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WWE NXT Preview, Live Coverage, and Results(4-22-2020)

NXT is headlined by a match that was set up last week on the show with Finn Balor and Velveteen Dream. Balor was upset with Dream calling Adam Cole the greatest NXT Champion of all time and it led to the two of them going head to head against each other in what will likely be the main event.

Also advertised for NXT tonight are two Cruiserweight Tournament matches with Kushida vs. Tony Nese and Jake Atlas taking on Drake Maverick. Maverick who was released last week is still in the tournament and will certainly be a sentimental favorite for the viewing audience. Also, El Hijo Del Fantasma will make his debut against Jack Gallagher. Finally, the Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai feud will continue in a tag match with Nox teaming with Shotzi to take on Kai and Gonzalez.

Stay tuned for live coverage!

Who attacked Finn Balor?


We start the show with a video recap of all that occurred next week. We also find out that an incident happened backstage prior to the show and William Regal has removed Balor from the match tonight. We immediately move to Dream in the rin doing his best impression of Balor's entrance. Dream is interrupted by Adam Cole. Cole says Dream is trying to weasel his way into a championship match opportunity. From behind Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong attack and we see all three mean beat down the Dream. Keith Lee interrupts and takes out the Undisputed Era. Tonight we will continue the interim nXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, and we will see Johnny Gargano and Candice Rae live for the first time since Johnny's match with Tomasso Ciampa two weeks ago. 

Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox vs Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai

Tegan and Raquel start the match. Shotzi is tagged in and is on the attack and Dakota tags in. Shotzi attacks the arm and we see a reverse sling blade. Tegan and Shotzi continue to tag in and out. Dakota rolls out of the ring and Shotzi from the top turnbuckle takes out both Dakota and Raquel. We see that during the commercial break Raquel has helped Dakota attack Shotzi. Dakota goes for multiple covers but Shotzi kicks out. Both women tag their partners in and we see both women on the attack. Tegan does a huge uppercut and takes off from the top and is caught by Raquel. Tegan tags in Shotzi and Dakota goes on the attack against Tegan. Once in the ring, Raquel pins Shotzi after a one-arm powerbomb. Tonight's main event will consist of Dream and Keith Lee Vs UE's Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. We see Drake Maverick speak of his release and how much it means for him to still be in the tournament. Drake continues to say that he is not done and that he will go out swinging. Up next will be Drake Maverick vs Jake Atlas. 

Winner: Raquel Gonzales and Dakota Kai

Drake Maverick vs Jake Atlas

We see a package on Atlas's background and commentary makes a point to talks bout how Drake needs to handle his emotions. This match starts strong and Jake shows off his flexibility. Drake rolls away and ducks and takes down Atlas. We see Drake focus on Atlas' leg. Atlas tosses Drake and Drake battles back and is caught but he is able to send Atlas out of the ring. Drake tosses Atlas back in and is caught with a backbreaker. Drake kicks out at two and is then sent into a corner. Atlas takes down Drake and tries to wear him down. Drake tries to escape and is able to send ATlas face-first into the top turnbuckle. He then sends him shoulder-first into the post. We see massive punches by Drake and while Atlas tries to battle back Drake is fully in control. Massive drop kick and he goes for the tequila sunrise but Atlas breaks free. Drake sends himself through the ropes, drags Atlas in, goes to the top and we see an elbow to the face. Atlas kicks out and we see him battle back with a kick. Atlas goes to the top but he is slowed down by Drake. Drake meets him at the top and fails to do a hurricane range and Atlas wins with a cartwheel DDT.

Winner: Jake Atlas 

We see Damien Priest say all that he cares about is the NXT North American title. He mentions how Lee knows he can't beat him and we see a flashback to his first main event in NXT where Priest beat Lee. Priest can't wait to beat Lee in another main event. 

Tony Knese vs Kushida 

We see packages for both men and Knese says he knows for a fact, Kushida can't beat him. Both men take each other down. Knese goes for the submission but Kushida counters to his own submission attempt. Both men get chippy and we see a shot by a throat from Knese but Kushida sends him over the top rope. Knese then drags Kushida out of the ring and into the barricade. Kushida battles back and Knese once again drags Kushida out and into the barricade. Back from break, Knese is in control but Kushida quickly battles back. Kushida focuses on Knese's left arm with a series of kicks. Kushida grabs hold of the left arm with a lock but Knese counters and bridges into a suplex. Knese goes to the top rope, Kushida meets him there gets knocked off and we see Knese do a 419 and Kushida breaks at two! Kushida with a palm strike and Knese quickly counters with his own strike. Both men are on the middle rope and we see Kushida flip into the sakurama lock and he wins via submission.

