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NXT: WarGames call notes

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On Thursday November 16th, WWE COO Paul "HHH" Levesque held a conference call with members of the wrestling media to talk this weekend’s NXT TakeOver: War Games live special. The following is highlights from the call.

* Triple H puts over the city of Houston for their hospitality despite the recent Hurricane Harvey disaster.

* Triple H says that this weekend is a way to turn on a new generation of fans on what the concept of War Games is.

* Triple H puts over Lars Sullivan and his unique look.

* Triple H mentions that the changes to the rules of the War Games match shouldn’t change what the match means, because the concept of the teams going to war and the match not really starting until everyone is inside will still be there.

* Triple H notes that the War Games cage this weekend won’t have a roof on it, so that it won’t limit the guys and have the option to do stuff off the top of the cage,

* Triple H mentions that bringing back War Games allows them to use something from the past and update it, while maintaining the original vision of the late Dusty Rhodes.

* Triple H says that the decision to hold TV tapings in Atlanta in early 2018 was due to a logistical issue with Full Sail University, but that Full Sail will remain NXT’s home.

* Triple H puts over the top UK talent, saying he wished that something done in the UK happened much sooner, but hopes to announce something more definitive in the near future.

* Triple H puts over the Mae Young Classic and how it opened their eyes to the depth of female talent out there, both in NXT and outside of NXT.

* Triple H says he’s excited for War Games and it will be emotional because of how much it meant to the late Dusty Rhodes.

End of call.

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