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NXT News & Notes, Crowd Plants, John Cena's Post-ArRIVAL Appearance

- Wrestling News World's Scott Brooks was in attendance at Friday night's WWE NXT tapings in Winter Park, Florida. He noted the show was once again "super sold out," as it was the night prior for NXT ArRIVAL.

- Speaking of NXT ArRIVAL, I'm told the taping was unorganized due to the large crowd. WWE made everyone stay outside until the Pre-Show was over and actually tried to line fans up in numerical order to their corresponding wrist bands. It didn't work out well.

- As for the two "fans" that Paul Heyman interviewed during the NXT ArRIVAL Pre-Show, they were indeed plants.

- John Cena got in the ring after Adrian Neville won the NXT Championship on Thursday night. He was limping and Neville helped him around the ring. While he did in fact tweak his knee on Raw, much of what was seen was scripted. He could have been selling.

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