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NXT is one of the best wrestling shows going today. There are not many flaws with NXT today. The only flaw that I see is the tag team division and its direction. What can be done to spice up the NXT tag team division? 

Currently, Imperium are the tag team champions. The only tag teams to my recollection that are in NXT is Undisputed Era, Breezango, and Imperium. The other titles are thriving on NXT. Kross vs Lee is going to be a must-see match for that NXT Championship. Io vs Dakota will tear down the house with that NXT Women's Championship on the line. Also, the North American Championship Ladder Match will be one of the most interesting matchups at Takeover XXX. All of the championships have a purpose currently except the tag team. 

I know what most people would probably do. Let's have Imperium go against Undisputed Era again at Takeover XXX and put the Tag Titles back on them. As much as I want Undisputed Era to stick around after Takeover XXX I do not think it is going to happen. Also, let's be honest we have seen Undisputed Era as tag champions three times now. Undisputed Era is not the answer. 

 I have four ideas on how to move the division forward.

Build up, new tag teams

We know WWE has a thriving performance center with a ton of new and fresh faces. It is time for NXT to start using some of these talents to build up tag teams on their brand. Slowly start building up these talents on TV. We need a good bit of tag teams to enter the NXT brand. I say build up these new talents as tag teams and then have a tag team tournament. Whoever wins the tag team tournament gets to go face to face with Imperium. In the process of this tag tournament, you build up the teams to one day become top stars. 

Also when the travel restrictions lift a great idea would be to have some tag teams come over from NXT UK to the NXT Tag Team Division and build them up. 

Use Raw/Smackdown Teams

We all know some of the tag teams on Raw and Smackdown are not getting exposure as a tag team they deserve. The Viking Raiders would be a great team to return to NXT and wreak havoc like they did when they were first under the NXT banner. A tag team that should come back once they are healed back up and ready to go is AOP. A dominate tag team that the main roster ruined that would be great for an NXT return tag team championship reign. A match between Imperium and AOP would be amazing.

Now I know that this next idea might cause some controversy and it most likely will never happen but I would love to see it. It can not currently happen because of an injury but it would sure shake up things if it ever does happen. I would have the Usos move to NXT for a while to compete with the guys on that brand. The Usos have won the Raw and Smackdown tag titles but never have captured the NXT tag titles. Many years ago you would never as a tag team on the main roster want to go down to NXT to go after a low tier title but now they are their own brand and I think the Usos would consider it an honor to go after the NXT tag team titles. 

Pair superstars together


This can be done because it has been proven to work really well. If you would have asked me before it was done if I would have enjoyed Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne as a tag team I would have said no. Slowly they became one of my favorite tag teams on all brands. Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne proved that pairing random superstars together can work if done right. For a short time, Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher made it work also. Could you imagine a tag team with Bronson Reed and Ridge Holland? 

NXT/RAW/Smackdown Unified Tag Team Championship 

With the rumors of Vince wanting to reset after Summerslam and Payback, I see this as a great opportunity to unify all three brands tag titles into one unified tag team championship. I think it would bring excitement to all tag team divisions on all brands. The chances of another brand's team coming on your show to go after the tag titles. I would have the current tag champions on each brand face off in a triple threat tag team match for the unified tag team titles. Imperium vs The Street Profits vs Cesaro and Nakamura would be amazing. If you go with the idea you will have to keep up the momentum and keep it fresh week to week. No brand needs to fall behind in momentum for the tag division. 

Which idea is your favorite? Do you have your own idea? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter.

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