Welcome everyone back to WNW! We kickoff WrestleMania weekend with NXT TakeOver: New York in the Barclays Center. We will witness the crowning of a new NXT Champion as Adam Cole and Johnny Garagano will battle in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, plus much more! Join us tonight for live coverage of tonight's show as we watch NXT do what they do best, and that is TakeOver!

Live From New York City, New York

The show opened with a video package of TakeOver. 

The War Raiders made their way to the ring in a very cool entrance. 

Ricochet then made his way out to the ring, followed by Aleister Black. 

The War Raiders vs Aleister Black and Ricochet for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Black and Rowe started the match, with the two exchanging in some chain wrestling. Rowe used his power to gain control but Black used his quickness to counter. The two bumped fists and then tagged in Ricochet and Hansen. Moments later, both teams did highlight moves before the Raiders took control. Rowe power-slammed Black then worked over his arm, leading into a tag to Hansen. The arm was continued to be worked on and tagged in and out before Black countered and tagged in Ricochet. He quickened the pace and did a shooting star press on Rowe.

This time, it was Black and Ricochet who worked over Rowe and kept him leveled on the mat and in their corner. Rowe got clearance and tagged in Hansen, who power-housed Black and Ricochet, running corner to corner on both men multiple times. Ricochet then lifted Hansen up and tossed him over in the ring. Both tags from the teams were made and Black and Rowe traded blows back and forth and then a sequence of knee strikes occurred before both men ended up on the mat. Tags were made once again and exchanges happened with Ricochet and Hansen. 

Moments later, madness between all four happened and Black broke up a pinfall attempt. Black fought both Raiders off and did a fury of moves before Rowe hit a suicide dive on the outside. This followed by Ricochet hitting a corkscrew flip on Rowe. Hansen then went to the top-rope and delivered a flip on everyone to the outside. Before the count of 10, Ricochet and Rowe made it to the ring and traded blows. Black made a tag and cleared both men, hitting Rowe with a Black Mass, followed by a Shooting Star Press. Hansen broke up the pinfall for a two count. 

The Raiders powered through, dropping Black outside, and delivering their double team leg slam on Ricochet for the pinfall.

The War Raiders defeated Aleister Black and Ricochet to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships

After the match, both teams shook hands and engaged in hugs in the center of the ring and they all bowed to each other.

Black and Ricochet stood in the ring and the two embraced in a hug as the crowd gave them all a standing ovation. The two bowed down to the crowd....

Up next, Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle.

Riddle made his way to the ring, followed by Velveteen Dream in a Statue of Liberty entrance.

Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle for the NXT North American Championship

(Network issues occurred the first 7 minutes of the match)

When the stream came back, Riddle had Dream down on the mat, trying to apply an arm-bar. Dream was worked over by Riddle until Dream hit a German Suplex on him. Riddle no-sold it and delivered a knee strike, followed by a suplex for a two count. Dream was kept down and hit punches down on him. Dream fought back with a sleeper but Riddle remained one step ahead. A triangle was applied and then a GTS/German combo was delivered for a two count. Riddle hit kicks but Dream Hulked up and hit a big boot, followed by a slam. He close-lined him over the top rope and continued the momentum. He went to the top rope and jumped but was hit with a knee. Matt picked him up but ate a Code Breaker. 

Moments later Riddle locked an Ankle Lock in, but Dream fought out. A superkick was hit and then a DDT. Dream hoisted him up and hit the Dream Driver. He went for a Elbow but Riddle caught him with a arm-bar. Soon after, Riddle hit his moonsault for a two count. 

Riddle then had Dream in a Bro Arm Lock but Dream reversed it into a pinfall.

Velveteen Dream defeated Matt Riddle to retain the NXT North American Championship

After the match, Riddle and Dream did a fist bump.....

Up next, Pete Dunne vs WALTER....

Walter made his way to the ring, followed by Pete Dunne.

Pete Dunne vs WALTER for the NXT UK Championship

The two locked up and WALTER tried to use his power but Dunne countered. Once again they took turns trading locks but WALTER finally used gained control with his power, hitting Dunne with a big boot. WALTER continued the attack and used his strength to stay in control. Dunne tried to fight back on the apron but was hit with a big boot to the outside. Dunne came back to the ring but was hit with a knee. Dunne fought back with some offense and hit a kick to the head that sent WALTER to the outside and was hit by Dunne with a moonsault. Dunne went back to the top-rope but was met by WALTER. Dunne flipped over and hit WALTER with a powerbomb. 

