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My NXT Review for the week.



Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of my weekly NXT reviews; this week, we have two championships on the line, and we will find out the number one contender for the NXT championship!

Match 1. 3-way match.

Kyle O'Reilly VS Pete Dunne VS Johnny Gargano.

We kick things off with an incredibly fast-paced and technical 3-way to decide the number one contender for Karrion Kross. I enjoyed this for the fifteen minutes, or so everyone went at it. Really felt like it mattered to everyone involved, and I appreciated that.

These men worked well together for what it was.


Adam Cole interrupting this match with vicious chair shots was somewhat cool and unique since it rarely happens in NXT as a brand. I usually despise non-finishes, but this might be one of the rare scenarios where it might actually work for everyone involved! I have been following his career for over a decade, and I have never seen Adam Cole as dangerous and as violent as he was in this scene here, and I’m intrigued as to where this new wrinkle of his character might go in the weeks and months to come.

Quick side-Note the Ember Moon and Raquel Gonzalez brawl was fun, and the transition between the two segments was seamless; their women’s championship match at In Your House should be excellent)

Match 2. LA Knight VS Jake Atlas.

Up next is a match between two up-and-coming NXT stars as they fight for possible contention in future championship bouts. This was a simple enough match, and I liked seeing Jake Atlas in another high-profile bout; he works well as an underdog babyface and L. A Knight didn’t lose anything in this loss in terms of credibility.


This storyline between Grimes and Atlas keeps getting more complicated by the moment. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, though. However, I am willing to see where it goes going forward.

The promo between Kross and Cole was really heated and had some great one-liners where both men made lots of good points leading to the announcement that there will be a five-way championship match at In Your House. I am usually into less is more in terms of a storytelling device, but this is a rare exception; this is insane, and I love it! All these moving pieces make things incredibly interesting going forward!

MATCH 3. NXT Cruiserweight Championship!

Kushida VS Carmelo Hayes.

Third, on this card is an exciting championship match has Kushidas open challenge was answered by the debuting Carmelo Hayes! This was an exciting championship match that made Hayes look great, and the championship increases in importance day by day, and that’s wonderful to see.


MAIN-EVENT! NXT Tag Team Championship.


Our main-event of the evening is a highly Anticipated tag team championship clash as MSK and LDF finish their incredibly personal rivalry once and for all! I loved this match's intensity and fast-paced action; throughout, it was an excellent way to cap off a wild night.

Every move and moment mattered, and I greatly appreciated that as a viewer. As always, these teams have good chemistry together, and this was no exception; the result of MSK retaining was predictable but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m excited to see who they might face next.



This was a fascinating and fast-paced episode that left very little time for the fans and announcers to rest, and that can be fun once in awhile. Next week should be a blast as it’s the go home show to In Your House.

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