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NXT Live Results (3/4/2020)

Hello and welcome to NXT! 

As announced on WWE show "The Bump" one of the hottest feuds in NXT will kick off the show tonight inside a steel cage. Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai look to keep all outsides away and continue their brilliantly booked feud. Orcan and Burch will take on the Undisputed Era. Also, we will find out what is next for the longest-running NXT rivalry between Ciampa and Gargano.

The likely main event of the show will see Roddy Strong and Velveteen Dream potentially conclude their feud inside a steel cage. Many believe Dream maybe the next challenger for Adam Cole and what a better way to go in that direction than with a big win over his stablemate Roddy Strong. 

Our first match tonight will be Dakota Kai vs Tegan Nox inside the Steel Cage. In the beginning, both ladies begin with blows and Nox is first to attack.  Beautiful diving crossbody from Knox to Kai which only results in a two count. Raquel Gonzales remains on the outside. Kai uses the corner to stomp at Nox. Kai goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Kai uses the fence to slow down Nox's momentum. During commercial we see her continuing to push Nox into different sides of the steel cage match. As Kai tries to leave Nox continues to stop her by holding on to her ankle. When Nox is almost to the open door Kai grabs hold and drags her back into the middle of the ring and knocks her down. We see Kai continue to kick at Nox until Nox catches her and throws Kai into the steel cage. She then goes onto send her into the cage multiple times. At one point she holds her into the ring and is yelling at Raquel who goes to check on Kai. Nox continues to get multiple two counts. Scorpion Kick by Kai only results in a two count. We see both women climb to one side of the steel cage and Nox throws Kai from the top rope. Nox takes a moment to see what she had done to Kai and Kai battles back. Cannon board from Nox to Kai only results in a two count. Once again Nox climbs and jumps from the top of the cage into Kai. Hijinks at the entrance and Kai accidentally kicks Raquel out and a Shiniest Wizard only results in a two and a half count. Once again Raquel prevents Nox from leaving and she climbs to the top and once again pushes Nox from the top of the cage to the floor. Raquel prevents Nox from climbing down by slamming the door into Nox preventing Nox from leaving the cage. Nox slams the door into Kai preventing her from leaving the cage. Raquel uses the door to hold Nox at the top of the cage and drags Kai into falling onto the floor and winning the match.  

We now see a promo of Finn Balor saying that now Walter has forced his hand and that he is not going to like his reaction. Balor says that Walter will see him sooner than we think. Up next we will see Rhea Ripley's Wrestlemania preview. 

In this Wrestlemania preview, we see Ripley touring Raymond James Stadium. She says that she has always been compared to Charlotte Flair and she mentions Ric's Flair quote but says that to be the best she has to beat the best. 

Shotzi Blackhart drives her tank into the ring for the first qualifying match for the top contender match at NXT Takeover: Tampa. Robert Stone comes out to introduce Chelsea Green. This match starts very quickly and both women continue to counter each other's moves. Backstabber by Green results in a two count. A back elbow from Green results in another two counts. Missile dropkick by Green sends Shotzi to the other side of the ring. Green wins with an Unprettier that pins Shotzi. Green now moves on to the next round. Up Next, Keith Lee will discuss the contenders for his NXT North American Title. 

Lee comes out to thunderous applause and the crowd continuing to sing his theme song once he is in the middle of the ring. Cameron Grimes interrupts Keith Lee as he talks bout Damien Priest and Dijakovic. The crowd continues to chant No One Likes You to Grimes. The crowd does not let Grimes get a word in edgewise as they continue to boo him. Lee pushes Grimes outside of the ring and says that next week Keith Lee will face Grimes for the title. He warns Grimes that he will receive a Class A Ass Whooping. We see that earlier today Austin Theory is interrupted by Isaiah Swerve Scott as he says that he is the best rookie. We now see Fish and O' Reilly warming up for their match and pumping Roderick Strong for his match with Velveteen Dream.  

