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NXT Title News: Cruiserweight Title Tournament Announced, Indecision On NXT Tag Titles


William Regal was on "The Bump" today and announced that due to travel bans Jordan Devlin is unable to defend the Cruiserweight Championship. With this being the case the title cannot be defended and the General Manager announced a tournament would take place to crown a new champion. It's unknown on when participants would be announced however it could happen as early as tonight.

Regarding the tag titles, Regal said that he has some interesting decisions to make. Due to one half of the champions being overseas and unable to travel over they cannot defend the titles together. Regal may make Riddle choose a new partner, strip them of the titles completely or make Riddle defend them on his own. Whichever they choose, NXT is certainly making the best of a bad situation story line wise.

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