewed by two masked men. This is very similar to what happened to his former tag partner.  

Priest is out first followed by Dijakovic and then the current NXT North American Champion Keith Lee. With this being a triple threat, the first pinfall or submission wins the match. All three men continue to attack each and they all connect when they simultaneously attempt a kick. We see both men take Keith Lee to his limits when they work together to temporarily take out Keith Lee. Priest tosses Dijak to Lee and Pries wipes out both men. Priest chokeslams both Lee and Dijak. Dijak kicks out at two. Dijak swings Priest into Lee and Lee attacks Dijak using Priest. Lee almost wins but on the two-count, it is broken up by Dijak. Lee drives Dijak into the ring with a spinebuster. He then ramps priest onto a corner. Both men knock out Lee and then clash together and Lee kicks out at two when they both go for the pin. Lee goes to the t turnbuckle and both men launch Lee from the top rope. Dijakovic goes to the top rope and does a moonsault but only gets a two count. Priest uses his nightstick and attacks Dijak's knee and gets taken out by Lee. Lee wins with a Big Bang Catastrophe to pin Dijak. 

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