WWE NXT Live Results (1/8/15) – Wednesday Night Just Feels Right


WWE NXT Results (1/8/15)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

****Don't forget***** Next week NXT will be airing on Wednesday! I will still be doing an Open Thread.

Opening Video

The show starts out with Sami Zayn making his way to the ring.

Sami is celebrating with the title in the crowd. He says him holding the title means anyone can win the title on their terms. As cheesy as it sounds the title isn’t his it’s everyones. He says that R Evolution should have been the best night of his life but it was ruined by Kevin Owens. He says he’s back and has the title with him. That he’s ready to defend it anytime anywhere.

Adrian Neville comes out to the ring

Sami hands Adrian the mic. He says sorry that he doesnt mean to interrupt him. He didn’t have the opportunity to say it a few weeks ago but he needs to say this. They went toe to toe and went to war and that Sami came out the victor. Adrian tells Sami Congratulations. Sami says he’s pretty sure Adrian is inline for a rematch.

William Regal NXT General Manager makes his way to the stage

He says it’s not about him it’s about the two great competitors standing in front of him. He says that R Evolution was one for the ages. He reaffirms that Adrian is due for a rematch and makes the match for next week.

Backstage Interview with The Vaudevillians

They talk about how tonight's the night to write a wrong from R Evolution and have their rematch.

Hideo Itami vs Curtis Axel

The men lock up. Hideo backed into the corner. Axel calls Hideo a piece of crap and hits him with a knee. Curtis hits Hideo into the ropes and gets hit with a kick after missing three clotheslines in a row. Hideo kicking Curtis in the corner and is backed up by the ref. Curtis takes advantage and takes out Hideo. Curtis with clubbing blows to Hideo. Curtis dropping a forearm on Hideo. Hideo into the ropes and hit with a drop kick. Axel locks in a headlock. Hideo fights back but gets cut off with a knee. Axel gets pinned for two. Axel locks in another headlock. Axel is grinding his shin into the face of Hideo. Hideo gets an elbow to the face but recovers with a clotheslines. Hideo into the corner and catches Axel with his boot. Hideo hits Axel with a flying clotheslines and a pin for two. Hideo starts with his multiple strikes attack. Hideo gets caught and set up for a Fishermans but gets reversed into a snapmare. Hideo hits Axel with a spinning kick.

Winner via pinfall Hideo Itami

Backstage with Natalya and Tyson Kidd

Byron wants to interview with Tyson but Natalya decides to answer questions for Kidd. Kidd asks about cats or something honestly who cares. Says he’s not looking Finn Balor and he’s not looking past him but he’s looking at the NXT Champion. Kidd is more than humanitarian he’s a champion.

Video Recap

A recap of the Bull Dempsey Corbin Baron feud

Divas Match Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

The women start the match in a shoving and slapping match. Alexa backed into the corner climbs the turnbuckle powerbombs Sasha and a pin for two. Alexa goes for a head scissor takedown and gets reversed into a backbreaker. Sasha pins Alexa for one. Sasha pins Alexa for two. Sasha goes for a suplex but is rolled up in a small package for one. Alexa upt to her feet and gets Sahsa in a crucifix pin for two. Alexa in the corner on the second rope and Sasha comes down onto her. Sasha hits the Bank Statement.

Winner via Submission Sasha Banks

Singles Match Chad Gable vs Tyler Breeze

The two men lock up. Gable gets a belly to back on Tyler and rides him with some chain wrestling. Gable backed up into the ropes and breaks the hold. Tyler cheapshots and starts stomping Gable in the corner. Tyler drops a leg and gets a pin for two. Tyler locks in a headlock. Gabel fighting back and suplexes Tyler. Gable gets Tyler in an armbar into the ropes. Out of no where Tyler hits the Beauty Shot.

Winner via pinfall Tyler Breeze

Backstage interview with Finn Balor

He says he’s excited to face Kidd. They trained in a lot of the same places and he’s a product of the Hart Dungeon. He also says something dumb about Kidd and his cats then ends saying Kidd will need more than nine lives to beat him.

The Vaudevillians vs Lucha Dragons © for the NXT Tag Titles

Gotch and Kalisto to start. Simon fats out of the corner and gets caught with a crossbody from Kalisto. Kalisto tags out and they double team Simon with a wheelbarrow Senton. Cara chops Simon and sets him up for a standing submission. Simon fights out and backs him into the corner. Aiden tags in and hits him with a few blows. Aidenn drops a knee and pins Cara for one. Aiden whips him into the corner and gets caught with a back elbow. Aiden school boys Aiden to the outside then gets pulled out. Lucha Dragons suicide dive the Vaudevillains on the outside. Aiden and Cara in and Cara goes for a pin of one.


We come back to Aiden in a submission and Kalisto wrenching on it. Aiden fights out and puts Kalisto into the corner. Kalisto climbs the ropes ropes with Aidens arm and gets caught. Simon tags in. Simon in and vicious on the offensive. Simon hits a suplex and gets a pin for two. Simon tags out while hanging onto Kalisto. Aiden drops a boot and pins Kalisto for two. Aiden punches Kalisto and grinds his forearm into the head. Aiden tags out. Simon locks in a headlock. Simon rolls over Kalisto and pins him for two. Simon holding onto Kalisto tags out. They double team Kalisto and Aiden pins him for two. Kalisto gets some separation and rolls up Aiden for two. Aiden locks in a headlock. Kalisto fights out and tags in Cara. Cara with some fire in with a springboard cross body. Simon in and hit with a dropkick. Aiden to the corner and is caught. Cara hits a sunset bomb and a pin broken up by Simon. Gotch thrown outside. Cara with a blind tag. Cara picks up Aiden and Kalisto from the top rope slams him down.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champs Lucha Dragons

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