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Welcome everyone to the Wrestling News World NXT Takeover: Portland live results, the show will feature four title matches and you can read our preview here. During the show, we will bring you the action as it happens here in this article. So if you are unable to watch the show and need to keep track of what's happening this is the place to be. 

Keith Lee and Dominik Dijackovic will kick-off the NXT Takeover Portland show for the North American Championship. 

We open the show with the musical performance from Poppy and then go directly into Mauro hyping tonight's show. The match begins with loud "Bask in his Glory" and "Keith Lee Whoop Whoop" chants. We get some fast-paced action to begin the match. This would include a hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick attempt from Keith Lee.

Lee would finally get the upper hand and sends Lee to the outside of the ring, then attempts to flip over to the outside of the ring but gets caught by Lee. However, Dijack would counter Lee and drop him onto the apron. Dijack gets Lee back in the ring and would attempt a suplex only for Lee to counter him and throw him back with a german suplex. 

Finally, Dijack regains the upper hand and goes to the top rope and hits a corkscrew splash for a two count. The two men ten go strike for a strike until both men end up on their knees in exhaustion. Dijack hits a clothesline that sends Lee to the apron and then climbs to the middle rope with Lee on his back and hits a death valley driver for a two count. 

The two men end up brawling outside and Lee ends up in a chair and Dijack hits him with a springboard flip. Lee and Dijack counter a few moves and then Lee hits a sit-out powerbomb but Dijack kicks out at two. Dijack pushes Lee off the turnbuckles to the outside of the ring and then hits a top rope Spanish fly. Lee hits his finisher for the win. 

Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox are up next with Nox entering first. Kai attacks Nox during her entrance and they battle throughout the crowd. Nox spears Kai through the railing but then is dropped with a DDT on the outside. 

The ladies brawl on the outside until Kai breaks a cricket racket on the turnbuckle post and then Nox drops a trashcan on her head and puts her against the stairs and hits a senton. 

Nox attempts to punt kick Kai while her head is in the chair but it's countered with Kai throwing the chair at Nox and then kicking it into her face. Nox hits Kai on her injured knee with a laptop and then smashes her knee in between a chair. She then hits the shiniest wizard but says she isn't done with her yet and gets a table

Nox puts Kai on the table and her head in the chair. However, Raquel Gonzalez from the Mae Young Classic gets involved and puts Nox through the table. Gonzalez puts Nox through the table and Kai gets the win.

Gargano and Balor start with chain wrestling and Gargano getting the upper hand early. They counter each other a few times until Balor grounds Gargano and do pushups while having Johnny Wrestling in a headlock. Gargano puts Balor on the apron and then hits a spear while both men stand just outside the ropes. 

Balor grounds Balor back in the ring and continues to do so, the action finally begins to pick up with a nice combination move that drops Balor. Gargano then gets countered with a suicide dive but then shoves Balor into the ring steps.

Gargano attempted his diving DDT but is countered and Finn, however, Gargano would eventually hit a pele kick. Both men counter many of their signature moves including the coup de grace and Johnny Wrestling locks in the Gargano Lock. Finn Balor wins after hitting his finisher on Gargano. 

 The Women's title match is up next with Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. The two women waste no time going at each other however Belair takes control early in the match using many strikes and hair-pulling. The match picks up a bit with Belair hitting a spine buster for a two count. 

The two women start striking each other while Ripley is on the top rope until Belair whips Ripley with her hair and then press slams her. Belair attempts a back handspring backflip but it's countered and she then attempts the KOD but Ripley counters out and Belair hits a spear. 

Belair and Ripley battle more and then both end up on the top rope attempting to suplex the other. Ripley finds a way to hit the riptide and wins to retain her title. Charlotte then attacks Ripley after the match and accepts her challenge for the title. 

Broserweights Vs Undisputed Era Nxt Tag Team Championships

The Boserweights make their Epic entance on the Broser mobile. Mattt Riddle starts reciting his bobby fish tounge twister from wednsday followed by hilarious graphcs on the screen. The Undisputed Era attacks early on. The broserweights take control in the ring and Pete Dunne brutally stomps on Kyle O Reily's arm.O reily gets a nice leg swep in. Bobby fish comes in with strikes and O Reily contiues but gets caught in a leg lock before O reily tags in Fish who gets a tope atomico.

