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WWE NXT Results (10/16/14) - Sami Zayn Beats Tyson Kidd

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WWE NXT Results (10/16/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with Baron Corbin coming to the ring

Baron Corbin vs Elias Sampson

The match starts with both men locking up. Baron throws him into the ropes hits Elias with the Ends Of Days.

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin.

The commentary booth talks about Carmella’s debut

Sami Zayn music hits and he makes his way to the ring

He talks about losing last week to Titus O’Neil and that he’s sick of losing. He’s proven time and time again he’s better than that. Tyson Kidd hits his music and comes out. Tells Sami he needs to face the facts that he won’t be NXT Champ. Wondering why Sami is lying to himself and his people. Sami asked Kidd if he had Natalya’s permission to be out there. Tyson is reminding Sami that every time he gets a chance he loses. Sami tells Kidd it’s his road to redemption and it starts with a match against Kidd tonight.

Lucha Dragons vs Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

Cara and Blake to start the match. The men lock up. Blake gets head control and pushed off then shoulder blocks Cara. Blake hits the ropes again and gets launched by Cara’s legs. Blake tags out. Buddy locks hands with Cara and they exchange kicks. Cara puts Buddy into the corner. Cara rushes the corner up and over punches Blake and hops in to lock Buddy into a submission. Buddy suplexes him to get out and covers Cara for two. Buddy tags out. Blake suplexes Cara and drops a knee. Blake pins Cara for two. Buddy tagged in and pins Cara for two. Buddy locks in a sleeper on Cara. Cara gets momentum but Blake throws him to the matt. Cara kicks Blake to the head twice. Duel tags and Kalisto springboard cross body to buddy to Buddy. Kalisto tags out and kicks Blake in th head. Kalisto up and over the ropes to Blake on the outside. Cara on the turnbuckle with Buddy. Cara with a Sun Set Flip Bomb from the top rope.

Winners via pinfall Lucha Dragons

Recap from Tyler Breeze vs Mojo of last week

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte in a non title match

The women circle and Charlotte hits the ropes in her Flair Style. The women lock up and Charlotte gets wrist control. The women chain wrestle but Lynch gets an arm drag to lock into an arm lock. Charlotte gets up and gains wrist control on Lynch. Becky goes to the matt and takes down Charlotte. Becky twists and comes down on the leg of Charlotte. Charlotte rolls up Lynch but Lynch uses the momentum to roll through. Charlotte its the ropes and gets arm dragged again. Charlotte sidewalk back breaker onto Lynch. Charlotte throws some elbows and figure four’s the head of Lynch and locks it in. Lynch bridges back and pins Charlotte for two. The women up Charlotte throws Lynch into the ropes and hold them while Charlotte misses the drop kick. Lynch throws a few forearms and both women clothesline each other. Lynch now clotheslining each other. Lynch drops a leg drop. Pins Charlotte for two. Lynch goes for a suplex but gets reversed. Charlotte pins Lynch for two. Lynch with a kick and pin for two. Charlotte gets a neckbreaker on Lynch and hits the Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte

Video recap of last week with Hideo Itami and Ascension

Enzo and Big Cass vs vs the Legionnaires

Big Cass and LeFort to start the match. LeFort comes out of the corner and gets scoop slammed. LeFort tags out. Marcus in and loses his head gear. Marcus is furious and starts being up LeFort. Marcus throws LeFort out of the ring and beats him up on the outside. Marcus then runs out of the arena. Enzo and Cass are stunned in the ring.

I’m not quite sure the match was ever called over but Enzo and Big Cass..wins?

Big Cass says there can be another match. He calls out blue pants from the back. Some girl comes out from the back. They introduce Carmella.

Carmella vs Blue Pants

The women lock up. Blue Pants (BP) backs Carmella into the corner. BP drive her shoulder into Carmella. Carmella pushes her off and drop kicks BP. Carmella arm drags BP and rolls her up for her submission.

Winner via submission Carmella

Backstage with Sasha and Becky

Becky tells Sasha she hopes Sasha gets what’s coming to her. Sasha says she will do anything to make it to the top and that Becky needs to look at herself in the mirror and see what she will do to make it to the top.

Backstage Interview with Adrian Neville

He doesn’t like that Talent from Raw and Smackdown down to NXT and think they can take his title. That he’s looking forward to defending his title next week against Titus.

Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd

The match starts with with the men locking up. The men chain wrestle. The men then exchange takedowns. The crowd is taunting Kidd. Sami hits a series of deep arm drags on Kidd. Kid to the outside. Sami goes to dive outside but Kidd moves and Sami springboards off the top rope and lands back in the ring. Kidd on the ramp all upset and Sami holds the ropes open. Kidd puts a leg in the ring and then hops back down to the outside. SAmi goes in pursuit and Kidd gives him a nasty kick on the apron.


We come back to Kidd choking Sami in the corner with his boot. Kidd snap mares him down and kicks him in the back. Kidd pins Sami for two. Kidd picks up Sami and neckbreakers him down covers for two. Kidd locks in a headlock. Sami gets up but Kidd knocks him down and pins him for two. Kidd locks in another headlock. Sami fighting out but gets caught with a kick. Sami catches Kidd and mounts an offense of his own. Sami hits a huge drop kick. Kidd sets up in the corner. Sami goes for a Helluva Kick but Kidd gets out of the way and eats a back elbow from Sami. Sami to the top rope and hits a crossbody. Sami pins Kidd for two. Sami hits a Blue Thunder Bomb pins him for two. Sami goes for a suplex gets reversed and Kidd hits a neckbreaker. Kidd pins Sami for two. Kidd goes for a sharpshooter gets reversed but gets it locked in again. Kidd rolls over Sami and sits down. Sami crawls and gets the rope. Kidd chokes Sami on the bottom rope. Kidd goes over the ropes to leg drop Sami and Sami rolls out of the way. Kidd climbing up turnbuckle and rushes Sami but gets caught with an exploder suplex. Sami hits a Helluva Kick.

Winner via pinfall Sami Zayn

The show goes off the air with Sami victorious in the ring and Kidd on the ramp.

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