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Off-Air Notes From WWE No Way Out - Kane Misses Cue, Reaction From A WNW Reader That Attended

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- Wrestling News World reader Hutch sent in the following:

After the triple-threat match was over, Kane proceeded to pick up AJ like u see on tv, but that was take two. He did it too early before there were any cameras. He basically threw her back down and waited for the cue from the camera guy for what you actually see on tv.

Wrestling News World reader Kevin Eperjesi sent in the following off-air notes from WWE No Way Out:

Hello, I just came back from WWE "No Way Out" ppv located at the Izod center in New Jersey and let me tell you it was an awesome night. I got to the arena about 645, and right away i noticed that there was so much traffic getting into the arena just to part it took me about almost a half hour to just drive into the arena and park. After i parked the ca ==there was another huge line to just get into the door and that took another 15/20 minutes. I finally got to sit down at my seats just 10 minutes before the pre show match started.

Before the pre show started they showed the usual video promos about WrestleMania 28, do not try this at home and much more. Also before the pre show match started they had a backstage segment announcing the fatal 4 way tag match tonight. Brodus Clay vs David Otunga was an okay match crowd was 50/50 in the match.

Then it was time for the PPV, let me tell you that the pyro display was the biggest one i have ever seen since going to WWE events at the izod center. First match of the night was the world title and i was shocked to see that being first, again was an okay match some epic spots from both Sheamus and Ziggler i had my money on Ziggler but he didn't win, i can see him winning next month at money in the bank.

The next match was a comedy match to all in the crowd not one person was into the tuxedo match and lots of boring chants. Now skipping it to the Triple threat match i think this match could have been better because of the way they been promoting the match for weeks, i was expecting AJ to cost someone the win but that didn't happen and once again CM Punk retained the title. Now i am a fan of punk but i think its time for a new champion. The divas match i really though we were going to see the return of kharma but that
didn't happen. i have to say the match of the night was the intercontinental match, it was off the charts the crowd was really into the match.

Then a few matches later the usual Ryback squash match, and i don't know if anybody knows this RyBack doesn't have pyro all it is a the sound effect of a pyro with no fireworks or anything. Now skipping to the main event this match was the second steal of the show match again it was off the charts, many people in my section were standing up the whole match which made it hard to see.

Overall i thought it was a decent PPV and can't wait to buy it on DVD. Some interesting stuff i saw that i was behind a hard camera which was located about a good 30 rows behind the announcer tables. Now i don't know if they had issues with the camera but the camera guy keep going back to the backstage error with his camera then coming back again and seemed trying to figure out how to work the camera. i also noticed a few times they changed the ring apron which made no sense cause every time they changed it, it was the same one. and lastly they announced that WWE will be coming back to the Izod center for a raw taping on October, 22nd 2012 and tickets go on sale June 22nd!. So again it was a awesome show and cannot wait for Wrestlemania 29 at the MetLife stadium in April

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