WALTER rolled outside and Dunne went up top and hit a double stomp to the outside. 

Back inside in the ring, WALTER gained control but Dunne fought back and the two traded blows. Dunne tried to bend WALTER's fingers but fought out. This ultimately ended up with both men on the mat. Dunne made it up first and jumped on the hands of WALTER. Seconds later the both ended up on the top rope and WALTER delivered an avalanche suplex on Dunne. 

Dunne hit a fury of offense and got a two count on WALTER. The two went back and forth and the pace quickened. Dunne hit shots to the face while WALTER hit chops, eventually  turning into a huge big boot by WALTER. He went to the top rope but Dunne met him and got a triangle hold. WALTER countered and delivered a powerbomb from the top. WALTER went back to the top and hit a splash for the pinfall.....

WALTER defeated Pete Dunne for the NXT UK Championship

A video package aired of the NXT Women's Championship Match.

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair vs Io Shirai vs Kairi Sane for the NXT Women's Championship

All four women started brawling before Belair and Baszler ended up in the ring, which began brawling. Shirai annd Sane ended up getting involved teaming up against Baszler and Belair, taking them out. The two ended up alone and went back and forth before the two got taken out once again. Baszler took over and stayed in control before Belair delivered a drop kick. They all went to the outside and Belair hit hard strikes on the other three women. 

Moments later Baszler came back and took control, trying to choke out Belair on the top rope. Sane and Shirai got involved and hit a double powerbomb, with all women on the mat. Sane and Shirai continued to work together and took out Belair and Baszler before Belair came back with some offense. 

Baszler made it back to the ring and all women ended up on the mat once again. 

Soon after, Belair power lifted Shirai onto Sane and Baszler to the outside. Belair threw Belair in the ring but was got into a choke lock by Baszler. Belair fought back and countered with a slam for a two count that was broken up by Shirai. 

Shirai hit some offense and delivered a moonsault on Baszler for a two count that Sane broke up. Sane took out Shirai and hit Baszler with an elbow drop for a two count and Shirai broke up. They traded strikes that Shirai gained control, but Sane hit a DDT on her. Belair intervened and whipped Sane. She grabbed Sane and Shirai and did her finsiher on both women at the same time for a two count that Baszler broke out. She put her in a rear naked choke and Belair tapped out for the win....

Shayna Baszler defeated Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai to retain the NXT Women's Championship

A video package aired for Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano...

Johnny Gargano came out, followed out by Adam Cole.

Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship 

The two started with chain wrestling and Cole getting the upper-hand before the two went back and forth. The two took turns having locks, before Cole gained control.

Gargano tried to fight back and hit Cole with a head kick and a spear from the apron. Moments later the two continued to go back and forth before Cole hit a backstabber. 

A little while later Adam Cole gained the first pinfall. 

Cole ended up on the top rope but Gargano reversed it and suplexed Cole. He ended up hitting a DDT on Cole on the apron to the outside. The count started but Johnny wanted Cole on the inside. Cole gained control and brought him  in the ring. Seconds later, Gargano put a face cross-face to tap Cole out to tie the falls 1-1.

The two faced to face, trading blows, back and forth, hitting hard. Johnny went for a kick to the head and missed, but Cole hit a knee to neck breaker for a two count. The pace quickened and the two kept hitting hard. The two did a double super-kick and they fell to the mat. Adam Cole hit a back driver but then Gargano hit a super kick. 

Johnny then hit a springboard for DDT for a two count. The paced quickened once again and Cole hit a Sunset flip for a two count. The two ended up on the outside and Johnny fought back and threw Cole over the announce table. Cole then grabbed Gargano up and slammed him down without the table breaking. Cole then went in the ring for the count, but the ref only counted to nine. 

The two hit super kicks but Gargao got a cross face in. The UE got involved and attacked Johnny when the referee was down. Cole went for the pin but he kicked out at two. 

Johnny took out all of the AE at ringside but was hit with a shining wizard by Cole for a two count in the ring. He went for the wizard again but Gargano reversed it into the face lock once again for Cole to tap out.....

Johnny Gargano defeats Adam Cole for the NXT Championship

Gargano celebrated with his wife and family in the crowd to end the show 

As Gargano and Candice went to the ramp, Tomasso Ciampa met them and hugged them to celebrate to close the show...(e)

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