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NXT Live Results 8/21/14 - Who Is The New NXT GM?

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WWE NXT Results (8/21/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show starts out with Enzo Amore and Collin Cassidy making their way to the ring mic in hand.

Enzo Amore & Collin Cassidy vs Vaudevillians in the Tag Team Semi Finals of the NXT Tag Team Tournament

Aiden English and Collin Cassidy start the match. They lock up and Aiden gets a headlock. Cassidy puts him into the ropes and shoulder blocks him. Aiden gets up and gets a knee from Cassidy. Cassidy goes for a sulpex and but Aiden gets out of it and gets to his corner for the tag then eats a big boot from Cassidy. Gotch in now. Cassidy goes for a suplex and drops some elbows. Cassidy grabs Gotch by the head and drags him to the corner for a tag. Enzo in and goes for pain but gets one. Enzo throws Simon into the corner and tags out again. They double team Gotch in the corner. Cassidy picks up Simon and backs up into a tag. Enzo over the top rope. Aiden drop kicks Cassidy. Gotch is up pulls Enzo over and tags out. Aiden hits the that's a wrap.

Winner via pinfall Vaudevillians.

The Legionaries attack Enzo after the match and shave the beard of Enzo.

 Announcement from HHH

HHH comes to the ring. He talks about NXT Takeover 2. He also teases a new NXT GM.

Backstage Segment with Tyler Breeze with Devin

Tyler is upset about the ending of the title match last week. Hypes the upcoming match and is going to show Kidd why he's not just another pretty face.

Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze

The men lock up and Tyler breeze throws Kidd into the corner and stomps him dry. Breeze fights with the ref and gets thrown into the corner. He eats some elbows then thrown into the ropes and eats another elbow. Tyson suplexes Tyler picks him up and hits a neck breaker. Kid goes for a punch and Tyler ducks so Kidd gives hims few kicks. Tyson takes down Tyler and goes for a sharpshooter and Tyler slides under the ropes. He yells to Tyson that he doesn't need this and storms off backstage.

Winner via forfeit Tyson Kidd.

Charlotte vs Becky in a non-title matchup

The women circle each other and Charlotte gets the back of Becky and takes her down. Becky rolls up Charlotte and rolls into a submission and comes down on the leg. Charlotte rolls up Becky for one. Charlotte wraps up the left leg of Becky and Becky rolls Charlotte into a pin for one. Becky whipped into the corner. Charlotte rushes and Becky moves and catches her wit ha kick. Becky runs at Charlotte and goes up over the rope and onto the apron and hits Charlotte. Becky gets in and gets caught by Charlotte. Charlotte takes down Becky and locks in a figure four headlock. Becky counters the headlock into a pin for two. Charlotte isn't happy and picks up Becky and throws her face first into the corner. Charlotte pulls her out and gives her a few punches and puts her back in the corner. Becky puts a foot up and then this a series of drop kicks on Charlotte. Becky drops a leg twice then goes for a pin and gets two. Becky goes for a suplex and Charlotte reverses into her own suplex. Charlotte hits bow down to the queen.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte


Enzo and Cassidy come back out and cut a promo on The Legionaries. He challenges LeFort to a hair vs hair match.

Mojo Rawley vs Steve Cutler

Mojo backs up Cutler into the corner. Whips Cutler into the ropes and takes him out with a shoulder block. Mojo goes for a pin gets two. Cutler hits a few punches and takes Mojo out with a clothesline. Pins Mojo for one. Mojo beats Cutler in the corner and whips him into another corner then back into the same corner. Mojo hits a series of splashes. Then Mojo hits the Hyperdrive.

Winner via pinfall Mojo Rawley

Mojo cuts a promo about last week. Telling Bull that he is still standing. He lost his smile and Bull will find out what staying hyped is about.

Sin Cara & Kalisto vs Sami Zayn & Adam Rose for the NXT #1 contender for the NXT Championship.

Rose and Kalisto to start the match. The men lock up and Rose gets the head of Kalisto. Rose into the ropes and shoulder blocks Kalisto. The men lock up again and Rose gets the arm of Kalisto. Kalisto flips out and gets ahold of Rose's arm and Rose backs up to the corner for a tag. Sami in and Cara in now too off a tag. Sami gets the arm of Cara but Cara flips and gets the arm of Sami. Cara gets Sami's head and takes him down. Both men up and Cara single legs Sami as he flat backs to the matt. Kalisto hits the ropes and both men dodge attacks. Kalisto catches Sami with a deep arm drag. Sami gets out of the ring. Cara and Kalisto hit the ropes and fake a suicide dive.


We come back to Kalisto snapping Rose to the matt and locks in a headlock. Kalisto hits the ropes and cross bodies Rose. Pin on Rose for two. Kalisto locks in another headlock. Rose backdrops Kalisto then picks him up and goes for a tag. Sami in and drops Kalisto on his knee. Sami picks up Kalisto and throws him face first into the corner repeatedly. On the third time Kalisto reverses and Kalisto tho the ropes acrobatic head scissors take down Sami for a pin kicks out at two. Kalisto tags out. Both men kick each Sami in the chest at the same time. Kalisto throws Cara onto Sami then pins him for two. Cara whips Sami into the corner and is sent up over the rope. Sami eats an elbow from Cara. Cara hits the top rope goes for a moonsault lands on his feet and takes down Sami pins him for two. Cara tags out. Kalisto takes down Sami pins him for two. Sami up and gives Kalisto a backbreaker. Sami tags out. Rose in and stomps Kalisto into the chest. Rose snapmares Kalisto in the middle of the ring and locks in a headlock. Kalisto starts to fight back and takes him down. Rose throws him into the corner and tries to splash him. Kalisto puts a leg up and tries to come out after Rose and eats a vicious spine buster. Rose pins him for two. Kalisto hits a hit on Rose to the head and best the tag. Cara in hot and hits a cross body on Rose. Sami in and set outside off a hurricanara. Cara hits a springboard back elbow goes for a pin and it's broken up by Sami. Kalisto drop kicks Sami to the outside and then suicide dives to the outside. Rose hits a huge clothesline. Kalisto hits the Del Sol Driver and Cara goes to the top rope for a swenton.

Winners via pinfall Sin Cara & Kalisto

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