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Good evening wrestling world! Tonight’s the night for the 2nd ever NXT War Games. Who will win the battle in the steel cage? Will Kairi Sane win the NXT Women’s Championship back? Can the Velveteen Dream finally get the NXT Championship? Stay tuned.


To start things off, Matt Riddle came out and addressed the fans. Originally, he wasn’t supposed to have a match. But he threw the challenge out to Kassius Ohno and Ohno came out to accept it. Ohno demanded that the ref ring the bell.

Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno

As soon as the bell rang, Matt Riddle laid Ohno out, knocking him out cold. Possibly the quickest match in NXT history.

Winner by pinfall: Matt Riddle

Kairi Sane looks to get the NXT Women’s Title back from Shayna Baszler. She has the shortest reign in NXT history. They will go at it once again, next!

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler (c) - 2 Out Of 3 Falls

Off the bell, Kairi Sane is going at Baszler. The fight spilled out to ringside and Kairi just isn't stopping! As Kairi put Baszler back in the ropes, the ref went to check on her. Off the distraction, Baszler's sidekicks came out and laid waste to Kairi on the floor. They threw her back in and Baszler locks in the clutch, forcing Kairi to tap out and giving the champ the first fall.

Kairi just isn't the one to give up! She knows how to take a beating from her opponents. Baszler gets to wearing her down and stomps right on the jaw as if Kairi was a bug. Kairi comes back in the fight and drops Baszler on the apron with a DDT. She drops Baszler and her girls off a dive and could win this fall with a count out. But she doesn't want that! She wants to pin or submit the champ! Kairi gets the champ back in, climbs up top and lands the finish for the second fall!

My goodness! The NXT fans are all in this one. Things are looking pretty good for Kairi but you can never bet against or count out the champion Baszler. Kairi sets up for the finish once again but Baszler's girls with the distraction and the capitalization, throwing her off the top rope. Kairi gets some help from Dakota Kai but Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir dropped her immediately. Io Shirai comes to their aid and lays them out with the diving moonsault.

Kairi goes back up top to drop the finisher on Baszler and hits it! But the champ uses Kairi's momentum to flip it into a pinfall and gets the third, and final, fall to retain.

Winner by 2-1 falls and STILL champion: Shayna Baszler

Up next, Aleister Black finally gets to put his hands on Johnny Gargano after Gargano attacked him and put him off NXT TV for a while. This one should be a hell of a match! Stay tuned because that match takes place next!

Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

These two men started things off with so much anticipation behind it. Gargano with the early edge over Black. He locks in the hold to wear the former NXT Champion down. Gargano is looking pretty good so far, embracing that new heel mindset. Black works to come back in this one and they trade strikes. Gargano goes ringside and Black with the suicide dive over the top rope!

Back inside, Black capitalizes on his turn of events. Gargano obviously didn't expect this type of offense from Black. Gargano is back at ringside and Black with the impressive flips with the moonsault attempt but Gargano moves back to the inside. He goes for the suicide dive DDT and hits it. Black looks dazed and Gargano gets him back in for another DDT and a nearfall.

These men are trading impressive moves and this match is looking amazing! They are looking like technicians! Gargano definitely knows how to take a beating. Black and Gargano utilize assistance of the other ring. Gargano is on the apron and Black stuns him. He goes off the ropes and Gargano wants to dive to Black but Black with the kick to lay him off. And the NXT fans are hyped for this one! Gargano looks to put Black away with the submission but Black fights back in this one. Gargano sets up for the running knee but Black stops him and does his vintage seated position, demanding that Gargano gives him his best shots. Gargano with the running knee attempt but Black counters. Gargano goes off the counter and drops Black with the running knee and a nearfall.

Neither man can gain complete edge but Gargano goes back to wearing him down. Black gets some breathing room and goes off the ropes for a springboard but Gargano pushes him over the ropes instead. Gargano with the suicide dive attempt and Black gets the knees up. 

Back in the ring, Gargano is begging Black for mercy. Gargano literally kisses the man's feet and Black assisted him to his feet. He goes for the finish but Gargano counters into a pin and a 2 count. Gargano with the Gargano Escape but Black gets out! Black with the exposed knee to wipe him out for a second. Black then goes for the Black Mass! Gargano is damn near out....Black told him that it's over before he hit one more Black Mass to seal the deal.

Winner by pinfall: Aleister Black

Velveteen Dream has shown so much potential of greatness. He's made it clear that he wants that NXT Title. Ciampa is no slouch and holds the title with pride. These two have built up a crazy rivalry and tonight's match should show every bit of their greatness in the ring.

NXT Championship Match: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. The Velveteen Dream

Dream comes out, in the city of Angels, wearing "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan-style ring gear. They tangle up and go at each other. Dream ends the scuffle by balancing himself on Ciampa's back. Ciampa looks for the edge and Dream slaps taste out of his mouth. They both play the mind games on each other as Ciampa pulls the "Hollywood" band off Dream's head. Dream goes to pick up Ciampa's title and the chase is on. They end up back inside and neither man can gain an edge.

Ciampa gets set up for the Hulk Hogan finish from Dream but rolls out of the ring to regroup. Dream doesn't allow the champ to get any breathing room and drops him with the dive. Back in the ring, Dream is looking pretty good! Ciampa turns it back over and hits Dream with a running knee in the corner, putting him to sleep. Ciampa works to keep the Dream down and locks in the hold. Dream, literally, drools at the mouth and Ciampa rubs it in his face. And yes, it's as disgusting as is sounds.

