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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Results (8/22/15)

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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Results (8/22/15)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY
Report by Zack Krasney of

NXT TakeOver Results

Triple H- It started as a whisper until you screamed it at the top of your lungs. We gained it momentum, you made it unstoppable. We had a vision for change, you made it a revolution we told you we are the future until you told us the future is now! We are NXT!

Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger

We see a bunch of models come out dressed as NYC iconic things like cabs, the empire state building, and then Tyler Breeze makes his way through the models with his super selfie stick.

the lock upand Breeze hits a shoulder block and then poses on the turnbuckle. The lock up again and Breeze loses this one and Jushin hits an elbow to the back and the poses like Breeze did. Jushin hits a modified surfboard stretch. Jushin manages to roll it up higher but Breeze fights out and stomps Thunder. Breeze goes for a crossbody but misses. Thunder locks in the actual surfboard submission. Monkey flip from Jushin on Breeze. Liger grabs the selfie stick to mock Breeze. Chops from Liger, but Supermodel Kick from Breeze! 2 count. Breeze stomps Jushin in the corner. Leg drop from Tyler gets him a 2 count. Headlock by Breeze. Jushin fights out but gets a knee to the gut and a modified rib breaker from Breeze. Breeze locks in another headlock. Jushin fights out and throws Tyler off of him. Breeze gets flipped outside and when he flips himself back in Liger hits the rolling kick! Tilt-a-whirl by Thunder. Jushin goes to the top rop but his move is met with knees from Tyler. Breeze goes for the pin but gets 2. Tyler stomps Thunder in the corner and then starts hammering him with right hands. Jushin with a palm strike out of the corner! Jushin looks to go up top but Tyler rolls out so Jushin comes off the side of the ring! Back in the ring another palm strike by Jushin and a Ligerbomb for the win!

Winner: Jusin "Thunder" Liger

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac are shown in the crowd, the NWO is in the house!

We see a promo video for Nia Jax.

The Vaudevillains vs. Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Alexa Bliss- It looks like you couldn't find anyone, not that that's a surprise. Look you both need to realize something, no one is ever going to want to help you. You're both so pathetic.

-Blue Pants cuts Bliss off to join the Vaudevillains-

Blake and Simon start things off. Blake in the corner tries the attack but it gets reversed into an arm bar. Tag by English and a double team move. Aiden locks in an armbar of his own. Tag by Blake but English isn't phased he hits a hip toss on both and locks in another armbar! English gets flipped to the outside and gets distracted on the outside, then gets blasted to the floor below. Tag by Blake tries the cover but 2. Blake locks in a headlock and stops a tag from Vaudevillain. Tag by Murphy. Murphy locks in a tight headlock. Alexis cheers from the outside. Aiden tries to make the tag but no luck, Blake tags in and hits a splash in the corner. 2 count but that's all. Blake slams his knee in the back of English and then stretches him. Aiden fights him off and almost makes the tag but Blake pulls Simon out of the way. Double neckbreaker by Blake and Murphy after a tag, only gets a 2 count. Murphy tags out and whips his partner into the corner but English kicks Blake into Murphy! He makes the hot tag! Gotch decks both men and hits some knees to the face. Gotch hits running forearms to both in the corner. English tags in but Murphy reverses to get out of harms way. Murphy looks for the superplex, Blake joins him for a double. Gotch runs up and turns it into a double powerbomb! English hits the Swanton but only gets 2! Tag made by Simon. Bliss gets up on the distraction but Blue Pants chases her. Bliss gets in the ring but faces Vaudevillains. She gets smacked by Blue pants! Blake runs in and tries take advantage with a roll up but only gets 2! Vaudevillains hit the directors cut for the win!

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: The Vaudevillains

We see Finn Baylor arrive earlier that day with Cesaro and Neville. Rick Rubin is in the crowd.

Apollo Crews vs. Tye Dillinger

Uhaa chants early. They lock up to start and prove pretty equal. Tye shows off a bit but after another lock up Crews shows off his own skills. Crews is quick that's for damn sure. Crews goes for a springboard attack but Dillinger hits a dropkick to stop it. Tye starts to stomp away Crews in the corner. 2 count. Dillinger throws up the 10 again and puts in a headlock. Dilliger goes for a rollup but Crews reverse into his own, 2. Tye gets a roll up of his own and gets 2. Dillinger hammers away at Apollo. Tye goes for a Super kick but Apollo hits a standing enziguri. Crews with a spinning clothesline and splash in the corner. Crews with a gorilla press and a standing moonsault for the win!

Winner: Apollo Crews

Backstage Announcement

William Regal- Good evening and thank you for joining us. NXT wouldn't be what it is today without Dusty Rhodes, so I'm happy to announce the NXT tag team tournament in his name. It will be a massive tournament starting in two weeks that will culminate at NXT TakeOver in October. We've never seen anything like this before, I promise you we'll make the American Dream very proud.

Tough Enough contestants in the crowds and get massive heat.

Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe

Joe is gonna get you chants right off the bat as they circle each other. Lock up and it ends in a stalemate. Joe goes for an armbar immediately and then knees Corbin in the gut. Joe goes for the clutch early but Baron gets out of the ring in a hurry. Joe prompts him to get back in the ring but Corbin is in no hurry. Corbin with a kick to the gut. Joe whips Corbin in the corner, follows with a corner clothesline and a spinning kick to the head. Baron falls out of the ring and Joe goes for the suicide dive but Baron hits a forearm before Joe can get out. In the corner Corbin hits several heavy clotheslines then goes for a pin, only getting 2. Corbin and Joe exchange heavy strikes. Joe hits a roll up but then turns it into a half crab! Corbin almost gets the ropes but Joe turns it into a crossface! Corbin reaches out but then Joe turns it into a modified armbar! Baron finally gets his foot on the ropes. Baron dumps Joe out of the ring. Barron goes for a move off the side of the apron but Joe trips him and sends him head first to the mat. Then Joe tosses Corbin into the barricade. Back in the ring Corbin gets a heel hook! Joe reaches for the ropes and finally gets it after teasing a tap. Ref gets to 4 before Baron let go. Big chop by Joe. Baron hits a huge spinning slam! Only gets a 2 count. Joe with an enziguri! Both men are down. Ref gets to 8 before Joe gets to his feet. Joe hits some major strikes but Corbin starts throwing bombs of his own. These guys just keep throwing heavy punches back and forth. Joe goes for a kick but gets caught, but follows it with a spinning back fist! Joe sets up for the muscle buster, but Baron fights out and hits a big boot! Corbin hits a big dropping suplex. Corbin stomps away at Joe in the corner, then hammers away. Corbin signals for the end, but Joe reverses into the clutch but can't lock it in! Baron hits a chokepress! Only a 2 count! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch on the mat! Corbin passes out!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Kanna, Flair, and Sgt. Slaughter are shown at ringside, then we see the rest of Team B.A.D. at ringside to support Sasha Banks.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

Steph- It's incredible, there are over 15 THOUSAND fans here and millions more watching at home for NXT. We are making history right here, right now! Speaking of making history, a couple of weeks ago on Raw I said I wanted a divas revolution. That revolution started right here in NXT, with some extraordinary woman who leave it in this ring night after night. Triple H said it earlier, he doesn't PUT them in the main event, they ARE the main event. So it is my honor to introduce the co-main event. The Boss Sasha Banks vs. The Hugger, Bayley! We see the video package for Banks vs. Bayley.

Baley vs. Sasha Banks for the NXT Women's Championship

There is electricity in the air for this one. The fans are fired up. Bayley takes down Sasha as she talks trash. the roll over each other hammering away the whole time. Bayley hits a running elbow and another! 2 count! Sasha slams Bayley's head against the corner 3 time but each time Bayley yelled no. Bayley slams Sasha's head into the corner and ties her up in a tree of woe. Bayley hits a springboard elbow drop! Sasha Banks kicks out at 1. Sasha with a roll up but kick out at 1. Bayley with a springboard DDT, but Banks rolls out. Bayley sneaks to the outside and hits a dropkick under the ropes. Bayley gets kneed in the gut as she's getting back up and Banks goes for the knees to the gut but Bayley ducks it. These ladies move up top but Banks drops down and kicks Bayley in the knee so she drops to the floor below. Bayley rolls in and tries to attack but Banks gets the better of her and hammers away at the back of her head. Banks with an elbow to the back of the head and follows it with a spinning, mocking slap. Bayley tries to get up but Banks locks in a submission to the neck of Bayley. Sasha modifying her hold to be the straight jacket hold. Sasha throws Bayley into the bottom turnbuckle. Bayley tries to fight out of the corner but Banks sets her up for the knee drop, Bayley had it scouted but Banks reverses and puts Bayley up for the knee drop again, this time from the top rope! Sasha Banks hits it from the top rope! Bayley manages to kick out at 2! Banks starts talking trash to Bayley. Bayley kicks Banks right in the face! Bayley trips Banks and starts throwing serious punches to the head of Banks. Sasha reverses and throws Bayley through the ropes and does an arm drop with the ropes to attack the arm of Bayley. On the outside Banks takes the protection off Bayley's taped up arm. Sasha rolls back in and right back out. Banks takes the arm of Bayley and slams it against the steel stairs! Banks takes Bayley's hand and puts it between the stairs and the ring, Sasha backs up and hits a running kick on the stairs! Bayley's arm is in a bad way. Sasha get back in the ring but comes out of nowhere and flips over the ropes at Bayley! Banks calls Bayley a loser and slaps her. Banks tries for a move running off the turnbuckles but Bayley pushes her over the top rope. Bayley's arm gets hurt in the process but Banks lands bad on the outside. Banks rolls back in and these girls exchange blows again. Bayley fights back with double axe handles and hits a splash in the corner and follows it with a corner suplex! Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly but it's blocked. Bayley rolls up Banks but it gets rolled through! Sasha Banks locks in the Banks Statement! Bayley crawls to the ropes but when she reaches out with her bad hand Banks stomps it! Bayley uses the ropes to revers the Banks Statement and lock it on Sasha! Banks gets her foot on the rope! Both ladies get up and Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly!! Only gets a 2 count!! This is awesome chants! Bayley puts Sasha on the top rope. Banks fights it and pushes Bayley off, Bayley runs up and hits a forearm stunning Sasha. Bayley springs up but Banks pushes her away in midair so she lands wrong! Banks hits the knees to the chest of Bayley and puts in the pin! 1, 2! Only 2!!! Banks puts Bayley backward on the top turnbuckle, but Bayley fights back with elbows. Bayley hits a reverse hurricarana from the top rope! Bayley to Belly! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner and NEW NXT Women's Champion: Bayley!