Winner: Kushida

We see the NXT Tag champions and we are formally introduced to Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher being interviewed. Thatcher mentions how he prefers submission over Riddle knocking people out. Riddle says o stay tuned for next week. Up next we will see Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano. 

As we come back from break, we see a voice say that doomsday is about to hit NXT. We see Johnny and Candice at their home. Candice has new hair and JOhnny says he is tired of WWE taking advantage of his kindness. Candice mentions how she has put herself second and she calls out all the women for being nowhere to be found.  She says that expecting the same thing without new results is insanity. Johnny says they both will take what they want first. They will no longer keep their personal and professional lives separate. He says that it's now our way and they want to make the history as the first married couple of WWE to reign together. We then see Io in package say she can't wait for the match she is due against Charlotte Flair but she tells us all that she bow downs to no one. 

We see Drake being interviewed backstage. He says that he is fighting his opponent and himself. He says that maybe everyone was right about him.

Mia Yim vs Jessie Kamea

Commentary mentions how Charlotte Flair has mentioned Mia Yim as her next opponent. Kamea goes on the attack but Yim quickly gets her into the corner. Yim does a clothesline to Kamea. Kamea battles back and goes from the second rope but is dodged by Yim. YIm is in control and takes her down multiple times. Standing STO and then a knee to the side of the face gets Yim the victory. As Yim celebrates on the ramp, Charlotte Flair comes out. Both smile as they see each other. Flair asks Yim if she wants a match with her and Yim says she will be honored to be in a ring with her. Flair thanks Yim for making her a star and she says she will make Yim a star next week. 

Winner: Mia Yim

We see Robert Stone and Chelsea Green in a promo. They end with saying that Chelsea is the total package and will be the next women's champion.

Jack Gallagher vs El Hijo del Fantasma

El Hijo del Fantasma is a second-generation superstar with 20 years of experience in Lucha Libre. Gallagher is on the attack and Gallagher pokes on the mask early on. Gallagher takes down Fantasma and once again grabs at the mask. Fantasma with a dropkick and a kick out at two. Gallagher dumps Fantasma and we see multiple kick-outs at two. Fantasma is battling back and Gallagher sends him out of the ring and into a barricade. Gallagher has a handful of the mask and he continues to break the count. A kick right to the face by Fantasma and sends Gallagher to the outside. He fakes out but still gets Gallagher on the outside prior to commercial break. Gallagher is on the attack but Fantasma battles back and Gallagher rolls out of the ring. Fantasma goes through the ropes and launches himself headfirst into Gallagher.  Gallagher tries to surprise but Fantasma catches him once again. Gallagher almost wins with a headbutt but Fantasma wins after Gallagher tries to get his mask. He is interviewed and in Spanish he thanks the audience and says that we will win this together because we are all in this together.

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma

Next week Keith Lee will defend against Damien Priest and we will see Charlotte Flair vs Mia Yim. And we see two masked men try but fail to kidnap El Hijo del Fantasma. 

Main Event

Velveteen Dream and Keith Lee vs UE's Adam Cole And Roderick Strong

UE tries to jump Dream and Lee but fail. Dream is on Cole when Fish gets involved. When the referee is distracted kicking out Fish we see Damien Priest and attack Lee with a nightstick hit to the throat twice. We go to a commercial break with Lee trying to catch his breath. We come back and Dream is alone against the UE. Dream is able to fend off for a moment but somehow Dream kicks out after an Olympic Slam by Strong. Strong is tagged in and Strong continues to go for a submission win. We see Dexter Lumis on the apron and Dream slowly battles back. Strong goes for a backbreaker but is caught by a Dream Belly Driver. Strong tags in Cole and Dream tags in Lumis. Lumis goes on the attack against both members of the UE. Fish comes out again and Lumis takes out both men. Dream pins Cole for the win.  

Winner: The Velveteen Dream and Dexter Lumis

The dream has pinned Cole. Who attacked Finn Balor? What do you feel about Charlotte facing Mia Yim before Io Shirai? Stay tuned for any breaking news and you can follow me on Twitter @undisputedeva.

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