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NXT Review 4-20-21

My NXT review for the week

NXT Review 4-20-21


Hello everyone, and welcome to my second NXT Review. This week is stacked, as we have both another cruiserweight championship open challenge with new champion Kushida. As well as the first WWE appearance of Kyle O Riley since his unsanctioned fight with Adam Cole on Thursday, April 8th. Which left both men bruised beyond belief, and much more!

So, let’s get started!


We kicked things off with the man of the hour, Kyle O Riley, who had lots to say following his victory from a few weeks ago, stating that he was hoping to go after the NXT championship and was just about to call Karrion; out officially……. He was interrupted by Cameron Grimes, leading to a match later this evening.

I’m not a huge fan of promos starting off shows, but I’m glad that this was short and sweet at least and gave both athletes well-defined goals for their evening.

MATCH 1. L.A Knight VS Dexter Lumis.

Our first match is between two rising stars looking to settle personal issues, as L.A Knight battles Dexter Lumis. This match was solid enough, and I like the twist of the smaller guy L.A Knight being the heel and using shortcuts to cheat the bigger man in Lumis out of a victory, including capitalizing on a distraction from Indi Hartwell.

WINNER L.A Knight.

Once again, this was a simple match that did its job in advancing both men’s stories. I’m interested to see where they both go now that they have their loose ends with each other tied. Hope to see L.A Knight in higher-profile spots from now on.


Io Shirai had a quick promo where she addressed her championship loss, and she stated she would like to get a rematch after she takes some time off. She was then interrupted by Frankie Monet. Setting the stage for a future feud.

MATCH 2. GYV VS Breezango

Our next match is a match between two former NXT tag team championship groups.

(GYV holding the UK variety) Looking for another shot at gold against MSK, but in order to even be in that conversation, both need the win here.


This was a fun and frantic tag team contest working to both team's strengths as athletes. I’m glad to see GYV get the win here. I’m huge fans of those guys, and I think they have good chemistry with MSK. It should be fun to see!

MATCH 3. Zoey Stark VS Sarray

Thirdly on tonight’s card is a match with two women that I have very little exposure to in Zoey Stark and Sarray going head to head in Sarrays NXT debut. I’m excited to see these women wrestling and where the winner could go in the NXT women’s division going forward.


This was an incredibly hard-hitting and exciting match, and I thought Sarray was the correct winner; and it’s good that Zoey still looked credible despite her loss. Both women have bright futures going forward. Good stuff here.




Fourth up on tonight’s menu of matches was an excellent cruiserweight championship open challenge answered by Oney Lorcan.


This was a scintillating strike-filled matchup that gave both men time to shine, in a manner that I appreciated. Oney looked good in defeat, reestablishing himself as a singles star after Danny Birch’s injury took him out of the tag scene. Also, Kushida proved last week's win over Escobar was not a fluke whatsoever.

Very nice stuff here!

MATCH 5. Imperium VS Ever-rise.


This was a simple but effective squash match that made Imperium looks fantastic with the victory. Despite the distraction from Dain and Drake looking for revenge from last week


Kyle O Riley VS Cameron Grimes.

Our main event of the evening is the match that was set up in the opening segment. As Kyle O Riley took on Cameron Grimes. This was a fun main event with both men going back and forth. I like both guys, and I think they worked well together here.


Good combination of physical strikes and simple storytelling as both men tried to prove themselves with a huge win! This win was a good way to establish Kyle O-Riley as a babyface while also making Grimes look credible as a potential future star in his own right.


Even though it started off slow, I thought this was a solid episode with a few enjoyable matches that established some new stars. I loved the 2nd hour in particular. Fun stuff, and I’m interested in where all the stories go next week. Once again, thank you for reading my articles. Your support means a lot.

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