After the match Charlotte and Becky Lynch come out and celebrate and (of course) hug Bayley. Sasha Banks gets up and joins in the hug. All 4 Woman throw up the 4 horsewoman sign! They all raise Bayley's hand and celebrate together.

Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens in a ladder match for the NXT Championship

Insane entrance as always by Balor, Owens sits in a computer chair by the announce table looking unimpressed. Let's go Finn chants before the bell even rings. Owens points to the title repeatedly and talks trash, then bolts for a ladder but Balor isn't having it, he attacked Owens. Dropkick by Balor. Owens gets put in the corner and Balor chips Owens, whips him into the other corner and does the same, then again a third time. Big elbow to the face of Balor to slow his momentum. Owens goes for a ladder again but Balor stops him again. The crowd ERUPTS for something, but we can't see it. Owens goes for a powerbomb but Balor reverses it and hits a double stomp to the chest of Owens. Owens gets Balor in the corner and hits the cannonball! Owens goes for the ladder again, and AGAIN Balor stops him. Owens with some headbutts to Owens. The crowd does the Oleee ole ole chants but Owens mocks like he hurt his shoulder, mocking Sami Zayn. Finn hits the slingblade! Owens rolls out and goes for a ladder, Balor hot on his tail. Owens uses the bottom of the ladder to ram the chest of Finn. Owens props it up and runs at the ladder, but stops short of running up it and punches Finn in the throat. Finn shows some life with a right hand, and another. Owens kicks Finn in the gut but Finn throws Kevin over the barrier. Owens drags Finn over too. Owens whips Finn into the barricade. Owens tries to powerbomb Balor onto the barrier or concrete but it's reversed and Owens is sent back into the main ring area. Owens throws Finn over the announce table. He takes the top of the table off and stands on it. He points to the NXT Championship. Owens goes under the ring for another ladder. Finn comes out of nowhere and hits a dropkick to the ladder Owens is holding! Balor gets the ladder in the ring and rolls himself in slowly. The crowd chants that they want tables. Owens pulls the ladder out of the ring but Finn comes flying over the top rope and takes out Kevin! Balor sets up the ladder and starts climbing but Owens grabs the foot and pulls him down. Owens sends Balor face first into the ladder then throws him out of the ring. Owens puts Baylor in the corner and throws a ladder at him, but Finn moves! Balor pushes Owens into the ladder. He sets up for a splash but Kevin comes out of the corner and hits a HUGE clothesline on The Demon! Owens takes a ladder and spears a downed Balor with it. Owens puts the ladder down and slams Balor onto it. KO follows it up with a senton. Balor gets to his feet and punches Owens but Owens stops him. Owens sets up like he's going to powerbomb Finn onto a ladder that was opened but on it's side. Finn reverses it and sends Kevin crashing onto his back on the ladder. Owens sends Balor into a ladder in the corner and sets him up for a cannonball with the ladder but Balor moves! Balor sets up Owens for the Coup de gras! He connects! Finn sets up a ladder and climbs it, but Owens is up and pulls Finn off of it into a powerbomb! Owens slowly starts climbing the ladder. Balor gets up and tips the ladder sending Owens into the turnbuckles! On the outside Owens tries to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb on the ringside. Finn reverses! Finn comes after Owens but Owens connects with the Powerbomb on the ring anyway! Owens slowly makes his way into the ring and sets up a ladder. Owens starts climbing but Balor runs in and flips the ladder. Owens lands on his feet and hits a Superkick! Owens has a dangerous look on his face. He grabs a ladder and stands it up. Finn slowly tries to get up but Owens kicks him hard in the face again! Owens yells "you did this!" to Finn. Owens stomps him hard. Owens props a ladder between the bottom turnbuckle and a standing ladder. Owens drags Finn to the top and tries for a T-Bone from the top of the ladder! Balor tries to fight it! He lands some shots and slams Owens head against the top of the ladder! Owens falls straight back onto the propped up ladder! Finn reaches for the title but it's just out of reach! Owens tries to stop him but Balor kicks him down. He reaches for the title but then realizes Owens is in the perfect spot for the Coup de gras from the ladder! He jumps and CONNECTS! Finn moves the ladder and climbs up, he reaches for the title and he gets it!

Winner: Finn Balor

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