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WWE NXT Live Results (12/18/14) – Fight Owens Fight

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WWE NXT Results (12/18/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with a recap from R Evolution

NXT Intro

Adrian Neville makes his way to the ring looking quite distraught.

In-ring Segment

The crowd is chanting thank you Neville. He said for what it’s worth Sami should be out here right now. He and Sami went to war and that they had the best match of his career. He says the better man won at Takeover. He says that Sami deserves to be NXT Champion. He wishes Sami could be introducing Sami and welcome him to the ring but Sami wont be there thanks to one person. That of course being Kevin Owens. Sami hopes Kevin is proud of what he did because Adrian certainly is not. Owens’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Adrian says what Kevin did last week was shameful. Owens finally gets a mic and says he doesn’t care what Adrian has to say because his opinion is irrelevant to him. Owen only cares about making it to NXT and that he cares Sami isn’t there but he is. Owens claims that he has no problem with Adrian but Adrian is in his way on his mission to the top. If he wants to fight he has to fight.

Video recap of the R Evolution preshow

Backstage Segment with Becky

She was asked about her change of attitude. She says the only thing that has changed is her ability to open her eyes. That Sasha showed her what it takes to get to the next level in NXT. That if she wants to get anywhere the only person she can rely on besides herself is Sasha. Becky claims she will end Bayley’s career.

Tyler Breeze backstage video

He says he will be taking some time away from NXT doing modeling over seas. He will keep us updated.

Commentators Booth

William Regal made the match between Kevin Owens vs Adrian Neville.

Bayley vs Becky Lynch in a Grudge Match

The women circle and Becky shoots on Bayley but gets caught and hit with a series of punches. Bayley mounts Becky and lands more punches. Becky drops a series of elbows and pins for one. Becky climbs up in the corner and Bayley on the attack. The two exchange punches and Becky backed into the corner again with elbows. Bayley splashes Becky with a back elbow. Bayley takes her out and spears her into the corner again. Bayley pins for two. Bayley goes to put Becky in the corner and gets reversed. Becky starts going for the knee of Bayley. Bayley gets some more elbows and the women exchange blows. Bayley goes for a clubbing blow but misses and eats a boot. Bayley suplexes Becky and pins her for one. Becky again on the knee. Bayley reverses into a roll up but Becky gets the reversal again and locks in a Four Leg Clover.

Winner via pinfall Becky Lynch

Announcement that there will be a rematch between Charlotte and Sasha Banks

Backstage segment

The Vaudevillians show Regal a video of the ending of their match at R Evolution. The show Regal that the legal man wasn’t pinned during their match against the Lucha Dragons. Regal tries to make it right by calling for a rematch.

Bull Dempsey vs Generic Jobber

The match starts and Bull comes out kicking Generic Jobber (GJ) in the gut. Bull chops GJ to the head and hits him in the side with a knee. Bull drops an elbow. Bull head butts GJ. Bull hits a maneuver and goes up for his diving head butt.

Winner via pinfall Bull Dempsey

Post Match

Bull walks up the ramp and the arena goes dark. Music hits and Baron comes out. Baron stares down Bull on his way to the ring.

Bull vs Generic Jobber 2

The match starts and the crowd starts counting. Baron throws a punch and hits End of Days.

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin

Post Match

Baron walks up the ramp gets in Bulls face. Bull pushes Baron and hops off the stage. Bull makes his way to the back via the crowd and Baron walks up the ramp without breaking eye contact.

Enzo and Big Cas vs Ascension

Big Cas and Viktor to start the match. The lock up. Viktor backed up into the corner. Cas gets reversed and chopped. Cas hits a knee and splashes Viktor in the corner. Enzo tagged in and hits Konnor on the corner to no effect. Enzo distracted by Carmella and STO’d for his trouble.

Winner via pinfall Ascension

Post match

Viktor says for the last two years they’ve proven themselves to be the best in NXT. Finn Balor and Hideo won due to beginners luck and the war is far from over.

Adrian Neville vs Kevin Owens

The match starts out and both men circle. Kevin hits the ropes and goes to the outside. The ref starts the count and Kevin in no rush to get back in. Owens gets in the ring and gets a dropkick. Owens rolls to the outside again. Adrian climbs on the ropes to intimidate his opponent. Owens on the parong and climbs in at four. Owens with a series of punches stomps and choos. Owens throws Adrian into the ropes and gets hit with a head scissors. Adrian firing up and Owens hits the outside again and slows the pace. Owens starts to climb in but goes to the outside agai. Adrian goes to baseball slide but misses and gets hit with a clubbing blow. Owens stands on the head of Adrian and stomps him. Owens throws Adrian into the ring and sets him up in the corner.


We come back to Owens picking up Adrian and Adrian throwing some punches. Adrian swings wild and gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Owens sets up opposite and splashes Adrian upside down then pins him for two. Owens throwing punches again to Adrian. Adrian thrown into the ropes and is hit with a huge shoulder block. Owens stomping on Adrian. Owens driving his knee into the chest of Adrian. Owens pins Adrian for two. Owens back to stomping and then steps on Adrian. Owens pins Adrian again for two. Kevin Owens dominating the pace of the match taking his time. Owens punching Adrian again. Adrian hits Owens with a back elbow but Owens pounding away again with punches and stomps. Owens drives his knee into Adrian. Adrian cli bing his way up Owens and gets headbutted. Owens whips Adrian into the corner goes to rush him but Adrian moves and hits with a huge kick. Adrian then splashes Owens in the back. Adrian hits the ropes and gets hit in the mid section with a knee. Adrian fighting back with some fire. Takes down Owens then goes to the outside, springboard drop kicks Owens and pins for two. Adrian hits the apron and goes to climb the turnbuckle and is cut off by Owens. Owens brings Adrian and hits a gut buster. Owens then hits a senton and pins Adrian for two. Owens sets up and chops Adrian. Owens puts Adrian on the top rope. Owens goes for a suplex but Adrian is resisting. Adrian knocks down Owens. Adrian goes for the Red Arrow but Owen’s hits the ropes. Owens puts Adrian on the top rope and plants Adrian with a DDT. Owens pins Adrian for two and three-fourths. Owens picks up Adrian puts him on his shoulders and ADrian fights of. Owens goes into the ropes Adrian sidesteps and german suplexes Owens. Adrian kicks Owens to the head and Owens rolls out. Adrian corkscrews to the outside hits Owens and lands on his feet. The Ref Counting and Adrian trying to pick up Owens. Owens throws Adrian head first into the metal post. Both men are out and the Ref hits ten.

The match results in a Double Count out

Post Match

Owens realizes that he was counted out and power bombs Adrian into the apron same as what he did to Sami last week.

The show goes off the air with Owens walking up the ramp looking on and Adrian getting medical attention.

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