Original Idea For The Undertaker Revealed; Big E On Creative Freedom


Original Idea For The Undertaker Revealed

JJ Dillon (former member of the WWE writing and booking committee and also a former manager of the Four Horsemen) was recently a guest on The List And Y Boy podcast where he discussed working in the WWE at the time he was there and mentioned the original plan for The Undertaker. According to Dillon, Vince McMahon's first response to seeing him was giving the Dead Man a viking helmet with horns similar to that of The Berzerker. Thankfully, the company went a different route.

Big E On Creative Freedom

In a recent interview with NDTV Gadgets, Big E was asked about a number of topics including the creative freedom that he and the other members of The New Day get with regards to how scripted their promos are on TV. He said the following:

“We have a long leash for sure. That’s taken time to get trust from the higher ups and people of importance. But yeah, we don’t write everything. A lot of times we’re given scripts and we disagree with the script’s directions and we have some leniency to retool. A lot of times it’s ‘hey we need an overhaul and none of it works’ and sometimes it’s just a few tweaks here and there. We’ve been very fortunate. A lot of talent really don’t have that ability to just say ‘hey I want to rewrite this promo’ but it’s really helped us. And one thing we’ve noticed too is that as much as we – as a company – try to attach ourselves to pop culture, we felt also that a lot times they were a little outdated or a little bit outside of their window of freshness.”


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