NXT Results 2-5-20


NXT kicks off with a promo showdown between Dunne and Riddle vs. Undisputed Era (Fish/O'Reily).   

Then we get a rundown of what is coming up tonight.

Here comes Angel Garza, followed up by Swerve Scott.

Mauro promises that this match will be en feugo.  Both men feel each other out and Garza gets the upper hand with a perfectly timed kick to the legs.  

Swerve hits a phenomenal top rope huricanrana.   Now both men are on the outside and Garza has gained the upper hand.   Garza tosses Scott back into the ring & his a running knee to the mid section after hanging him in the tree of woe. 

Garza continues to remain in control during the "commercial break.  When we make it back to the action, Garza rips his pants off and hits a well placed super kick.  A near fall.

Swerve reverse a springboard reverse DDT into a suplex and  a near fall by Swerve.

Crushing kicks and then a savage fist to the face of Garza.  Garza then connects with a jumping super kick to the face of Swerve.  Both men are exhausted and exchange knife edge chops from their knees.

After an inverted powerbomb and a near fall, Swerve hits a house call, but only a 2 count.

Garza is still alive.  

Swerve goes to the top again, but Garza knocks his legs out and capitalizes with the wing clipper.  1-2-3!!!

Winner Angel Garza!

Now we go to the back and see Undisputed Era looking for Ciampa.  They knock some extras around and then cut the hair off some kid.    To the parking they go.   No sign of Ciampa.  

Dominic Dijakovic enters the ring.  His challenger is, none other then Killian Dain.

Dain explodes across the ring at the start and hits Dijokovic with a shoulder block.  Both power houses are going at it.   Dain throws Dijokovic to the outside.  Dijokovic gets the upper hand on the outside.  Both men back in the ring now.  Dijokovic goes for a discus lariat, but Dain counters it with a flying cross body.  Commercial Break.

When we return, Dain has the upper hand with a head lock type move.  Dijokovic uses pure strength to toss Dain around and then hit a chokeslam.  Cover......2 count.

Dijokovic heads to the top, Dain stops him and joins him.  Dain with a super plex off the second turnbuckle.  

Both men exchange hard hitting kicks to the face, then Dijokovic covers and gets a 2 count.  Dijokovic to the top misses a moonsault and Dain follows it up with a drop kick, senton and then goes for a Vader bomb, but is denied.  Dijokovic gets Dain in the torture rack and hit his finisher for the 3 count.   Winner Dominic Dijokovic.

Keith Lee makes his way out to face Dijokovic.  These two men will meet at NXT TakeOver Portland for the NA title.

Up Next, Balor & Galor will have a sit down interview with Mauro Ranallo. 

Backstage we see the Undisputed Era still looking for Ciampa.   They run into Kushia, mock him and then beat him down.     Commercial Break.

Now up, Gargano and Balor talk with Mauro Ranallo.    Balor starts off the interview saying that Gargano is not the same since he dropped him on his head.   Balor says he has been waiting 4 years to get his hands on Johnny Blah Blah Blah. 

Gargano then lists his accomplishments and why he is the face of the NXT brand and that Balor needs this match as much as he does.    Balor responds by saying he does not need the match.  He wants to torture Gargano.  Gargano mocks Balor on his losing streak on RAW.  Balor says that guy is dead and this is going to be Gargano's last match.  Gargano ends the interview by saying he is going to drive the NXT through the heart of Balor.  Finn ends it by saying he does not have a heart.

Back to the ring.  Mercedes Martinez makes her way to the squared circle.  Her opponent is Kacy Cantanzaro.   Then we see a video package of her abilities.  

Martinez hits Kacy with a spine buster to get us going.  Mercedes holds Kacy high and long for a suplex, but Kacy uses the stick and move strategy to get away.  Kacy almost steals a win with a huge move and cover.  

Mercedes takes full advantage of Kacy on the outside.  Using her strength and power to toss her around.  Back in the ring, Mercedes hits a fisherman's buster to pick up the 1-2-3 for the win.   Winner Mercedes Martinez.

Now we go backstage and see an interview with Rhea Ripley.  She states she is not concerned with Flair, but her challenger tonight. 

Nox v. Kai NXT Portland promo.   No we see the Undisputed Era backstage looking for Ciampa.  Well, Ciampa finds them and brings the fight to them.  Ciampa finally gets his hands on Cole and they start fighting towards the ring.   The fight makes a pit stop at the announcers table where Ciampa slams Cole's forehead on the table.  Now the rest of the Undisputed Era makes it back and all 4 members beat down Ciampa in the ring.  Here comes Riddle & Dunne.   It is bedlam here at NXT.  Out comes security, but they cannot hold them back. Finally, Undisputed Era retreats.   Regal comes out and tells all the men to get their gear on.  If they want to fight, then they will fight.   The slobberknocker continues and security does not stand a chance.  Absolute chaos.  Now all the men fight in front of the NXT sign at the top of the ramp.  Bodies are hitting the floor.  Finally, security and refs get all the men to seperate sides.  The frakus was real in that segment.  WOW!

Now, The Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin makes his way to the ring with new cruiserweight title in tow.  As Breeze makes his way to the ring, Devlin assaults him and we hit a commercial break.

And we're back......Devlin is dominating Breeze with some kicks and shoulder blocks in the corner.  Breeze pops out of an irish whip into the corner, hits a kick to the head and a quick cover.  No go for Breeze.  Devlin is slowly taking apart Breeze, but Tyler is dropping elbows across the left leg of Devlin.  Tyler hopes to keep Devlin grounded, as he clams his leg into the ring post.  

Tyler continues to have the upper hand by holding onto a leg lock.  Devlin breaks it by reaching the ropes.  And elevator back breaker by Devlin.  Cover.....2 count.  

