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NXT Live Results (10/2/14) Kidd No Gold For You!

WWE NXT Results (10/2/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with a recap of NXT Takeover 2

NXT Video package

Bailey makes her way to the stage.

Bayley vs Charlotte © for the NXT Divas Champion

Charlotte hits the ropes and bounces off in her trademark style. The women lock up. Charlotte puts Bailey in the corner and breaks the hold. Charlotte rushes her in the corner and Bayley ducks. Charlotte rushes her again and Bayley ducks her again. Bayley double legs Charlotte and pins her for 1. Bayley rolls her up for a one count again. Bayley with another double leg and roll up both amounting to one counts. Charlotte up and pushes Bayley to the matt. Bayley elbows Charlotte in the head and arm drags her. Charlotte rolls to the outside. Charlotte in and takes Bayley down and locks her ankle. Bayley throws her off. Bayley goes for a backslide struggling. Instead she hits an arm drag and keeps control of the arm. Bayley goes for a cover only gets one then rolls her up again for another one count. Bayley has a head lock on Charlotte and is grounding her. Bayley hits a deep arm drag. Bayley again for the backslide. Bayley to her knees and Charlotte drops her knees on Bayley. Charlotte doing multiple attacks to the knee. Charlotte is torquing the knee of Bayley.


We come back to Charlotte having Bayley on the corner. Charlotte strikes Bayley’s knee several times with her knee. Charlotte drags Bayley out of the corner and torques on her knee again. Bayley fights off Charlotte with several knees to the back with her free leg. Charlotte right on the offensive again. Charlotte puts Bayley’s leg on the second rope and jumps on it. Charlotte goes to Bayley’s leg again but Bayley moves and pins Charlotte for two. Bayley using the ropes hits Charlotte with a couple elbows. Bayley hitting Charlotte with a series of double axe handles. Bayley charges Charlotte in the corner and Charlotte moves. Charlotte to the outside and slams Bayley’s knee against the metal post. Charlotte hit’s Bayley’s leg on the apron. Charlotte in the ring and locks in the Figure Four on Bayley. Bayley is fighting the hold. She’s grabbing the knee pads. Charlotte with a gigantic arch. Bayley trying to roll. Bayley finally gets it and Charlotte is quick to the ropes. Charlotte goes for a big knee and misses. Bayley pulling herself up in the corner and Charlotte rushes but Bayley gets out of the way. Bayley spears Charlotte in the corner and hits an elbow. Bayley from the second rope throws a big elbow. Bayley pin for two. Bayley goes for a suplex but Charlotte reverses it into a Neck Breaker. Charlotte hits Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via pinfall and STILL NXT Divas Champion Charlotte

After the match

Charlotte raises the hand of Bayley and they both hug.

Viktor w/ Konnor vs Hideo Itami

Before the match starts both members of the Ascension beat down Hideo. They’re stomping Hideo. Konnor hops on top and unleashes a series of punches. The Ref is yelling for help. Konnor picks up Hideo with Viktor on the second rope. Viktor jumps off and both drive Hideo into the matt.

Ascension walk away.

Video Package

Big Cas and Enzo with Carmella in the training center.

Baron Corbin vs Troy McClain

The men lock up. Corbin throws Troy into the ropes and takes him down. Corbin throws him into the corner and splashes him. Corbin with a right punch. Corbin hits the End of Days.

Backstage Interview

Tyson Kidd talking about his title shot tonight. He walks off when asked about Natalya getting him the shot.

Promo with the Legionnaires

They challenge Enzo and Colin Cassidy to a match next week. The vow revenge.

