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NXT Review 4-27-21

My NXT review for the week

Hello everyone, and welcome to another one of my weekly NXT reviews this week; we have a huge six-man-tag match and the return of Adam Cole on the card. So without further ado, let’s get started.

MATCH 1. Mercedes Martinez VS Dakota Kai.

We kick things off with a match with two top contenders for the NXT women’s championship. This was a fun and physical matchup between two really talented women. Commentary I also noticed how the commentary was planting seeds for a potential split between Gonzalez and Kai.

WINNER Mercedes Martinez VIA DQ.

I’m not a huge fan of DQs, as I’ve discussed before. But this fits the storyline purpose. I hope that they are used more sparingly from here on out.  It looks like we are building to a three-way championship match which should be interesting.


This was a simple enough promo that set the stage for their next feud against Ciampa and Thatcher. Nothing exceptional, but the eventual match should be extraordinary.

The Xia Li video package was intriguing for what it was. Good stuff there.

Toni Storm VS Zayda Ramir

This was a simple but effective match that made a new star off of the mistakes of an nxt veteran. That shooting star press finish was excellent.


Both of these women have bright futures, and while I prefer clean finishes, at least this had a pinfall finish.

MATCH 3. Bronson Reed VS Austin Theory

Next up, we have a crucial singles match as Bronson Reed attempts to earn himself another North American championship match against Austin’s mentor Johnny Gargano. This is an enjoyable TV match that made both men look excellent. Playing to both of their strengths, and I liked how the finish was clean while still incorporating Dexter and Indi.


I’m excited for the rematch between reading Gargano since I thought they had a fun match on the last takeover. I think it will be cool to see again with both men fresh and ready to go.

MATCH 4. Imperium VS Maverick and Dain.

Fourth up, we’ve got an exciting tag match between two top NXT duos after issues the past few weeks. This was an energetic and fast-paced tag team battle with four guys who work really well. Loved all the little story pieces of Maverick trying to trust Dain after his history with Wolfe and all the physical action that it entailed. This is the best Dain has looked since he came to WWE a few years ago about time he got a significant storyline.

WINNERS VIA PINFALL Imperium This was a very good match, and both teams looked good regardless of the result. I want to see more from both.


This was an excellent promo by one of the best in the game. Where Cole discussed his loss and various things about the NXT Championship picture. The fact Kyle O Riley was watching should be a good sign that this isn’t over. I loved it. I’m not sure if they can top their previous matches, but I’d love to see them try!

MAIN-EVENT 6-man tag

MSK and Kushida VS LDF.

Our main event is a stacked tag team contest between six of NXTs best as LDF looks to rebound after some significant losses, including to Kushida a few weeks ago.  This was a wildly entertaining match between some of my favorite wrestlers, so of course, I enjoyed it. Loving these fresh faces in the main-event scene. In particular, the table spot with Kushida was wicked, and I liked Wes Lee’s babyface fire during the long 3 on 1 exchange



Overall I enjoyed this episode even though it started off slow, much like last week in that regard. I hope they continue to pull off this consistency in the weeks to come, and I’m excited for next week! Thank you all for your support; as always, it’s very appreciated.

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