Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another awesome Saturday of NXT TakeOver! Tonight, can Adam Cole retain his NXT title against Johnny Gargano? Can all of The Undisputed Era walk out of Toronto with gold? Who will leave as the NXT Women’s Champion? Grab some snacks, sit back and relax because tonight may be one for the books!


The show starts off with a preview of the show, and whether or not UE can capture all of the NXT gold in 2019. Tonight is the night to put that theory to the test! The first match of the night, The Street Profits will put their Tag Team Championships on the line against Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly of the Undisputed Era!

The Street Profits (c) vs. The Undisputed Era - NXT Tag Team Championships

O’Reilly and Dawkins start the match toying with each other as the NXT crowd comes alive. Dawkins is manhandling O’Reilly with that size advantage. O’Reilly catches Dawkins’ foot and tags Fish in just before Ford comes in to take control of the match. Ford is displaying that athleticism and charisma tonight!

Fish catches Ford slipping and tags O’Reilly in. Ford quickly takes control back and gets Dawkins in. Both teams have been showing sheer chemistry. UE are starting to come alive. But of course, the champs are fighting back. Fish and O’Reilly are just using their years of experience together to keep Dawkins down. O’Reilly is straight up brawling over Dawkins and taunts Ford!

Fish tags in and goes at Ford, Ford drops to the mat and Dawkins lays out Fish and tags Ford in. Ford with the offense on Fish! He sets up for the infamous People’s Elbow but gets stopped by O’Reilly. 

At ringside, UE drops Dawkins and team up on Ford. Fish tags back in and meets the champ up top. He gets dropped by Ford! O’Reilly distracts Ford and Fish catches him again. O’Reilly tags himself in. Fish with the manuever off the top rope and O’Reilly crashes down on the knee of Ford. He locks in the leg lock and nearly forces the champ to submit. Before Ford got to the rope, Fish dropped on top of him and O’Reilly pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Dawkins comes in to help and drops Fish on O’Reilly to break up the count.

Dawkins tags in and is on fire! Both teams are winding down and have traded back in forth. Ford tags back in, O’Reilly tags back in. They trade blows until UE both end up at ringside. Ford with the over the top rope dive! The Profits got UE back in the ring, Ford climbs the top rope. Dawkins spears both UE members and Ford hits O’Reilly with the Frog Splash to retain!

WINNERS by pinfall and STILL champions: The Street Profits

Wow! What a match! The crowd was in it the whole time, too! Surprised that the champs retained but it should be interesting to see what happens next week.

Coming up next, Io Shirai and Candace LeRae had a friendship. Io Shirai turned her back on LeRae after multiple failed attempts at NXT Women’s Champ, Shaina Baszler. Now they have it out for each other! Who will come out on top tonight?

Io Shirai vs. Candace LeRae

Candace LeRae came to the ring and immediately went after Io Shirai before the bell rang. Both of them went back and forth until Io dropped Candace on the announce table with a suplex. Candace beat the count and Io is displaying that mean streak, going to work on Candace. Candace is trying to get back into the fight but that mean streak of Io is living! Io drops Candace on her neck with some sort of Alabama Slam turned Irish Curse and a nearfall.

She goes up top but Candace moves out of the way to regain some control of this one. Candace is showing that fight but the damage from Io has been done. Candace applies a head scissors lock on Io but Io turns it around with the whiplash effect. She goes for the 619 but fails. Candace nearly took advantage of the counter but Io stops the momentum. Io hits the 619! That doesn’t keep Candace down and Io goes to ringside. Candace with the suicide diving DDT! 

Neither woman can gain full control as fatigue is setting in. But both have so much heart, TOO MUCH to stay down. No one will stay down! Candace sits in the corner and Io with the double knee strike! Io is really looking impressive tonight! Candace counters Io into a reverse hurricanrana pin. And the swinging neckbreaker from the top rope for the near fall! Io drops Candace hard to the canvas with another nearfall! Who will stay down?!

Io climbs back up top and drops the moonsault on Candace with, yet, ANOTHER near fall! Io is in disbelief! She’s flipping out and locks in another head scissors lock. Candace is fading and she is gone to sleep!

WINNER by submission: Io Shirai

What a match between two elite women! Io Shirai looked amazing tonight! 

As the introduction to the NXT North American Championship match started, “Bro” Matt Riddle came out to throw out a challenge to Killian Dain. Riddle wants redemption on Dain from when Dain wiped him out on NXT TV. And now, we have a brawl on our hands! Matt Riddle fought back on Dain and laid him out with some knees. Security came out but Riddle gave them those knees too. Dain dropped him and then the security guards that tried to stop them. Riddle jumped on Dain’s back but Dain is too strong! He runs off the stage with Bro on his back and takes a security guard with them.

Coming up next, who will leave Canada with the NXT North American Championship? Could it be UE’s Rodrick Strong? Could it be the former NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne? Or will the Velveteen Dream retain? Let’s find out!

The Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Rodrick Strong vs. Pete Dunne - NXT North American Championship 

Dream and Dunne stare each other down but Roddy wants all the attention. Dream shushes Roddy and gets laid out with a ferocious jab. All three men get to brawling. But then, Roddy becomes monkey in the middle to the two others and is laid out to ringside. Dunne gets welcomed back to NXT by Dream and the two go at it. Roddy comes out of nowhere and displays that aggression on Dunne and Dream. Dream gets laid out at ringside as Roddy goes to work on Dunne. Of course, nothing can keep the Bruiserweight down for long. Dream comes back in and beats String down as Dunne recovers on the outside. 

Dream pays homage to the Hitman and locks in a sharpshooter on Strong! Dunne with the dropkick to Dream to break the hold. Back at ringside, Dream clubs Dunne. No one can gain an advantage on the inside or out! All three men give a triangle of clubbing blows! The NXT crowd in Toronto are all into it! Dunne and Dream meet on the top turnbuckle, Dunne wishbones Dreams fingers. Strong comes up with them and delivers the backdrop to Dunne, pulling Dream off right with them.

Dunne and Strong go at it. They end up in the corner with Dunne having Strong in a triangle hold, wishboning the fingers. Dream climbs up and drops an elbow to Dunne from across the ring! Strong picks up a boatload of energy!

Dunne catches the two with the wishbone. Dunne drops Strong and goes for the cover. Dream tries to distract the ref and the ref goes for the count! Dream stops the ref from counting to three. Dunne displays that mean streak. No man can stay down! Dream ends up ringside and Strong capitalizes, locking in Dunne with a Boston Crab. Dream breaks it up. Strong throws Dream outside, drops Dunne with the finisher and Dream breaks up the count! He covers Dunne and retains!

WINNER by pinfall and STILL champion: The Velveteen Dream

Once again, The Velveteen Dream displays another awesome match! Way to retain!

Up next, Mia Yim has her sights sets on the NXT Women’s Championship. Shaina Baszler is taking exception to the upbringing, and dream of the HBIC. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned!

Mia Yim vs. Shaina Baszler (c) - NXT Women’s Championship

Already, there is so much tension between the two. There’s always tension when Shaina Baszler is in the ring. Yim starts off toying with the champ. Baszler is trying to intimidate the challenger. But she refuses to be punked out. Yim is using every resource as she can, tugging at the champ’s ears, the corner of her mouth, her hair. Baszler actually looks pretty bothered. Yim had started building momentum and is capitalizing, going at the right arm of Baszler. Yim smashes the champs arm in the steel steps!

The champ flips the script on Yim and begins wearing her down. Baszler looks pretty hurt! But yet, so aggressive! Baszler stomps on the left arm of Yim and is working. She locks in the standing armbar on Yim. But Yim tugs away at the hair, once again, to break the hold. Baszler quickly lays Yim out. The challenger is trying her hardest to get back into the fight, going at the injured arm and pulling the hair. Yim even raked the champ’s eyes to turn things around. 

Yim catches fire and is using the momentum on Baszler. The NXT crowd in Toronto is really dead at this moment but they’re sure trying to come back to life. Yim and Baszler are just trading away. They meet up top, the champ tries to lift Yim with that injured arm but can’t get her arm. Yim capitalizes and drops the champ off the top rope, followed by a near fall. 

Baszler catches Yim in the Clutch but Yim headbutts her way out. She can’t fully capitalize and Baszler catches her again with the Clutch. Yim fights off by going at that injured arm again. Baszler flips it into the head scissors lock to make Yim tap.

WINNER by submission and STILL champion: Shaina Baszler

It was kind of a dull match. Baszler is a great heel champion and all but surely, a lot of people seem to be tired of her. Yim couldn’t really get the crowd into the match to the fullest. She definitely has shown much potential for a future run at the title!

Next up, Adam Cole (Bay Bay) and Johnny Wrestling have been in an awesome feud. They have gone back and forth with each other for some time now, but Gargano wants to become a 2 time champion while Cole looks to continue the global Bay Bay Championship tour! Who will come out as champ? Stay tuned, next!

2 Out of 3 Falls: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole (c) - NXT Championship

Adam Cole seems to be the one that’s over with the fans tonight! They booed Johnny Wrestling and all. Both men look to have a ton of fire in their eyes tonight. They lock up and get a feel of each other once again to start the main event off. Their ring chemistry is definitely coming out, as they have been airing out history for about a decade. 

Gargano finally gets a hold of the match after he faked a dive to Cole. He capitalizes and goes to work. Cole tries to turn it around but Gargano moves from in front of the steel steps, sending Cole leg first. Gargano goes to work in the now injured leg of Cole. On the apron, they go at it. Gargano catches Cole with a vicious kick to the back of the head. Cole drops to the floor and pulls Gargano outside to drop him back first onto the apron.

