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Welcome to WNW everybody! Today's the day for TakeOver in Brooklyn for the 4th time! Who can conquer NXT gold tonight at the Barclays Center? Can Adam Cole keep his NXT North American Championship? Will Johnny Gargano win the NXT Championship from Tommaso Ciampa? Will Shayna Baszler retain the NXT Women's Championship? Tonight's looking like some great action. Grab some popcorn, pull up a chair and stay tuned with us tonight!


We kick off TakeOver with some "tag team undisputed action," The Undisputed Era! They will defend their titles against Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, Moustache Mountain. What a way to start tonight's show!


Roderick Strong went right at the challenger with pure athleticism and energy. O'Reilly joined him and Moustache Mountain quickly brought their energy right back to the champs. O'Reilly and Bates starts this one off after the action spilled to ringside for a brief moment. Seven tags in as Bates gained control for his team. UE took the match back over. O'Reilly gets Strong in to continue what he started and is wearing Seven out!

O'Reilly tags back in, looking to continue the beat down, but Seven wants to tag Bates in. He turns it around and gets his partner in. Just as MM started to gain control, Undisputed Era shows them why they are the NXT Tag Team Champions. They're displaying beautiful tag team chemistry, putting down effective maneuvers and giving a lightning fast tag. Bates kicks Strong out of the ring and looks for the tag.

UE are trying their hardest to keep Bates in the ring but he turns it around, tags Seven in! Seven with the hot tag and he builds momentum for his team! He gets the near fall on Strong. Out of the pin, he tries to continue the heat. Strong counters and gets O'Reilly back in. They team up on Seven with a tag and the chemistry! And neither team can keep the other down or gain full control.

Strong locks the Boston Crab in on Seven, Bates tries to come to the rescue and O'Reilly stops him but jumping on him with the Triangle Hold in place. Bates uses that strength, picks him up and throws him on Strong to break all holds. He goes for the suicide dive and is on fire!

His momentum is stopped after the near fall and UE goes back to the injured left knee of Bates. O'Reilly rolls him into a Figure 4 but he's not tapping! Seven almost threw him the towel but stops himself. Bates throws Strong over the ropes and Seven gets the tag and quickly tags Bates back in. They apply the Burning Hammer but O'Reilly kicks out at 2 and 7/8!! Wow!! They go for the finish but Strong runs at Bates with the running knee to put him out. Undisputed Era goes for the finish and they are leaving Brooklyn with the titles!

WINNERS by pinfall and STILL champions: THE UNDISPUTED ERA

That was a beautiful match. I'd give it an A for sure! As the champs celebrated their victory, The War Raiders appeared behind them and made a statement. It's clear that they're coming for the NXT Tag Team Championships!

Speaking of an attack, who attacked former NXT Champion Aleister Black two weeks ago? He was supposed to be in tonight's main event championship match against Johnny Gargano and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa. Who will walk out of Brooklyn with the NXT Championship on their shoulder? More importantly, who will walk out of Brooklyn on their own?

This feud between EC3 and Velveteen Dream has been a crazy one. Both men want championship gold. Tonight, we will see who wants it most! Tonight will show the drive, the desire of who wants to be the best. The future of the WWE and, possibly, the legacy of NXT is about to be on display as EC3 and The Dream will go at it in a future classic.


The mind games continues as both men and their egos are being shown before the action starts. EC3 goes at Dream, throwing him around like a chew toy. Dream is really having trouble getting any sort of control in this one. EC3 gets him outside and on the ramp. Dream counters with what looks like a wrap-around-type of DDT. EC3 has such a dazed look on his face after going headfirst on the steel ramp. This match is in his favor!

Dream is wearing EC3 down. Of course, he can't keep the "Human Money Printing Machine" down. Dream wants to embarrass this man, I'm just not sure how good of an idea this may be. He throws water in EC3's face at ringside but it looks like all it did was tick him off. 

Dream gets him back in the ropes and EC3 is getting some energy back. Taking his time on a neckbreaker, rubbing it in, EC3 tries flipping things back in his favor. Nothing can keep either man down for good! Dream tries to kick EC3 in the midsection but gets blocked, followed up by a slap, heard all the way in The Bronx, by Dream! EC3 stops and gives him a smirk. He brings the pain, the muscle to the Dream!

Nothing is keeping the Dream down. EC3 wants to get back in the ropes but is stopped by a kick from Dream. He goes for the Dream Valley Driver with the nearfall. EC3 tries to get it back in his favor and it appears that he has a cut on his face, possibly from that DDT on the ramp. They end up on the apron and Dream, out of nowhere, with the Dream Valley Driver on the hardest part of the ring! He knew that just wouldn't keep The Top One Percent down so he climbs to the top rope with EC3 laying on his apron! He delivers the elbow drop to put EC3 away for good!


I'd give both men their own separate grades in this one. Dream, alone, had an A+ and EC3 displayed an A. After the DDT on the ramp, he looked pretty out of it. But that was a heck of a match! I'd watch it again.

