NXT Live Results (2-12-20)


Welcome everyone to the final NXT show until NXT Takeover: Portland. There have been two matches announced for this show. We will see Kushida vs. Adam Cole and Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza to earn the right for a Cruiserweight Title match. 

We open the show with Roddy Strong in the ring cutting a promo on Velveteen Dream and how this feud isn't about the title it's personal. Strong demands an apology since Dream put his wife and child on his gear. He is interrupted by Bronson Reed and a match has begun.

The two men begin the match still with jackets and over shirts on and it begins as more of a fight than a match. Reed gets the early advantage however is quickly cut off by Strong and his chops. Reed finally regains the upper-hand by slamming Strong and then putting his shirt over his face. 

Strong gets Reed into the corner for a few punches but is quickly thrown down again and Reed begins using his size and strength. Reed grabs Strong and puts him in a stalling suplex that lasts for almost 30 seconds in the air but then missing Strong in the corner as he runs outside. Reed then does a diving shoulder tackle from the apron and both me are on the outside as we go to commercial. 

During the commercial break, both men brawl outside a bit and end up back in the ring with Strong slamming Reed and going for a pin. We come back from commercial with Reed going for a pinfall attempt and getting a two count. Reed puts Strong on his shoulders, dropping him neck first on the top rope and then landing a massive clothesline for a two count. 

This article will be live and constantly updated often so stay tuned for all your NXT information tonight. Reed attempts to go to the top rope but is caught by Strong for a superplex for a two count. Strong hits a kick to the outside but Dream cuts the lights out which allows Reed to regain the upper-hand for a moment until Strong hits a big knee for the win.

After the match, Velveteen Dream cuts a very personal promo on Strong and has "Call me up Marina" on his tights as well as a picture of Marina and Strong's Son on his tights.  

Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne have a pretaped segment trying to get to Portland for NXT Takeover. They get pulled over after Dunne drives on the wrong side of the road and we find out neither have a driver's license. The segment ends with them wondering how they will get to Portland. 

We come back from commercial break with Angel Garza backstage with Cathy Kelley discussing his match later in the night. Lio Rush interrupts Garza and tells him that he isn't the same guy that he was when he lost his title. 

We now have a match beginning quickly between LeRae and Kai which shows numerous counters and then a number of suicide dives from LeRae onto Kai. LeRae then hits a missile dropkick from the top rope for a two count. Kai finally gains the upper hand and attempts a superplex to the outside but its quickly reversed although Kai maintains control and gets a two count. 

LaRae's nose is busted open likely from a big boot to the face earlier in the match and then Candice's shoulder was driven into the ring post just before a commercial break. We come back from break and Lerae hits a big kick and then a middle rope swinging neck breaker before hitting a high angle German suplex and then locking in the GargaNO escape. Kai however reverses and rolls up LeRea for the win. 

After the match, Kai attacks Lerae until Nox comes from nowhere and have to be pulled apart by officials. 

Gargano and Grimes are up next with Gargano coming to the ring first and giving high fives to little kids by the ring. This match begins with traditional chain wrestling maneuvers and a rope break with commentary discussing Gargano's physique. Gargano grounds Grimes with a front face lock and Gargano continues to use his athletic ability and technical wrestling abilities. 

This continues until Grimes cuts off Gargano with a knee to the waist however his momentum doesn't last long until Gargano clotheslines Grimes to the outside, then hits a kick to the face and a rolling cannonball to the outside. We go to a commercial break with Grimes catching Gargano before a DDT and throwing him across the ring. 

We come back from commercial with Grimes throwing Gargano into the turnbuckles and then getting a two count with a german bridge suplex. Gargano regains control with a combination of moves ending in a big clothesline and then the slingshot spear for two. 

Gargano and Grimes now trade big moves and two counts and then superman punches. Grimes catches Gargano with the backflip bodyslam for a two count and the crowd begins chanting NXT loudly. The two Superstars traded superkicks and then Gargano connects with a big-time DDT and then locks in the GargaNO escape for the win. 

The next match on the show is to determine the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. The two men start off fast and Garza attempts a piledriver onto the apron and Rush misses a backflip to the outside and Garza catches him and smashes him against the ring post and stairs. 

We come back from commercial break with Rush hitting a suicide dive and a corkscrew splash onto the outside, then back inside for a kick to the face and a pin for a two count. Garza counters Rush and get a two count after a powerbomb face smash. 

Rush finally regains the upper hand and connects with a frog splash to the outside and rolls Garza back in for another Frog Splash attempt but Garza gets the knees up. Rush rolls up Garza and gets the win and will be the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Garrett and Belair are up next as Mauro references Buster Douglas, quickly into this match Belair takes out the earrings and defeats Garrett quickly. After the match, Belair cuts a promo about winning the title this weekend and is quickly interrupted by Rhea Ripley. After Ripley guaranteed victory she is dropped with a KOD from Belair. 

The Main Event for the evening is Kushida and Adam Cole in a non-title match. Kushida opens up this match hot and takes Cole to the outside before Cole throws him into the steel steps. Kushida quickly regains control and hits a big move off the top rope and begins working on the arm.

We come back from commercial break with Kushida still in control and goes to the top rope with the champ. Cole knocks Kushinda off the ropes but Kushida gets Cole to the ground and locks in an armbar but is broken up with a rope break.  

Cole finally gets control of the match and a two-count before both men are standing off striking each other. Kushida reverses the Panama Sunrise into an armbar in the middle of the ring. Kushida almost gets the win with a roll-up however Cole kicked out at the last moment. 

Cole hits a superkick to the back of Kushida as he attempts a springboard back elbow and then hits the last call for the win. Ciampa comes out after the match and heads to the ring to face off with Cole. 

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