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NXT Takeover Results 9/11/14 - Adrian Neville Retains

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WWE NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way Results (9/11/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with Sin Cara and Kalisto coming to the stage.

Kalisto and Sin Cara vs The Ascension © for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Viktor and Cara to start the match. They lock up and Cara in the corner. Viktor gives a big punch to he cut and pulls him out of the corner and puts him in the ropes. Whips him and Cara moonsault to Viktor. Cara charges the Viktor in the corner up and over and knocked outside. Viktor tags out. Konnor on the outside picks up Cara and puts Cara spine first onto the apron. Konnor and Cara in the ring for a pin of one. Konnor picks up Cara and puts him in the corner and stomps a mud hole. Konnor tags out. Viktor in for a pin of one. Viktor locks in a submission. Both men are up and Cara thrown back down. Viktor Power Bombs Cara onto the top rope and tags out to Konnor. Konnor in and takes out Kalisto. Cara up in the corner looking for a tag and gets splashed by Konnor. Konnor goes for a pin to get two. Konnor goes to pick up Konnor and gets a couple kicks to the head. Cara enziguries Konnor. Kalisto on the apron again hot for the tag. Konnor gets on top of Cara and dead weights him. Konnor and Cara tag out. Viktor in and Kalisto his hot. Spring boards of f the ropes into Viktor. Kalisto takes down Viktor again and hits a pin that is broken up by Konnor at two. Cara suicide dives to the outside and takes out Konnor on the outside. Kalisto in the ring head scissors Viktor to the outside. Kalisto tries to cross body Ascension to the outside but is caught and thrown backwards. Cara dives out again and takes them out with the distraction. Kalisto rolls in Viktor and hits the top rope. Viktor is up and Kalisto jumps over him and Viktor gets taken out. Ascension sets up for the Fall Of Man but Cara takes out Konnor. Kalisto with the distraction hits the Salida Del Sol and goes for the pin.

Winner via pinfall and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions Sin Cara and Kalisto (Time 6:30)

Renee does a post match interview with the new champs.

 CJ Parker vs Baron Corbin in his NXT Debut

The men lock up and Corbin throws CJ onto the matt. Corbin hits a move and goes for a pin.

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin

Sylvester LeFort with Marcus vs Enzo Amore with Big Cass in a Hair vs Hair Match

The bell rings and Enzo is hyping the crowd. Sylvester and Enzo lock up. Sylvester gets the head lock and shot into the ropes and taken down. Sylvester gets caught in a headlock now. Sylvester reverses and gets Enzo in it. Enzo shoots off Sylvester and takes him down. Enzo rolls him up for a pin of two. Sylvester takes a knee and talks to Marcus. The men go to lock up but Sylvester hits him with a bot and throws him into the ropes. Enzo ducks Sylvester and hits him with a drop kick. Sylvester goes to the outside but Enzo arm drags him over the top rope. Sylvester rolls to the other side of the ring and its on the apron and cuts Enzo on the top rope. Sylvester in and stomps Enzo in the corner. Sylvester takes I'm out and slams him to the matt and pins for two. Sylvester locks in a headlock and Enzo fights out with a few elbows but gets caught with a knee. Enzo shot into the ropes and hits Sylvester with a knee. Sylvester splashes Enzo in the corner he sets up in. Enzo on the matt and gets kicked square in the back by Sylvester. Enzo back up and gets dropped by an elbow from Sylvester. Enzo back up and throws a few punches battling back. Marcus on the apron causing a distraction. Enzo turns around and gets a big clothesline. Sylvester pins Enzo for two. Marcus back up on the apron and pulled down and double handle hit by Big Cass. With the distraction Enzo rolls up Sylvester.

Winner via pinfall Enzo Amore (Time 5:43)

Sylvester slides out and gets caught by Big Cass. Crowd is chanting "Get the bucket!" Big Cass picks up Sylvester and starts walking him up the ramp. Marcus takes them all out. Marcus to his feet and starts to take Sylvester out of the arena. Sylvester gets up and high tails it out of the arena. Big Cass gives Marcus a big took and lays out Marcus. Enzo gets the bucket and dumps it on Marcus!

Jojo announces Regal to the ring

A video package of Kenta plays and here he comes.

Kenta talks about how it's a dream come true being in the WWE. Kenta changes his name to Hideo Itami. Ascension comes out and makes quick work of KENTA. Ascension says that they're in a foul mood and demand a rematch. Hideo Itami back in and take out both Ascension and sends them to the outside. Hideo Itami grabs a steel chair. He sets it up in the ring and challenges Ascension to come get some. Ascension back up the ramp. Regal holds Hideo Itami's arm high.

