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WWE NXT Takeover Results (5/29/14) - New Women's Champion, Adrian Neville Retains

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WWE NXT Results (5/22/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

the show starts and Adam Rose makes his way in from the outside along with all his Rosebuds. Not a lemon in sight. Proving it's party time all the time.

Camacho vs Adam Rose

Both men go to lock up Adam Rose ducks and dances around. Camacho locks up and gets Rose in a full nelson. Camacho starts stomping Rose on the ground picks him up and hits a double underhook suplex. Gets a pin and rose kicks out at two. Camacho picks up rose and gets him in a single arm necktie. Adam Rose breaks the hold and is hulking up. Rose gets up and eats a big boot. Camacho gets a pin for two. Camacho gets another single arm neck tie headlock. Rose gets to his feet while in the hold and gets knocked back down and is hit by a leg drop. Camacho hits rose with a head butt. Rose whipped into the ropes and kicks Camacho in the gut. Rose hits Camacho with a huge spine buster. Rose sets up in the corner and splashes Camacho. Sets up in the corner again and hits Camacho. Pulls Camacho out and hits Camacho with the Party Favor.

Winner via Pinfall Adam Rose.

Video Package for Sami Zayn's match tonight with Tyler Breeze. Tyler Breeze has just entered the building.

Ascension vs Kalisto and El Local for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Ascension hot out of the corner and blind side Kalisto and El Local. Ascension whip both men into the ropes and they're reversed and hurricanrana them out of the ring. El Local and Kalisto go to dive outside the ring and are met by uppercuts from both of the Ascension. Kalisto and Konnor in there ring. Kononr hits a big elbow drop on Kalisto. Pinfall and Kalisto kicks out at two. Konnor picks Kalisto up tags out and slams him down. Viktor in now trying to pull off the mask of Kalisto. Viktor picks him up and chops him down pinball resulting in two. Viktor sets Kalisto in the corner and hangs him upside down then tags out. Konnor is in and is stompig Kalisto in the corner. Konnor picks up Kalisto up in the corner and elbows him back down then pins for two. Konnor gets Kalisto in a headlock. Kalisto fights back but gets thrown out the ring for his troubles. Viktor throws Kalisto into the ropes from the outside. Goes for it again but Kalisto hangs himself u and gives him both boots to the face. Konnor rushes Kalisto into the corner. Kalisto finally gets the hot tag. Local is hot out of the corner taking down everyone in site. Local moonsaults off the second rope on Viktor. Local on the top rope and jumps over Viktor. Viktor hits an STO and tags out. Konnor in and hit the fall of man.

Ascension wins via pinfall and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions

Tyler Breeze Video package.

Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze for the #1 contender for the NXT Championship

Both men with new Entrance Music.

Both men lock up and jockey for position. An impressive series of chain wrestling ensues. Tyler whips Sami into the ropes Sami jumps over Tyler and gives him a series of deep arm drags. Then locks in an arm lock. Tyler backs Sami up into the corner. Sami gets a headlock on Tyler and backs out. Sami hits a big drop kick on Tyler. Sami whips Tyler into the corner and gets reversed and is on the top rope. Tyler knocks him out of the ring and onto the floor. The ref's count is at 7 and Sami rolls back in. Tyler puts Sami in the corner and gives a series of stomps. Sami out of the corner gets a few more stomps and a pin for two. Tyler bulldog's Sami into the second turnbuckle. Goes for a pin on Sami and only gets two. Tyler gives Sami a series of elbows to the back and goes for a pin to only get two. Tyler viciously locks in a headlock and is rough with the neck. Sami is using the crowd to fight back. Sami going for a toss and finally gets it on the third time. Tyler rushes Sami and Sami ducks and pulls the ropes, Tyler on the outside. Sami moonsaults with the top rope onto Tyler. Sami rolls Tyler back in and is up on the top rope. Sami hits a huge cross body off the top rope on Tyler pins but only gets two. Sami goes for a suplex but it's blocked by Tyler. Tyler gives Sami a few elbows. Tyler tries to hit the ropes gets grabbed and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Tyler pins him for two. Sami rushes Tyler in the corner and gets reversed and planted by a DDT from Tyler. Tyler goes for a pin and only gets two and is shocked. Tyler flapjacks Sami on the mat and goes for the pin to only get two again. Sami sets up in the corner and Tyler gives him a series of punches. Ref pulls Tyler out of the corner. Sami hits Tyler with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle. Both men are slow to get up. They're u and exchanging punches. Tyler whips Sami into the corner where the ref is. Ref distracts and tyler gets a roll up on Sami. Tyler gets a super kick on Sami rolls him up for a shocking two count. The Crowd is on their feet. Tyler is punching Sami up against the ropes. Sami returns with a slap and Tyler goes nuts. Tyler goes to whip Sami and Sami resists. Wraps Tyler up for a crazy power bomb (no clue what its call but it's nuts!) Tyler Breeze kicks out of a shocking pinball at two. Crowd is chanting "This is awesome!" Sami measures Tyler and Tyler hits the outside. Sami then hits a suicide dive to the outside on Tyler Sami rolls Breeze back into the ring. Tyler up in the corner Sami ducks and tyler hurts himself. Tyler takes advantage and hits the beauty shot.

