*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results Through The Middle Of January 2014

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WWE taped four episodes of WWE NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World Florida correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following taping results:

Episode 1 (Airing December 18, 2013):

* Tensai, Tom Phillips, and Byron Saxton were on commentary.

Dark Match

* Angelo Dawkins defeated Slate Randall.

* Show opened with Triple H coming out. He said we are here to celebrate the 200th episode of NXT. He runs down the names that have come through here. He gives his word that every show will be a show to remember. Last thing he would like to see is to thank and congratulate Full Sail.

* Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd defeated Antonio Cesaro and Leo Kruger via Zayn hitting a Yakuza Kick in the corner. Tyson isolated Cesaro via a Tope Con Hilo.

* Paige defeated Sasha Banks w/Summer Rae via the Paigeturner in a non-title match.

* In a non-title match, The Ascension defeated The American Pitbulls (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) via pin on Davey Richards. Davey and Eddie worked with random names that I did not make out. Match was more competitive than a typical Ascension match. Hunico and Camacho came out to the stage and stared down The Ascension after.

* They introduced lumberjacks for a lumberjack arch for the NXT Title.

* They introduced Howard Finkel.

* Bo Dallas retained the NXT title over Adrian Neville in a Lumberjack Match. Neville at point hit a Swanton to the outside on Bo and all the lumberjacks. Neville went up for the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press. One of the lumberjacks (Slate Randall I believe) distracted the ref. Neville went airborne but Tyler Breeze pulled Bo away from the move. Bo then covered Neville for the pin.

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Episode 2 (Airing December 25, 2013):

* Alexander Rusev w/Lana defeated Kofi Kingston via Camel Clutch.

* Emma defeated Natalya via the Muta lock.

* They announced an NXT sing off.

* Aiden English came to the ring. His opponent was Colin Cassidy. Aiden sang an Italian song. Colin sang a song insulting Aiden. Colin got a bigger reaction. They did another song and then Aiden blindsided Colin and stacked him.

* Tyler Breeze defeated Mason Ryan. Sylvester LeFort came out to ringside during the match. Mason rolled out to ringside and clotheslined LeFort. He rolled back in, Breeze hit a spinning wheel kick and pinned him.

* In a 2/3 Falls Match, Sami Zayn beat Leo Kruger 2-0.
Fall 1: Zayn beat Kruger via Yakuza Kick.
Fall 2: Zayn made Kruger tap to a Koji Klutch.

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Episode 3 (Airing January 1, 2014):

* Bayley w/Natalya defeated Summer Rae w/Sasha Banks.

* Aiden English defeated Colin Cassady with The Director's Cut.

* Xavier Woods came to the ring for a match. Kane's music played and he came to the ring. Kane decided that Woods should be punished for his role in the petition for Big Show. He introduced Alexander Rusev as his opponent.

* Alexander Rusev w/Lana defeated Xavier Woods.

* In what was probably a dark promo, Kane got in the ring and said he was glad to be here and wanted to talk about Survivor Series. Sylvester LeFort interrupted. The two talked and Kane ended up Chokeslamming him.

* Tyson Kidd defeated Baron Corbin.

* In a Tornado Match for the NXT Tag Team Titles. The Ascension defeated Hunico and Camacho. Camacho tried a middle rope dive on Victor but Victor countered it with a European uppercut. They hit Hunico with their total elimination variation and retained.

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Episode 4 (Airing January 8, 2014):

* Adrian Neville defeated Tyler Breeze with the corkscrew shooting star press.

* CJ Parker defeated Jason Jordan.

* In a non title match, Bo Dallas defeated Mojo Rawley via roll up with the tights.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Alexander Rusev w/Lana. Crowd got very restless during this match whcb went a long time, including doing the wave.

* Antonio Cesaro defeated William Regal via Neutralizer. Cesaro hit a double stomp on the back of Regal's head. Regal attempted to crawl up to Cesaro's level (like HBK/Taker mania 26) style and Cesaro grabbed him and hit the Neutealizer (which nearly got dropped at first but Cesaro saved it.) Regal raised Cesaro's hands before referees helped him to the back. Cesaro went up to the ramp and shook Regal's hand.

January 9th, 2014 is the next taping at Full Sail and The Miz and The Bella Twins will be there.

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