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NXT Live Results 9/18/14 - Never Anger Your Hairdresser

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WWE NXT Results (9/18/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with an NXT Takeover 2 video package.

Titus O'Neil makes his way to the ring.

He tells the fans that it's an honor and privilege for them to see him in the ring. He is taking time on NXT since NXT guys took time on Raw. He gets interrupted by Sami Zayn. He's happy that Titus is down here because they need another buffoon down there. Adrian Neville comes out as well to defend NXT. Tyson Kidd comes out too. Kidd stars stirring the pot. Titus says he doesn't care about all the losers around the ring and gets cut off by William Regal. Reminds us that NXT is a fighting show not a whining show. Regal makes a tag match with Titus and Kidd vs Sami and Adrian in the main event.

Charlotte vs Emma

Charlotte hits the ropes and Emma starts her dance. Charlotte grabs the title and puts it in Emma's face. Emma knocks the title out of the ring. Charlotte hits her with a knee and drops her. Charlotte drops a knee and goes for a pin of one. Charlotte locks in the figure four headlock. Charlotte rolling all over the ring with the hold locked in. Emma bridges into a pin on Charlotte for one. Charlotte kicks her off and starts choking her on the second rope. Charlotte dragging Emma around the ring. Emma kicks Charlotte off her. Charlotte takes out Emma and climbs to the rope. Emma grabs Charlotte on the turnbuckle. Emma is kicked off and Charlotte comes down. Charlotte goes for Emma gets rolled up for a pin of two. Emma driving her fore arm into Charlotte three times then hits an Emma Sandwich on the bottom turnbuckle. Emma to the top rope and hits a cross body. follows through with the move and hold the pin for two. Charlotte hits a neck breaker and then the Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte (Time 3:54)

Hideo Itami (Kenta) vs Justin Gabriel

The men circle up and Justin gets a headlock. Hideo pushes Justin off. The run the ropes. Justin tries to jump over Hideo he gets caught by a foot and knocked out of the ring. Hideo tries to pull in Justin but gets caught and taken down. Justin in and lays in some punches. Tries to get a double under hook suplex and lands it then rolls it into a pin for two. Justin locks in a submission and Hideo fights out. Justin tries for another double under hook suplex but is blocked. Hideo locks in a series of kicks and forearm blows. Hideo hits the ropes and gives Justin a high boot. Just in the ropes and Hideo kicks justin over the top rope. Hideo in over the ropes to hit a drop kick. Justin set up in the corner and Hideo hits a series of drop kicks. Hideo to the top rope. Hideo lands on Justin with a double stomp.

Winner via Pinfall Hideo Itami (Kenta) (Time 3:35)

Post match- Ascension hits the ring. Hideo tries to fight them off but the numbers game is too much. Acension hits the Fall Of Man.

CJ Parker vs Baron Corbin

The men lock up. Baron shoves him into the corner and gives him a forearm. CJ starts throwing punches hits the ropes and gets shoulder blocked down. Baron hits the End of days.

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin (Time :39)

Enzo and Big Cass vignette

Enzo and Big Cass are working out and the hairdresser Carmela bursts in demanding a job since she was fired. She nailed Enzo with a medicine ball.

Titus O'Neil and Tyson Kidd vs Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville© 

Kidd and Sami to start the match. The men circle and Adrian gets a blind tag. The men lock up. Adrian gets a headlock. Kidd throws him into the corner and charges but Adrian goes over him. Adrian hits an arm drag and pins him for one. Adrian backs Kidd into the corner and Sami tags out. Sami scoop slams Kidd and does a back flip pin for one. Sami locking in the headlock and backed into the corner. Adrian tags out. Adrian hits a standing corkscrew and pin for one. Kidd's head rammed into opposite turnbuckles. Adrian takes a Kidd down with a headlock. Adrian hits the ropes and drop kicks Kidd to the outside. Adrian goes for a dive but gets cut off by Sami as he spring board moonsault's Kidd on the outside.


We are back. Kidd backs Sami into the turnbuckle and Titus tags in. Kidd holding Sami in the corner as Titus lays in a few clubbing punches. Titus drops Sami on this knee and tosses him away. Titus tags out. Kid driving his knee into the throat of Sami utilizing the 5 count. Kidd hits a back elbow and locks in a headlock. Sami up and pulled into the corner. Titus is in and uppercuts Sami. Titus man handling Sami. Titus locks in an Abdominal Stretch. Titus hits him with another clubbing blow to take down Sami. Titus standing on the face of Sami. Titus backs up into the corner and tags in Kidd. Kidd throwing punches and sets up Sami upside down. Kidd drives some knees. Kidd to the outside and starts choking Sami upside down. Kidd goes for a leg drop guillotine on Sami on the bottom rope but Sami moves. Sami crawling to the corner but gets drug back by Kidd. Kidd then tags Titus. Sami hits a forearm but gets overpowered in the corner. Titus hits a scoop slam on Sami. Titus pulls Sami back to the corner and tags out. Kidd in and kicks Sami in the back. Kidd pins Sami for two. Kidd locks in a headlock. Sami starts gaining some momentum. He rolls out of the headlock. Sami gets kicked by Kidd and taken down again. Kidd tags out and Titus comes in to hit a big leg drop. Sami in the corner and gets chopped by Titus. Titus charges Sami and Sami gets an elbow up. Both men tag out and Adrian comes in hot. Adrian hits a few clotheslines. Adrian hits a backflip splash and pins Kidd for two as it's broken up by Titus. Sami in to take out Titus. Adrian on the top turnbuckle. Titus shoves Adrian off. Kidd rolls up Adrian.

Winner via pinfall Tyson Kidd and Titus O'Neil (Time 11:00)

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