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NXT REVIEW 4-13-21

My NXT Review for 4-13-21

NXT REVIEW 4-13-21


Hello everyone, and welcome to the first of what I hope will be many NXT weekly reviews! This will be slightly different than my ROH ones because, as a result of the extra length of the show, I might not go into as much detail talking about each segment, but I will still try my best to provide entertaining insight. Tonight we’ve got an open challenge for the cruiserweight championship and appearances by all of the other champions who survived NXT Stand and Deliver with the gold. And much more! So let’s get started.


We kicked things off with the new NXT champion Karrion Kross discussing his victory over the former dominant champion Finn Balor and what his future will entail. It was straightforward but very effective in establishing his character for any of the new audience members on its new night. While also giving a small taste of what’s to come thanks to his incredibly hostile and arrogant attitude, good stuff.


MSK VS Dain And Maverick

This was a fun and briskly paced tag team bout between two popular groups. It was short, but they maximized their minutes. I can't wait to see what’s next for MSK, and imperium attacking Dain and Maverick is incredibly interesting going forward.


Next up, we saw a recap of the incredible Cole VS O'Reilly street fight and exclusive footage for what happened after the show went off the air.

It turns out Adam was swearing at O-Riley as they were both taken into the emergency room. It looks like, contrary to popular belief, things are far from over with these two athletes.

MATCH 2. Mercedes Martinez VS Jessi Kamea

(with the Robert Stone brand at ringside)

This is just a simple squash match, so I don’t have much to say it did its job, and it’s cathartic to see Mercedes get her hands on Robert Stone after all this time, as she called out the new women’s champion Raquel Gonzalez.

WINNER VIA PINFALL Mercedes Martinez.


This was an incredibly fast-paced and brutal championship fight, just like the one's Cruiserweights the world over have made famous for over 20 years. This also was exactly what I love about professional wrestling. Just two guys (or girls) going out there and putting it all on the line for the fans! This was a fun, fun match, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for both men, especially the new champion, Kushida! Who finally has his first taste of gold in WWE after being the standard-bearer of the NJPW junior championship scene for such a long time.


Raquel Gonzalez promo!

Just like the opening promo, this was simple but effective. But this promo had some more surprises in store, including the appearance by former IMPACT Knockouts champion Taya Valkyrie now known as Frankie Monet, who stared down the champion and said she is here to dominate the NXT Women’s scene and raise it to another level. I can’t wait to see what those two do with each-other down the line, and I think Frankie is an excellent addition to the already loaded NXT women’s roster!

The photo with Bianca, Rhea, and Raquel after that segment was fun from a historical context, thanks to the history all three of them share in NXT.

Quick note. It looks like Roderick Strong is “done” in NXT not sure if this is a storyline or a main roster call-up, either way, I’m excited to see where it goes.

MATCH 4. Leon Ruff VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

This was a solid match between two good athletes wanting to prove themselves in the NXT North American Championship picture. It had lots of creative spots, and the winner was the right one in Isaiah Scott. Interested to see where Leon attacking Scott ends up.


The video package of WALTER Talking about imperium growing is incredibly intriguing, and it should be fun to see what happens next.



THE WAY VS Lumis, Reed, Ember, and BlackHeart.

This was a chaotic but fun sprint between eight fascinating characters that all balanced well off of each other in this match. The love story, I think? Between Indi and Limus is a little weird but in a fun way, and I think their characters could work together going forward. This was an excellent way for Reed to bounce back after his loss on Thursday evening, and a rematch with Gargano may have potential if booked carefully.

WINNERS VIA PINFALL Lumis, Reed, Ember, BlackHeart.


Thank you all for reading this; your support is appreciated as always.

This was a fun episode that flowed very nicely and was an excellent way to start the Tuesday night era and continue some fun storylines while beginning others.

I’ll see you guys on Monday for my ROH TV review! Follow me on Twitter here @Coolguysince01 to keep up with my future articles and projects. 

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