Winner via Pinfall and the NEW #1 contender for the NXT Championship Tyler Breeze

Backstage Segment with Bret Hart, Natalya, and Tyson Kidd The Ravishing Russian Lana comes out and announces Rusev.

Mojo comes out with the America Flag.

Mojo rushes the ring and gets knocked down immediately. Rusev throws Mojo into the corner and splashes him. Rusev then locks him into the accolade. Rusev stands tall over Mojo. Rusev then throws Mojo out of the ring. Rusev goes out on the ramp and locks in the accolade once again. Some would say Mojo is SAWFT.

Backstage segment with Flair and Charlotte walking to ring backstage.

The Former NXT Divas champ and current WWE Diva's champ makes her way to the ring. Cuts a promo thanking everyone in NXT for helping her get to where she is today. Charlotte comes out with Ric to a new theme.

Charlotte vs Natalya for the NXT Divas Championship

Both women lock up and Natie hip tosses Charlotte. Nattie gets Charlotte's back takes her down and ides her back. Nattie fireman carries Charlotte and maintains the arm. Both women back to their feet lock up and Nattie hip tosses Charlotte again. Nattie locks in an arm lock, Charlotte cart wheels out and gets an arm lock on Nattie. Nattie flips out and gets a single leg take down on Charlotte. Nattie wrenches on the knee. Nattie goes for a kick it's caught by Charlotte and Nattie reveres it and gets Charlotte in a submission. both women exchange submissions. They're both to their feet. Nattie hits the ropes and gets rolled down to the mat. Nattie gets Charlotte in a body SISCORS. The women are up and Nattie gets Charlotte's back. Slams Charlotte to the matt. Both women are back up, Charlotte chops Nattie hard and she's down. Flair going nuts on the outside strutting and WOOing. Nattie is up and chops Charlotte. Nattie whipped into the corner and reverses. Charlotte in the corner and Nattie on her back. Charlotte gets the backpack stunner on Nattie. Charlotte goes for the pin only gets two. Charlotte showing frustration and is slamming Natties head on the mat. Nattie in the corner and Charlotte choking her with her boot on the bottom rope. Nattie is out on the corner and Charlotte locks in a figure four headlock. Charlotte rolls over and slams Nattie's head into the mat roles back on the lock lock. Nattie gets out and is slammed to the mat. Charlotte picks Nattie up and locks in a abdominal stretch. Nattie reverses and gets her own stretch on Charlotte. Nattie back slides Charlotte but Charlotte rolls out and drop kicks Nattie. goes for a pin but only eta two. Charlotte puts Nattie into the corner again and stomps her. Nattie gets out and hooks a butterfly suplex on Charlotte. Nattie snaps Charlotte over hits the ropes and kicks Charlotte then drop kicks her. Nattie goes for two pins for only a count of two. Nattie whips Charlotte into the corner and Charlotte is up and over the turnbuckle on the apron. Nattie knocks her to the outside. Nattie goes out after and Charlotte ties her up in the ropes and pulls her down to the outside. Charlotte rolls Nattie back into the ring. goes for the pin but only gets two. Charlotte slow to the top rope and goes for the moonsault but Nattie rolls out. Nattie hits Charlotte with a running elbow. Goes for a pin but Charlotte kicks out at two. Nattie locks in the Sharpshooter on Charlotte. Charlotte crawls towards Flair but gets dragged back. Charlotte rolls out of the sharpshooter and locks in her own figure four. Nattie rolls and reverses but Charlotte rolls through and locks it in again. Nattie throwing punches but gets rolled again. Nattie throws a punch and connects. Both women roll onces again and Charlotte is on the outside with a hanging figure four. Ref breaks the hold. Charlotte drop kicks Nattie into the stairs and Nattie hits knee first. Ref's count is upto 8 and Charlotte rolls in Nattie. Charlotte goes for the figure four once again. She locks in the sharpshooter instead. Nattie rolls through and struggles locking in her own move and gets kicked off. Charlotte hits the Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via pinball and new NXT Divas Champion Charlotte.