Bull Dempsey vs Mojo Rawley

Mojo takes to the ring immediately and both man are slugging it out. Bull gets Mojo in the corner and lays in a few more shots. Bull whips him into the opposite corner and Mojo turns and spears Bull. Mojo puts bull into the corner and spears him in the mid section some more. Mojo runs to the opposite corner and Bull chases and takes I'm down. Bull goes to the top rope and hits a diving head butt.

Winner via pinfall Bull Dempsey (Time 1:10)

Backstage with Enzo and Cass

Enzo is upset that that Sylvestor isn't bald yet so they're looking for him. They spot them off in the distance. A chase ensues and Sylvester takes off. Marcus gets caught by Big Cass. Big Cass carries him to the ring. Both men hype up the reveal. Enzo grabs the towel and reveals a mostly bald Marcus. Enzo informs us that Marcus is BAWLD!

Charlotte © vs Bayley for the NXT Divas Title

The women circle and Charlotte hits the ropes. Bayley puts Charlotte into the corner and slams her face into the turnbuckle. Charlotte gets out and chops Bayley. Charlotte whips her into the ropes and gets a cross body. Bayley dropping a few elbows and goes for a pin of two. Bayley goes to pick up Charlotte and gets thrown into the corner. Charlotte rushes her and gets caught and starts to go down for a backslide but catches Bayley and takes her down. Charlotte goes for a pin of two. Bayley up and pushes Charlotte but Charlotte drops her and locks in the Figure Four Headlock. Charlotte rolls Bayley over and slams her head into the matt then rolls her back. Bayley is down of the count and kicks out to break the hold. Bayley on the matt and is getting choked by Charlotte who utilizes the five count. Charlotte puts Bayley into he corner. Bayley catches her but Charlotte slaps her drops her again. Charlotte puts her knee on the head of Bayley then drops a knee. Charlotte picks up Bayley and throws a few chops again. Charlotte snaps her over and locks in the Figure Four Headlock. Charlotte is rolling and slamming Bayley with maintaining the hold multiple times. Charlotte reaches for Bayley's legs while in the hold to pin her and Bayley reverses after a two count. Bayley pins Charlotte for two. Both women are up exchange blows and Charlotte is rolled up in a small package for two. Charlotte is up and starts choking Bayley again for a four count. Charlotte scoops up Bayley but gets reversed and put down for a two count. Bayley gets clotheslined and pinned for two by Charlotte. Charlotte starts yelling trash at Bayley. Bayley jumps up and punches Charlotte. Bayley with a series of forearm blows backs Charlotte into the corner. Bayley jumps into Charlotte in the corner and is set on the second rope and ripped down by Charlotte. Charlotte gets a pin for two. Charlotte goes for a moonsault and gets caught by Bayley. Bayley puts Charlotte on the top rope and hurricanerana's Charlotte. Both women are on the matt. Bayley crawls over to Charlotte and gets two. Bayley rushes Charlotte as both women get to their feet and hugs her for a Hug Plex but Charlotte drops to avoid the move. Charlotte bounces Bayleys head on the second rope. Charlotte hits a moonsault on Bayley and goes for a pin. Charlotte only gets two. Charlotte then hits the Bow Down To The Queen.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NXT Divas Champion Charlotte (Time 10:42)

Charlotte is posing on the ramp with the title. We see Sasha sliding into the ring and beats down on Bayley. Charlotte sees the beatdown on the big screen and runs in for the save. Charlotte throws Sasha into the corner. Sasha backs up the ramp. Charlotte poses once again.

Adrian Neville © vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze Fatal Four Way for the NXT Championship