As we come back from commercial break we see a Special Shout Out to the Street Profits who beat Rollins and Murphy for the tag titles on Monday and will faceoff with them again at Elimination Chamber. O'Reilly and Fish are the first out for their match with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Lorcan and Fish start out the match with strong chops and kicks. When Fish accidentally hits Burch, Lorcan goes for a cheap shot to O'Reilly. Both tag teams with both members face off and we see Lorcan push the UE out of the ring as we go to commercial break. Fish's chops to Lorcan are quickly returned by Lorcan. Lorcan crawls for the tag for Burch and manages to get it while O'Reilly tries his best to prevent it. Burch throws a set of blows to O' Reilly. Both Burch and O'Reilly continue with their lightning kick offense but it only results in a two count. The UE continues to hold Burch in their corner. Burch fights to try to tag in Lorcan. Fish tries to submit Burch in the middle of the ring but Burch battles to his feet. While Fish tags in O' Reilly Burch, battles but is prevented from getting the tag.  The UE continues to prevent Burch from getting the tag until Lorcan is finally able to tag in and goes for the attack against both members of the UE. The UE win when they counter Lorcan's move and O' Reilly is the one to pin him. Once they finish the match the UE says that they are missing the NXT tag team championships. They call the Broserweights, the Loserweights as well as a makeshift team. The Broserweights interrupt the UE and says they are more than willing to give them a rematch. The Grizzled Young Veterans obliterate the Broserweights at the top of the stage and grab a hold of the mic. They say that is out of the old and it is in with the Grizzled Young Vets. Up next Johnny Gargano explains why to Mauro Ranaldo and it is official Isaiah Swerve Scott will face off against Austin Theory. 

After a commercial break, we catch a glimpse of the Velveteen Dream wrapping his fists for his match against Roderick Strong. Isaiah Swerve Scott is the first to step into the ring. Swerve keeps Theory in a headlock to start off the match. Swerve is power and will have to face off against the speed of Theory. Monstrous superkick from Swerve as we go to commercial break.

Once we are back we see a devastating dropkick from Theory to Swerve that results in a two count. Swerve and Theory begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring. Swerve nails Theory and continues to kick at Theory's chest but only gets a two count after a flat liner. Theory catches Swerve as he goes for a hurricanerana and gets a two count after an RP1. The men deliver back elbows and both left and right hands. Swerve catches Theory in the middle of the ring and goes for the submission and while Theory tries to battle Swerve snaps at Theory's left arm. Theory sweeps the feet from underneath Swerve and goes for the Austin Theory Launch which results in him winning the match. Theory cradles his left arm as he celebrates his win. Up Next Johnny Gargano explains why to Mauro Ranallo in a pre-filmed interview. 

We see another package with interesting pictures. Mauro and Johnny talk about why. Johnny reminds Mauro that he was there for the premiere of Mauro's Documentary. He says that he did what he had to do. He is still Johnny Wrestling. He says that he saw something in Ciampa's eyes and that's why he attacked. Johnny says that Mauro knows why he reminds Mauro that he called him Johnny Turncoat. He calls Mauro a liar and bashes him for all the Daddy's home he has said since Ciampa has returned. Johnny says that next week we will see the Johnny Gargano way. Our main event will be the final steel cage match of the night between Roderick Stone and the Velveteen Dream. 

The Dream is out first and he climbs and descends from the top of the cage. Roderick Strong barely enters the ring and the match goes underway! They continue to chop and punch at each other. Dream goes to escape but then flies and wipes out Strong. Forearms shivers and both throw serious kicks towards each other. Marina Shafir pushes a kendo stick into the cage for her husband Roderick Strong. Both men but primarily Dream use the kendo stick to punish each other. Strong continues to push Dream into the steel cage. During the commercial break, we see Strong with a strong attack against Dream.  Both men will not let each other climb out of the steel cage. Dream goes for the submission but Strong counters and goes for his own submission. The dream continues to superkick Strong into the cage. Strong prevents the Dream from leaving the cage through the door. Strong uses the kendo stick for a backbreaker. Strong looks to escape the cage but Dream catches him and exposes Strong. Mama Mia what an Olympic slam from the top rope from Roderick Strong to The Dream. Strong only gets a two count and both men stop each other from escaping the cage. Two Dream Valley Drivers and Dream tries to climb to the top of the cage when the UE come out armed but Dream attacks and throws Cole to the other side of the ring. Dream catches Strong as he tries to leave the cage and pushes Strong outside of the cage. Dream locks himself in with Adam Cole and goes on to the attack against Cole. Dream uses all the weapons against Cole and Strong who desperately tries to get back inside the cage. Dream sacrificed the victory to get his hands on the NXT title. Dream uses the tile to take down Cole and climbs to the top of the cage with the NXT title. Our final shot is of referees tending to Adam Cole and Dream celebrating with the NXT title still atop the cage. 

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