We all have heard it! NXT's latest addition, Matt Riddle, is in the building! Can't wait to see him in action!

Tonight, will Ciampa and Gargano put their feud to rest? Who will walk out of Brooklyn with the NXT Championship? This match is yet to come!

Adam Cole and Ricochet are two of the best wrestlers in the world today. Both made history when they signed their contracts to come to WWE/NXT. They are about to battle for the NXT North American Championship. Both men want to leave Barclays Center with the title but who will actually do it? Will Adam Cole continue his reign? Or can Ricochet make history and become the second-ever NXT North American Champion? This match takes place next!

NXT North American Championship - RICOCHET VS. ADAM COLE (c)

"That championship belongs to me." Adam Cole (BAY BAY) mouthed those words to Ricochet after the bell rang and before the action started! Ricochet is displaying that athleticism that we've all seen before. "You're not special." That's what Adam Cole said to his challenger. He looks to wear Ricochet down but nothing is keeping him out.

Ricochet's athleticism will, both, help him AND cost him. But Cole goes for what looked like a dropkick and Ricochet counters with one of his own to get Cole on the outside. He threatens a suicide dive but instead flips, looking to intimidate the champ. He looks at Cole and mouths to him "You're a coward." This only ticked Cole off!

With the way the champ started throwing Ricochet around, you'd swear he was a 6'3, 275 guy. He starts wearing Ricochet down and continues to let him know he's no coward. Ricochet flips the script and gives Cole a big time over the top rope suicide dive we've ever seen, landing on his feet in the process. This match is in the challenger's control.

Nothing is keep the champ down! Near falls after constant displays of Ricochet's athleticism and high flying action. Ricochet is like a human WWE 2K without the glitches! These moves are just impossible looking. As I said earlier, Ricochet's athleticism will help him and cost him. Adam Cole countered on flip off the ropes with a backstabber. Nothing is stopping The Human Video Game!

Ricochet goes for a springboard dive, Cole gets the foot up for a superkick party (wink wink). Ricochet catches the leg and goes for a lionsault. Cole delivers that superkick and goes for a finish! Ricochet kicks out at 2 and a half! Cole is in shock, just like all of us watching. Neither man keep either man down! 

Cole couldn't get the pin to keep him down but Ricochet plays possum after Cole goes for the running knee. Ricochet lays him out with the reverse hurricanrana and goes up top for the 630. Cole, cleverly, rolls out to the apron, smirking, taking his eyes off the challenger. Ricochet delivers the hurricanrana to Cole, both men ending up at ringside. He slips Cole back in the ropes and goes back up for the 630 Splash! He delivers! We have a new NXT North American Champion!!

WINNER by pinfall and NEW champion: RICOCHET 

The Human Video Game is leaving TakeOver with the title. I'd give this match an A+ for sure. What's next for Adam Cole? We shall find out soon.

Kairi Sane is on a path to become the next NXT Women's Champion. But the current champ Shayna Baszler is out to make sure that it doesn't happen. The Mixed Martial Artist plans on walking in Barclays with the title and plans to walk out with it, too. Will she get it done? We will find out next!

NXT Women's Championship - KAIRI SANE VS. SHAYNA BASZLER (c)

Baszler wants Kairi Sane to see that this is on fairy tale, this is no fantasy, this is reality. She definitely has the power over her challenger. Baszler is trying to hype herself up to get started, for real, in this one. They start a shoving battle and Baszler wins it. She throws Sane up on the rope and catches her. Sane counters! They end up on the outside and Sane takes advantage.

Baszler counters, with Sane injuring her leg in the process. The champ takes advantage and has found that weak point for her challenger! She goes after that bad leg and is moving it in ways that a leg shouldn't go. Sane hypes herself back up in this match and uses her spirit, the adrenaline to her advantage. She lays the champ out.

Baszler won't stay down though. It's a reason why she's the champion. Neither woman can keep the other down! Baszler is toying with Sane as she wears her down. Sane gets it back in her favor, she climbs to the top rope and delivers an elbow drop. Instead of going for the cover, she goes back up for another! Baszler moves out of the ring and Sane drops a crossbody to the champ, rolling her back in the ring right after.

Sane goes for one more elbow drop with the near fall. My goodness, what will keep these women down! Baszler counters Sane into the Clutch but Sane makes it to the ropes after looking like she would fade. The champ goes back at the bad leg but Sane gets out! She climbs up top one more time for the elbow drop again but the champ gets the legs up to stop her! Baszler goes for the finishing hold again, Sane uses that strong core to flip over and turn Baszler's finisher into a Sane pin! WE HAVE A NEW NXT WOMEN'S CHAMPION!

WINNER by pinfall and NEW champion: KAIRI SANE

That was a hellacious match between two warriors! I'd give it an A. What's next for Baszler after losing her title? What if we see her appear at SummerSlam during Rousey and Bliss' title match? We shall find out what her next move is soon!