All four men circle up, lock fingers and break up. Heels hit the faces and back em into the corner. They men are exchanging punches and Sami and Breeze rolls out the ring. Adrian and Kidd are out there too. They're exchanging more punches. Adrian slams Kidd's head into the apron. Sami and Adrian in the ring and face off. Heels are in and take them both out. All four men to the outside again. Tyler kicks Sami in the gut. Adrian is on the guard rail getting chopped by Kidd. Tyler and Sami are fighting on the opposite side of the ring. Sami took Tyler's phone and takes a selfie. Crowd is chanting Ole! Sami gets on the apron and double axe handle's Tyler. Kidd in persuit of Sami and takes him out. Sami and Kidd in the ring and Sami locks in the Koji clutch. It's broken up by Tyler. Adrian is chopping Tyler up the ramp and gets chop blocked by Kidd. All four men on the stage. Kidd and Tyler double suplex Adrian on the stage. Sami is up and punches Kidd. Tyler goes to suplex Sami and Sami blocks it. Kidd comes up and both men double suplex Sami onto the ramp/ Tyler brings Sami into the ring and he is getting double teamed by Tyler and Kidd. Adrian on the apron and Kidd uses Sami like a battering ram and knocks down Adrian. Tyler chokes Sami. The crowd is chanting "Nattie's better." Kidd is choking Sami now. Adrian tries to climb back in but Tyler knocks him back out. Sami in the corner and gets pulled out and whipped into the ropes to get ad double elbow. Kidd goes for a pin and gets broken up by Tyler. Kidd takes out Tyler and hits a swinging neck breaker on Sami for a pin of two. Kidd knocks Adrian off the apron. Kidd locks in a headlock on Sami. Adrian in the ring and Kidd breaks the hold throws him out. Kidd snaps Sami over and kicks him then pins for two. Kidd chokes Sami with his knee on the bottom rope. Kidd picks up Sami on the apron hangs him backwards on the second rope and leg drops him from the top rope. Kidd near falls Sami with two. Adrian climbs in and gets taken out by Kidd again. Sami was hung upside down in the corner and hit with a hesitation drop kick. Kidd goes for a pin of two. Sami climbs up in the corner. Kidd and Sami exchange punches and slaps. Kidd then strikes Sami with his knee over and over. Kidd snaps Sami over and locks in a sleeper. Sami fighting out but gets cut off and grounded again. Adrian and fights with Kidd but gets dumped out side. Kidd whips Sami into the corner. Adrian comes flying in and clotheslines Kidd. Adrian whips Kidd and back drops him. Tyler in and Sami hits the ropes and drop kicks Kidd. Sami and Tyler on the outside. Sami sets up for the dive but Adrian interrupts him and springboards into both men and take them out. Sami and Adrian locks eye. Adrian in the ring and the men exchange blows Adrian getting the better and hits a series of kicks to Sami. Sami in the corner. Adrian goes for a move and gets caught and taken down. Adrian gets pinned but is broken up by Kidd. Kidd sets up Adrian on the top rope. Adrian fights him off. Sami goes running and lauched into Adrian and knocks him off. Tyler takes down Sami and goes for a pin for two. Kidd measures Sami and double leg take down to set up a sharp shooter. Sami kicks him through the ropes. Kidd kicks Sami into the head and launches off the top rope to drop an elbow. Tyler in hits a supermodel kick on Kidd and drop kicks Adrian has he comes down off the top rope. Tyler pins Adrian for two. Tyler then goes to pin Kidd for two. Tyler is beyond frustrated. Tyler picks up Adrian and sets him up on the top rope. Tyler is setting Adrian up for a suplex. Kidd climbs up for a double suplex. Sami is for a tower of doom and slams all of them. Sami pinned Kidd for two. All four men are still down. Sami is up to his feet first. Kidd second. They're exchanging punches but Kidd is backed into the corner and is stomped. Sami hyped up and changes Adrian in the other corner and gets caught by a kick. Adrian to the top rope. Sets up for the Red Arrow and catches Kidd with a boot. Sami gets hit with a Red Arrow. Adrian rolled out of the ring by Tyler. Tyler goes for a pin on Sami but gets 2 and 9/10. Tyler in the corner measuring Sami. Tyler goes for the beauty shot on Sami but gets ducked. Tyson catches Tyler and catches him in the sharp shooter. Tyler crawling to the bottom rope. Tyler about to tap and Adrian catches his hand. Sami in as well to break the hold. Sami grabs Adrian both men on their feet and exchange forearms. Both men on their knees again exchanging blows. Adrian up and throws a kick. Adrian goes towards Sami and launched to the outside. Kidd hit with an exploder suplex. Sami launches outside and takes out Adrian. Sami runs from the outside through the second rope and DDT's Tyler to the outside. Sami hits Kidd with a Helluva Kick and goes for a pin. 1, 2, and the ref is pulled out by Adrian. Sami in disbelief. Sami goes to the outside by Adrian and gets a super kick. Adrian to the top rope and hits a Red Arrow on Kidd.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NXT Champion Adrian Neville (Time 22:16)

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