Now Devlin slams some forearms across the face of Tyler, but Breeze fights back by tattooing chops across Devlin's chest.  After this flury, Breeze is on top and wrenching on the neck of Devlin.   Big back body drop by Breeze and then is tossed out by Tyler.  

Breeze heads to the outside, but Devlin hits a PK to the sternum of Breeze and then hits a moonsault.  Both men make it back in before the 10 count.  Both men are slow to get to their feet.   Devlin favoring his left leg.  Devlin now hits some punches to the face of Tyler, Breeze fights back.

When we return Devlin is standing on the face of Breeze.  Tyler with a great block and some HBK style flyin' forearms.  Down goes Devlin.  Tyler takes down Devlin with a viscous clothesline.  Cover.....2 count.  Devlin to the top, hits a flying cross body, reversed by Tyler for 2 count.  Devlin hits a standing Spanish fly.   Another 2 count.   WOW......Great match.

Breeze gets Devlin in a single-leg crap and keeps him in the middle of the ring.  Small package for 2, followed up by a super-kick by Tyler for a 2 count.  

Tyler goes for unprettier, coutnered and then a knee by Tyler.  Another 2 count by Devlin after hitting a spring board cutter.   Both men frustrated, but the crown is HOT.  Finally, Devlin hits his finisher for the 3 count and the win.   What a match!

Now we cut to the back and The Queen Charlotte Flair has arrived! What will her answer be?!

When we return, Bianca Belair is making her way to the ring.  Bianca has a mic.  Let's hear what she has to say..... Bianca starts proclaiming that she does not care about a queen and wants to talk to Rhea.  Cue Charlotte's music.   Here is the Queen back at NXT!

A welcome home chant bellows through the NXT Arena.  Flair tells Bianca that Rhea overlooked her and Bianca made it all about herself........BOOM....here comes Rhea Ripley

Flair backs up Bianca and she is irate.  Ripley wants Flair to tell her why she came to NXT. The two have a stare down.  Bianca steps in between the two and tells Charlotte that she does not even go here (referring to NXT).  Bianca then declares she will be champ come Wrestlemania time.  Flair tells Bianca "this is a conversation for champions, so stand over there and fix your braids."  Ripley says she is going to beat Bianca at NXT Portland, but they have a saying here and that is WE ARE NXT (she glares at Bianca) and they both attack Flair.  A moment of unity from Ripley and Bianca.     Commercial Break......

Up Next; the 6 man tag match between Ciampa/Riddle/Dunne & The Undisputed Era.  Hopefully, I can keep up.

SHOCK THE SYSTEM plays......here we go.  Looks like Strong will not be wrestling, but that does not matter as Riddle, Ciampa & Dunne attack the UE.

It is just chaos all over the place.   Nobody getting the upper hand, just everyone getting destroyed.  Ciampa/Riddle/Dunne attack Strong in a 3 on 1 mugging.  

Now the match starts as Kyle and Ciampa kick it off.   Both men hammer each other with hard strikes.  Ciampa hits a huge lariat and tags in Riddle.  Riddle now systematically hits some kicks, but Kyle escapes and tahs in Fish.  

Fish and Riddle show off their ground game and striking abilities.  Cole and Dunne get tagged in.  Dunne goes for attack in corner, but Cole counters with elbow.  After both men continue to fight and end up on the outside, Strong attacks Dunne and gives the UE the upper hand.  

Cole now drags Dunne to the UE corner and they start to divide and conquer.  Quick tags from the UE.   Dunne is getting destroyed.  Kyle and Fish attempt some tag team moves, but Dunne fights back with a drop kick to the knee of Kyle and makes the tag to Riddle.  Riddle takes the Hot Tag and clears house.

Riddle gets a two count after a suplex on Fish.   Commercial break.......

Back with a PIP commercial break now.  We see the UE has divided the ring and has Riddle beaten down in their corner.  Fish now lands some knee strikes to the face of Riddle.   Fish tag Cole.  Cole with knees to the back of Riddle and then a head lock.   Riddle is taking a beating, but only get a two count on Riddle.  Now, Kyle O'Reilly is in the ring and him and Riddle exchange haymakers until Kyle locks in a submission.  Riddle fights back and finally stops Kyle with a running PK.   Strong causes distraction and the UE holds on to the upper hand.  Dunne gets a hot tag from Riddle and clears house.  

Dunne drops Kyle on Cole, covers Cole.......2 count.    Now Dunne to the top, misses a moonsault and Cole hits a knee to Dunne. Dunne blocks Panama sunrise.  Ciampa gets tagged in and takes out all of the UE.  Lariats, kicks and suplexes.  Ciampa hits a DDT on Strong when he tries to interfere.  Ciampa hits a Project Ciampa, but only gets a 2 count.  

Ciampa allows Kyle to make the tag to Cole.   Here we go.  A flurry of fists.  Now it is just chaos again.  Each man coming in to hit a high impact move.   Match is ended and the UE is DQed when Strong enters the ring and attacks Ciampa.    Back to 4 on 3.  

The UE takes out Dunne and Riddle and now Ciampa is getting picked apart in the ring.  The UE is Standing tall over Ciampa.  Cole with spray paint now and he paints an X for X marks the spot.  Ref is trying to restore order, but to no avail.   Cole berates Ciampa in the ring and The Undisputed Era celebrates as the lights go out and we see the Velveteen Dream's video play and then Dream is on the top rope and attack the Undisputed Era.

Dream takes out all of the UE and hits a Dream Valley Driver on Strong.  Dream beats down some more and the shoe goes off the air to a "Welcome Back" chant.

Welcome Back Dream.

Bye for now.

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