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NXT Teases Ciampa & Thatcher In Dusty Cup

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Last night Ciampa and Thatcher competed in the second ever "Fight Pit" on NXT television. Thatcher picked up the second victory in what seems to be becoming his specialty matchup. After the match last night Ciampa congratulated Thatcher in the parking lot and stated "Hey I hear there is an opening in the Dusty Cup", in which Thatcher nods. 

Could we see Ciampa and Thatcher replace a team in the Dusty Cup? Kross took on Adonis last night and destroyed him quickly. There is a chance they write off Adonis and Troy and add Ciampa and Thatcher into the tournament. If this is the case they will take on Nese and Daivari next week on NXT television. Which could have us on a collision course with Ciampa/Thatcher taking on Undisputed Era in upcoming weeks. 

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