Ever since Tommaso Ciampa turned on his former partner Johnny Gargano, they've pretty much been locked into a heavy feud. They're completely focused on destroying each other. Gargano is obsessed with ending Ciampa. Former champ Aleister Black was attacked so this match is strictly Ciampa and Gargano. Who will end this long time feud between Ciampa and Gargano? Who will walk out as the NXT Champion? Who will be the last man standing? This Last Man Standing match takes place....NEXT!


Tension is building and hatred towards Ciampa has started. As Ciampa's name was being called, Gargano didn't even give it a second thought. He started beating the champ down immediately! It wasn't long before the champ turned things around and this fight has spilled to the outside. Gargano is looking like a mad man! He turns it back around and has one thing on his mind, breaking Ciampa! I don't even know if he cares about winning the title at this very moment. But ending Ciampa is definitely what's on his mind.

Gargano pulls the mat up but Ciampa digs at his challenger's eyes. This didn't keep Gargano down! Gargano is just beating the champ down! Gargano sends Ciampa into the vicinity of the announcer's table and wants to put him through it! Ciampa counters and drives Gargano through the other table. The ref begins the count but neither man will stay down.

Ciampa puts Gargano back in the ring and brings a chair in behind him. Gargano fights back but Ciampa sends him into the corner, following up with a knee! "We're not done by a long shot." Words coming from the champ to his former tag partner. He puts a chair up to Gargano but can't keep him down. Gargano gets up and smashes Ciampa's leg with the chair shot. The challenger has found an advantage but can't keep the advantage.

The champ gets a sleeper on Gargano and wants to put him to sleep! He wants to render him unconscious. Nothing is keeping Johnny Wrestling down! After two locks of the sleeper, Gargano picks Ciampa up with the champ on his back and sends him crashing, face first, into the second turnbuckle. He can't keep him down so he goes to the outside and sets up two tables back-to-back.

Gargano wants the suplex to the outside on the tables but Ciampa counters and brings him back into the ring. He gets back to wearing Gargano down! He gives the challenger chair shot after chair shot to the back but nothing is keeping him down. Ciampa goes for three Project Ciampas to Gargano! Ciampa sets the chair up and sits down as the referee counts down. Gargano hops up at 8/9 and kicks another beard onto the face of Ciampa.

He lays the champ out but both fall to the ground. The counts starts but neither is staying down. They trade big time moves back and forth! Neither man can keep an advantage. Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending but Gargano counters! They both end up on the ground for a count but Ciampa rolls to ringside. Gargano hops up at 9 and goes for the dive. Ciampa moves, Gargano ends up on his back after the cannonball at ringside.

Ciampa throws him into the barricade and delivers the Fairytale Ending to Gargano on the steel steps! Gargano hops up once again at 9! What will put this man away?! Ciampa pulls the ring mat apart and wants to end Gargano! Neither man has an edge! 

Gargano sprays the fire extinguisher into the face of Ciampa. He wants to put him through those tables that were set up earlier once again. They are fighting out of each other's control. Gargano DDT's the champ on that exposed ring canvas. Ciampa rolls out at the end and Gargano goes for the suicide dive! Ciampa rolls to the other side of the ring but Gargano goes for another dive!

Ciampa is down but never out! He counters on the outside after Gargano superkicks the timekeeper. Ciampa takes advantage of a shock Gargano and drives the challenger into the barricade with a chair in between the two men. Ciampa stacks EVERYTHING at ringside on top of Gargano. Nothing is keeping him down!

Ciampa finds a pair of handcuffs but can't lock Gargano down. Gargano counters and locks one side in on the champ. They both end up on the apron above the tables on the outside. Gargano sends the champ crashing through. The count begins and Ciampa hops up before it's over. He uses a crutch to get up and goes hopping up the ramp. Gargano follows and they end up on stage. He gives Ciampa the same move that ended #DIY and their friendship, throwing Ciampa into the stage display.

Gargano handcuffs Ciampa into a steel pice of the display on the side of the stage and attacks a handcuffed Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa is begging and pleading for forgiveness from Gargano. Sorry isn't good enough for Gargano! He kicks Ciampa's head into the steel display but Ciampa gets back up, handcuffed and all! Gargano, one last time, sets up for another attack. He delivers the running knee into Ciampa! But he falls knee first into the equipment on the side and crashes to the ground. The referee begins the count for both men. Ciampa appears to be laid out and completely lifeless. Gargano is moving but is favoring the injured knee! At around 7 or 8, Ciampa slides off the edge of the stage, still handcuffed, and is on his feet! The referee gets to 9 and Gargano can't jump up or put weight on that knee! 10 and it is over! Ciampa is the last man standing!

WINNER by count and STILL champion: TOMMASO CIAMPA

This match was one for the books along with their other bouts. In the end, Tommaso Ciampa is walking out of Brooklyn STILL the NXT Champion. What's next for Johnny Wrestling after that A+ match? Is he done with Ciampa? Is he done with NXT? The coming weeks shall be interesting between these two!

We hope you all enjoyed tonight's Live Coverage of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Join us tomorrow for an exciting evening of SummerSlam! Get ready because it should be a great night for the wrestling world! Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday night. Good night everybody!

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