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NXT Results (7/03/2014) What's next for Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel?

WWE NXT Results (7/03/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

I want to start of by thanking CJ for his awesome coverage last week while I was out for my anniversary.

The Show starts out with Big Cass coming to the ring accompanied by Enzo Amore. They're cutting a promo on the way to the ring. Badda Bing Badda Boom, the realist guys in the room.

The Legionnaires also come to the ring cutting a promo but it's a bit sawft.

Sylvester Lefort vs Big Cassidy

Big Cass pie faces Sylvester and hits punched. Sylvester throws some punches but gets hit with an east river crossing. A little showboating and hits the Empire Elbow

Winner via pinball Big Cass

Backstage interview with Adrian Neville and gets interrupted by The Beautiful One Tyler Breeze.


Charlotte and Sasha vs Bailey and Becky Lynch

Bailey and Sasha to start the match. Women lock up and Bailey gets an arm lock. Bailey arm drags and another arm bar on Sasha. Sasha gets out and clubs Bailey in the gut. Bailey fights back and gets an arm bar on Sasha. She tags out and Becky in from the second rope. She locks in an arm bar on Sasha. Sasha up and backs Becky into the corner and tags out. Charlotte in snapmares Becky to the ground goes for the pin. Becky quick to get out and hits the ropes blocks an arm drag and then arm drags Charlotte. Becky locks in an arm bar picks up Charlotte and tags her out. Bailey to the second rope and comes down on Charlotte's arm. Bailey ahold of the arm throws Charlotte to the matt. Bailey maintains the arm and comes down on the shoulder. Bailey backs up and Becky tags in. Gives her a hit then tags out again. Bailey on for a double team suplex. Charlotte rolls under the rope.


we are back and Charlotte tags out. Bailey on the outside gets knocked to the ground. Sasha rolls Bailey into the ring. Sasha tags out. Charlotte and Sasha both kick Bailey. Charlotte goes for the pin but gets two. Charlotte slams Bailey's head on the matt. Charlotte locks in the figure four head lock. Bailey rolls into the ropes. Charlotte goes for a pin but gets two. Charlotte tags out. Bailey rammed into Sasha's foot in the corner. Sasha in and picks up Bailey. Bailey fights back but gets hit back down. Bailey gets a cheap shot on Becky in the corner. Sasha tags out and Bailey yet again rammed into the foot in the corner. Charlotte on Baileys back and jumps. Charlotte for the pin but only gets two. Charlotte tagged out. They toss Bailey in the ropes and a double back elbow. Sasha goes for the pin but gets two. Sasha back in and double team in the corner. Charlotte chokes Bailey with her boot in the corner. Charlotte tags out. whips bailey into the corner she ties them up and knocks em down. Bailey tags out and Becky in and hot. uppercuts Sasha, drop kick, and a series of leg drops. Becky goes for the pin but Charlotte breaks it up. Charlotte throws Bailey out of the ring. Charlotte drop kicks becky's knee and Charlotte hits bow down to the queen.

Winners via pinfall Charlotte and Sasha

After the match Sasha was trash talking Becky. Bailey throws her out of the ring.

Backstage Interview with Justin Gabriel

Locker Room with Sasha and Charlotte. Charlotte wants to be on her own.

CJ Parker vs Generic Wrestler #1 aka Steve Cutler

Both men lock up. CJ backs him into the corner. Rams himself into the gut of Cutler. Then starts throwing some punches. CJ punches Cutler and he's knocked down. CJ mounts Cutler yells at him then throws a series of punches. CJ hits him with a heel kick.

Winner via pinfall CJ Parker.

CJ cuts a promo in the ring on Xavier Woods.

Sit down interview with Tyson Kidd.

Sami Zayn vs Justin Gabriel accompanied by Tyson Kidd

Both men circle each other then lock up. Gabriel gets Sami's arm. Sami tries to roll out but gets caught. Sami then spins out and gets Gabriel's arm and knocks him down. Both mean separate lock up and Gabriel gets Sami's back. Sami reverses and hammerlocks Gabriel and takes him to the matt. Gabriel gets Sami's arm Sami flips out of the hold. Both men are back to a stalemate. Sami gets the back of Gabriel and Gabriel gets control of Sami's hand and now arm. Gabriel hits a deep arm drag and gets control of Sami's arm again. Sami pushes him off into the ropes and hits some deep arm drags. Sami then locks in a hammerlock. Gabriel gets the rope with his foot. Gabriel gets up and hits Sami with a clothesline. Gabriel kicks Sami in the back rolls him up but only gets two. Gabriel hits Sami with a series of punches.


We're back and Gabriel giving Sami some forearm punches. Gabriel with a spinning heel kick. Gabriel pins Sami two. Gabriel clubs Sami on the back and double arm suplexes him. Then rolls into a submission. Gabriel locks in a headlock. Sami backdrops Gabriel. Gabriel with a clothesline. Gabriel goes for the pin but only two. Gabriel has Sami in the ropes and a series of punches ensues. Sami fights back but gets hit and back down. Gabriel goes for another pin but gets two. Gabriel with more forearm strikes in the ropes. Sami hot out and hits Gabriel with a series of dropkicks. Sami hits Gabriel with a thunder bomb. Sami pins but only for two. Gabriel hits a jawbreaker. Sami gets an exploder suplex on Gabriel to the corner pins him for two. Sami sets up in the corner but misses the kick. Gabriel hits a cross kick and pins Sami for two. Gabriel picks up Sami but Sami and drops Sami's head and neck on his knee. Gabriel hits a moonsault and pins Sami for two. Gabriel side slams Sami. Gabriel climbs the corner but gets caught by Sami. Sami climbs up and goes for the top rope suplex but is caught. Gabriel knocks Sami down jumps and misses. Sami hits the Koji Clutch.

Winner via Submission Sami Zayn.

After the match Tyson attacks Sami. Gabriel tries to talk Tyson out of it but he just joins in on the beatdown. Adrian Neville hits the ring. The show goes off the air with Adrian helping up Sami.

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