Flair in the ring in tears. Nattie, Bret, Flair, and Charlotte are all in the ring celebrating. Video package for the Main Event.

Tyson Kidd vs Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship

The bell rings and both men are in a stare down. They lock up and jockey for position all over the ring. Neville gets backed up into the corner and Kidd backs up. Kidd extends his hand they shake great show of sportsmanship. Kidd snaps Neville down and locks in a headlock. A series of chain wrestling ensues. Kidd ends up on his feet pats Neville on the head and lets him back up. Kidd gets Neville in an arm lock. Neville does a series of flips to get out and arm drags Tyson into the ropes. Neville lets Kidd up and both men square off again. Neville gets Kidd in his own arm lock. Kidd gets to the ropes. Kidd locks in a headlock. Neville brushes him off into the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Kidd goes for a monkey flip on Neville and Neville lands on his feet and arm drags Kidd to the Matt. Both men are nose to nose and Kidd gets Neville with an elbow. Kidd strong irish whips Neville into the corner. Picks him up and hangs him up in the corner. Kidd picks up Neville and gives him a series of shots to the spine. Kidd sets up in the opposite corner and hits a dropkick to the teeth of Neville. Tyson whips Neville and hits him with an elbow. Kidd goes for the pin but gets two. Kidd locks in a headlock on Neville. Neville up and punching Kidd. Kidd then clotheslines Neville on the top rope. Neville on the outside and Kidd suicide dives out onto Neville. Kidd rolls in Neville for a pin but only gets two. Kidd whips Neville into the corner but Neville gets a boot up and hits Kidd. Neville and Kidd exchange punches kicks and takedowns. Neville comes up the victor with a big boot. Neville sets up on the second rope and Kidd comes running. Neville jumps down and ties up Kidd and gives him his own kicks to the spine. Neville also sets up in the opposite corner and drop kicks Kidd. Neville on the outside and spring board forearm to Kidd. Gets a pin on Kidd for two. Kidd goes to the outside. Neville goes for the a dive and gets caught by Kidd in the ropes. Kidd rolls up Neville for a pin but only gets a two count. Kidd to the top rope. Kidd gets caught by Neville. Kidd punches Neville and gets reversed from the top rope power bomb. Neville throws kid in the air and power bombs him. Goes for a pin but shockingly only gets a two count. Neville gives Kidd a series of kicks. Tyson gives Neville a russian leg sweep off the second rope. Kidd goes for a pin but only gets two. Kidd slow to the top rope. Sets up the blockbuster. Kidd gets caught but tries for a sharpshooter. Neville reverses and rolls up Kidd for a pin. Kidd goes for a suplex gets reversed and both men tumble to the outside. Ref has begun his count. The count at nine and both men roll in quick. Both men are slow to get up but are locked up exchanging blows. Neville gets a kick but Kidd gets Neville in a sharpshooter. Kidd gets Neville in the dungeon lock. Neville fading quick. Ref checks Neville's hand. Neville gets enough energy to get the bottom rope. Neville climb up the ropes gets caught and a kick to the chest. Kidd on the top rope and leg drops Neville from the second rope. Kidd rolls Neville up for only two. Tyson wondering what he has to do. Kidd up to the top rope once again. Kidd gets caught again by Neville but is able to fight him off. Neville back up and is knocked down again. Neville for a third time hits a hurricanrana on Kidd from the top rope. Neville on the top rope and hits Kidd with a Red Arrow.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NXT Champion Adrian Neville

After post match celebration Neville extends his hand to Kidd. Kid hits Neville with his shoulder in disrespect and walks away. The show goes off the air with Neville celebrating with the title.

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