Ciampa is going to work on the challenger but Dream with the sudden spark of energy! Dream goes at the surgically repaired knee of Ciampa and is breaking him down with a couple of Figure Fours. Ciampa tries to turn it over with his own Figure Four. Neither man is tapping! Ciampa sets up for the suplex but Dream counters with the suplex to the champ to the outside. Ciampa undoes his boot to take pressure off that knee. Dream appears hurt as well off the move. He gets Ciampa back in and goes to work.

Ciampa turns it back over and pulls Dream at the tights on the pin. The ref catches it and off the distraction, Dream kicks Ciampa and drops him with the finish and the nearfall. Ciampa gets set up for one more finisher but Ciampa goes to ringside and walks to walk away with his title. Instead of leaving, he gets back in and wants to lay him out with the belt. The ref stops him and off the distraction, Dream drops Ciampa on the gold and the nearfall. The ref was actually shocked.

Neither man can keep the other down. Ciampa goes back ringside and pulls up the floor mat. He wants to drop Dream with the apron DDT on the floor but Dream counters and they go flying across the announce table. Ciampa gets to his feet and lays Dream out. He hears the announce team talking about the possibility of Dream becoming champ but takes exception and fusses them out. Dream delivers the Driver off the distraction, gets him back in the ring and drops the elbow for the nearfall! Ohhh! So close!! He's still on the champion and goes for another elbow to the champ laying on the bottom rope on the apron. Ciampa moves and Dream crashes on the floor mat. He's in pain! Ciampa capitalizes and drops Dream on the steel part of the separation in between the two rings to seal the deal.

Winner by pinfall and STILL champion: Tommaso Ciampa

Up next, the War Games takes place. Which team will come out on top tonight in the second ever War Games? We shall find out next!

War Games Match: Undisputed Era vs. Ricochet, Pete Dunne and War Machine

For the first 5 minutes, Ricochet and Adam Cole (Bay Bay) will go at it. They start off trash talking each other and Cole wants Ricochet to come to his ring first. Ricochet goes and Cole jumps right on him. Ricochet flips the script and lays the former North American Champion out. The trash talk continues and things spill over to the next ring.

Ricochet goes up for the back-first dive but Cole counters him with a backstabber! Wow! Cole sends him back to the other ring and goes to work. The commentators brought up Cole's success back in Japan and it's definitely showing tonight. Ricochet counters and flies to Cole as he went to the other side once again. The time goes down and out comes Kyle O'Reilly!

The two members begin to break down the NXT N.A. Champion. Ricochet tries to fight back but it's not enough as the Undisputed Era members keep him down. They're picking Ricochet apart! Time goes down and it's time for a member of Ricochet's team is to come out. Pete Dunne teases his time to come but Hanson  stops him and comes out himself.

Hanson is like an animal that was locked in a cage, waiting to be unleashed! He and Ricochet teamed up to lay out O'Reilly and Cole. They get stopped once Roderick Strong is released, bringing that energy! He's looking pretty insane tonight! The Undisputed Era show that team chemistry and are delivering a beatdown! Next up, Rowe is released! He shows that pure strength on The Undisputed Era. Rowe drops them with Strong sitting up on his shoulders in powerbomb position and O'Reilly in his arms. The faces are looking pretty strong now that they have more power in the ring. 

Time ticks down and it's time for Bobby Fish! Fish snatches the key and the lock chain from the ref. He goes to Dunne's cage and puts the lock on to buy his team some more time after the timer goes off. He throws the key to the crowd and heads to the ring, introducing steel chairs with the team's logo on them. They lay waste to the face team and make an epic statement.

Finally, the timer goes off but Dunne is still trapped! The ref goes to find bolt cutters. In the meantime, UE are still beating their opponents down. The ref comes out with the bolt cutters and Pete Dunne comes to the ring! It's time for the official start of War Games! Dunne uses a kendo stick to get started and throws some tables in. His team goes to work and breaks down each opponent.

Each team is bringing the fight as everyone has been phenomenal. UE goes at the bad leg of Pete Dunne with O'Reilly locking him in a boston crab in one ring. The faces finally breaks it up with the assisted dive of Ricochet from War Machine. Rowe gets speared through a propped up table! Hanson sets up a table and puts Cole on it, it collapses. He sets it back up and drops Cole on the canvas. 

O'Reilly breaks up the pin with a chair shot and these teams are in a dog fight! O'Reilly has Ricochet in a triangle hold on the table and Hanson falls right on O'Reilly to send him through the table. Ricochet and Adam Cole end up at the top of the cage and go at it! UE assisted Cole and everybody swarms that part of the cage. Everyone locks up in some sort of giant suplex type of look but it all ended with Hanson dropping everyone. Ricochet is still up top and drops a reverse 450 splash on everyone. Each team regroups in their own respective rings and they all meet in between to basically start fresh, beating each other down with no set control.

Hanson with the impressive spring back drop to Strong and O'Reilly. Ricochet goes for the springboard and flies into a Superkick Party *wink wink* from Cole. Cole and Dunne are going at it in the other ring. Cole wants to throw Dunne a Superkick Party as well.  Dunne counters and breaks the toes and fingers of Cole down. Cole goes for the counter and wants the finish but Dunne with one more counter to drop Cole with the finisher, followed by the 450 Splash from Ricochet. Ricochet and Dunne both pin Adam Cole for the victory!

Winners by pinfall: Ricochet, Pete Dunne, and War Raiders

We hope you all enjoyed tonight's show! Come back tomorrow for an awesome night of Survivor Series! Good night wrestling world! 


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