Matt Riddle gets the hot tag and burts with offense. Explosive suplxes to O Reily and Fish.Bro to sleep german suplex combo for 2 on O Reily. Riddle and Dunne hit the forearm and knee combo. Beautiful sedquence of no sell germans from O Reily to Riddle. DOuble arm ddt german combo  from the UE for a 2 count.Pete dunne comes in with a triangle then an ankle lock Fish attemts a break up before o reily gets hm in a ankle lock few reversals then Fish slaps a sleeper  on Riddle as O rely had a sharpshooter on Dunne.

Broserweights go for a dooms day device but O reily  sends them into each other king kong leg drop by O reily to riddle  then a leg loc. DUnne comes in and finger snaps fish who sells beautifully. O reily sends Dunne into Rddle. Riddle accidentaly spears done. The UE hits chasing the dragon for a AMAZING 2.9 seond kickout . Riddle gets the tag and cleans house. Riddle hits the bro to sleep ad Dunne enzguris O reily.


Tomasso Ciampa vs Adam Cole- NXT Championship

The crowd creates a great moment with "PSYCHO KILLER" "ADAM COLE" chants. Some chain wrestling to start. Ciampa has control. Ciampa gets Cole on the outside where the champ finally takes control back with a big boot. Then Cole mocks Ciampa  with the pat on the back on the apron. Ciampa sends cole over the announce table and hits a knee to Cole into the barricade and gives a proper pat on thr back. Ciampa continues punishing Cole. CIampa places cole on the barricade and hits a wicked knee. Ciampa then places Cole in a chair and starts chopping hm before hitting yet another Brutal knee. There is then a funny moment of Ciampa cekebrating with a fan.

Cole comes back with a wheelbarrow suplex onto the announce table that really haves me worried about the surgically repaired neck.  Cole rolls Ciampa in the ring and gets a 2 count. The champ starts punishing Ciampa in the ring. The two men are on the top turnbuckle ciampa goes for a air rade crash Cole instea flips out and super kicks Ciampa's leg then hits a backstabber onto the injured neck. Cole goes for panama sunrise but eats a beautiful dropkick from Ciampa. Torture rack bomb from Ciampa gets a close 2 count. Cole coms back and hits a running knee into a Ushigoroshi  for a 2 count.

The 2 men end up back on the top turnbuckle. Ciampa hits the avalanche air raid crash for a close 2 count. Back on the outside Ciama DESTROYS Cole with a powerbomb on the announce table that somehow doesnt break. Ciampa hits a powerbomb again this time through the announce table. Ciampa gets cole in the ring and goes for a last shot but Cole hits a superkick and goes for a last shot but get hit with a clothesline. Ciampa hits Project Ciampa for yet another near fall.

Cole hits two kicks that send Ciampa on the outside and attempts a tope but Ciampa gets a knee. Ciampa gets cole in the ring but cole hits a destroyer type move folled by a brain buster to the knee. The two men exchange strikes before Cole gets the  Last shot but Ciampa rolls to the bottom rope. Ciampa gets a air raid crash on to the apron after Cole attempted Panama sunrise. Cole goes on the announce table and hits a panama sunrise on the floor. rolls Ciampa in the ring and gets hit with wilows bell DDT  Ciampa then Ciampa hts the fairy tell ending for a near fall. The two men take turns appplying crossfaces. Ciampa gets the upperhand. 

Roderick Strong comes out and distracts the ref.  O Reily and fish come down and hit high low. Cole covers Ciampa for a near fall. Ciampa sends cole to the UE then hits strong with willow's bell then dives onto all 4 men. Cole gets the last shot  and AGAIn Ciampa kicks out. O reily hands cole the title and attempts to hit him but Ciampa  ducks so cole hits the ref. Ciampa hits fairy tale ending but no one to count. Ciampa goes for goldie  but Jonny garganno appears and snatches it from him. Johnny clocks Ciampa with the title  and Cole gets the pin to retain. 

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