Vaudevillians vs Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan

Aiden and Tye to start the match. The men are playing around with different fighting stances and then lock up. Aiden has control of the arm. Aiden rolls up Tye for one picks him up and holds the head tags out to Simon. They double team him and JJ comes running in for the save gets caught and punched to the matt. Simon in and locks in an arm lock on Tye. Tye throws and elbow hits Simon and tags out to JJ. JJ in and puts Simon on his shoulder and slams him into the turnbuckle. JJ clubs Simon on the back. Simon hits JJ with an European uppercut. Simon tags out. Aiden hits JJ with a swinging neck breaker and picks JJ for two. JJ throws Aiden into the second rope throat first. JJ tags out and slams Aiden to the matt. Tye hits Aiden in the temple with his knee. Tye pins Aiden for two. Aiden rols up Tye for two. Aiden tags out and Simon in. Simon hits Tye with a forearm then goes and knocks JJ off the apron. Simon throws Tye into the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. JJ comes running in and gets caught with an Air Plane Spin. Tye is now up for an Air Plane Spin. Simon tags out and Barrel Rolls Tye and Aiden hits a second rope Swanton.

Winners via pinfall Vaudevillians.

Titus O’Neil is ringside.


Hideo is in the trainers room with ice on his back. Funaki comes in and they start talking. Funaki tells Hideo he’s worried about Ascension and that he has Hideo’s back.

Backstage Interview with Bayley

Bayley talks about how she’s disappointed but not done since there are people who look up to her. Sasha clubs Bayley from behind.

Adrian Neville © vs Tyson Kidd for the NXT Championship

Both men start chain wrestling exchanging holds. Tyson with head control gets shoved off into the ropes and knows down Adrian. Adrian grounds Kidd with an arm lock. Aiden now has Kidd’s head. Adrian shoulder blocks Aiden to the matt. Tyson and Adrian exchange punches. Kidd backs Adrian into the corner and chops him. Neville into the ropes and chops Kidd. Neville slams Aiden to the matt and covers him for one. Adrian scoop slams Kidd and Kidd rolls to the outside. Adrian in hot pursuit on the outside. Kidd tries to kick Adrian and gets caught and slammed down to the apron. Adrian on the apron and kicks Kidd.


We come back to Adrian with an arm lock on Kidd. Kidd whipped into the corner. Adrian hot after him and Kidd moves. Adrian on the second rope and pulled backwards to the matt by Kidd. Kid with a kick to the head of Adrian. Kidd pins Neville for two. Kidd chokeing Adrian on the apron. Kidd with a triangle on the head of Adrian. Adrian rolls over and is into a hells gate. Kidd pinned. Adrian is trying to pick up Kidd and finally powerbombs him on the third attempt. Kidd tries to run at Adrian but gets caught with an elbow. Adrian hitting Kidd with a series of kicks. Adrian hits a double axe handle on Kidd. Kidd in the corner gets splashed by Adrian. Adrian hits the ropes and gets caught with a dropkick by Kidd. Kidd pins Adrian pins for two. Kid goes for a german suplex and gets caught. Adrian with a couple back elbows. Kidd with a sunset flip and drop kicks Adrian. Kidd hits a suplex on Adrian and pins him for two. Adrian and Kidd exchange punches. Kidd whipped into the corner and catches Adrian with an elbow. Adrian kicks Kidd on the top rope. Kidd is out on the top rope. Adrian up for a Superplex. Kidd starts punching Adrian. Kidd goes for a sunset flip from the top rope but Adrian lands on his feet. Adrian hits a hesitation dropkick on Kidd in the corner. Adrian hits a sit down powerbomb and pins Kidd for two. Adrian up for the Red Arrow but is caught by Kidd. Adrian kicks him off. Adrian goes for a move but lands on his feet since Kidd moved. Adrian gets caught in a sharpshooter. Adrian crawling to the rope and gets there. Kidd breaks the hold and his shocked. Adrian wrapped up in the ropes. Kidd charges him and Adrian ducks as Kidd flies to the outside. Adrian hits an enziguri on Kidd as he rushes the outside. Adrian gets punched from behind by Titus. The Ref is starting the 10 count. Sami Zayn comes running from the back and hits Titus with a Helluva Kick. Sami is willing on Adrian. The Ref is up to nine and Adrian rolls in. Kidd sets Adrian on the top turnbuckle. Kidd gets shoved off and Adrian hits the Red Arrow.

 Winner and STILL NXT Champion Adrian Neville

Show goes off the air with Sami on the ramp and Neville in the ring with the belt. Sami and Adrian stare at eachother as Sami points to Titus. Sami walks up the ramp. Kidd is upset in the corner.

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