Cole is in control of this one, weakening up the challenger! Cole has the head scissors locked in but Gargano breaks the hold, going at the knee. Cole quickly regains control but Gargano lays him out for a quick breather. Gargano on the hot streak, with a series of kicks to the champ! Nothing is keeping the champ down and out for long as Adam Cole (Bay Bay) continues to get back to his feet. 

Gargano looks to capitalize, putting the champ in the corner. Cole escapes the rights and tries to catch Gargano with a kick off the turnbuckle but his leg gets caught on the ropes. Gargano comes crashing on Cole’s injured leg! He goes back to work on the leg but Cole breaks the Figure-4 leg lock. Cole turns it around to get back in the match!

Gargano and Cole exchange a flurry of kicks, ending with the Sunset Drive by Gargano and a nearfall. Up top, Cole stops Gargano and goes for the counter powerbomb. Gargano tries to capitalize but Cole with a codebreaker in the ari, followed by the Michinoku Driver and a nearfall. The crowd is entirely into this one! The two go back and forth before they collide in the center of the ring. 

Gargano sends Cole to the outside and goes for a suicide dive. Cole catches him with the kick. He wants to drop Gargano on the barricade but Gargano counters. Back in the ring, Cole catches Gargano with kicks and they go back and forth! Cole is in disbelief of Gargano kicking out before he goes to the outside and gets a chair. He used it as a diversion to kick Gargano in the nuts while the ref throws the chair out. Followed by a near fall. Gargano flips the script and hits Cole with the chair, disqualifying himself with the first fall.

The second fall is a street fight and Gargano goes to work on Cole with the chair. He takes the champ all over Scotiabank Arena! They are beating the living hell out of each other. Cole seemed to have control but Gargano takes the champ through the barricade! He is on fire! Gargano takes the announce table apart. They meet up on top, Cole counters, Gargano stops Cole and sends him crashing back first through the Spanish announce table. 

Back in the ring, Gargano wants to bring a table into the ring, followed by a few chairs. Cole capitalizes and drops Gargano plus a near fall. Cole wedges a chair in the corner. Gargano counters and sends Cole into the chair, followed by the submission. Cole taps! Gargano wins the second fall!

The next, and final, fall is a steel cage wrapped in barbed wire with a bunch of weapons lodged into the walls. This steel cage is like a flashback of ECW, which is what the NXT crowd has started chanting. Cole immediately went for a kendo stick and Gargano stopped him. Both men have traded kicks along with kendo stick shots, just to end with a Superkick Party to each other. Both men are laid out! Both men are fatigued! Only one can win!

Gargano has assembled a couple of chairs together and has his sights set on the ladder. Cole stops him but Gargano, literally, makes Cole sit down, followed by a superkick. Gargano sets up a table but Cole catches him with the chair shots. Cole climbs to get another chair which gets caught in the cage when Gargano stops the champ. Cole sends him flying into the lodged chair and follows with a backstabber and a nearfall.

Cole sets up a couple chairs and props Gargano up on the turnbuckle. Gargano fights him off and finds a lodged fire extinguisher! He extinguished Cole and follows with a tornado DDT into the chairs with another near fall. Gargano beats the champ down with a kendo stick. He eyes a hammer at the top of the cage. Cole stops him from getting it and Gargano catches Cole with a rolling powerbomb. He goes back up for the hammer but Cole with the Superkick Party. Cole goes for the ladder and throws it at his challenger! Gargano moved and Cole catches him with the Canadian Destroyer and a nearfall!

Cole sets up the ladder and climbs, followed by another Canadian Destroyer! Gargano kicks out at 2.99!!! How is he continuing to kick out?! Cole can’t even believe it. He goes back to work on the challenger, Gargano can’t even stay up on his own. He sets Gargano up on the chair and goes for the Shining Wizard but Gargano moves! Gargano goes for the STF with the kendo stick, the champ counters, biting him in the process. 

Cole looks to go back to work on the champ but Gargano lays him out! Cole is nursing another injury to the ribs. Gargano sets two tables up side by side. He climbs the ladder after he props the champ onto the table. Cole rolls off and is struggling to get to his feet. That was simply instinct kicking in. At the top rope, Gargano drops Cole with a diving Canadian Destroyer. Cole just BARELY, instinctively got the arm up!

Gargano finds a pair of clippers and cuts a piece of barbed wire! Cole tries to move from him and they meet on top of a table propped at the top of the cage. They fight it out and both go crashing through the tables on the mat! Cole rolls over and covers Gargano with all the energy he had left to retain the Bay Bay NXT Championship!! 

WINNER by pinfall and STILL champion: ADAM COLE BAY BAYYYY!!

It’s safe to say that if this rivalry is over, neither of these men will ever forget tonight’s historic match. What a night! What a match! Hope you all enjoyed tonight’s show. Thank you for covering with us! Join us tomorrow as we cover Summerslam live in Toronto! Good night Wrestling World!

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