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Paige Reportedly No Longer Cleared To Wrestle For WWE

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Thomas Fenton's Update on Paige

The story going around from various outlets is that Paige is no longer cleared to compete in a WWE ring and will not be cleared again.
Paige suffered a second spinal cord injury at a house show on December 27th. The severity at the time was unknown, after 2 weeks of testing and specialist it was concluded by WWE doctors that she will not be cleared again to wrestle.
The stories going around are very shakey on details, while some are reporting she was told Monday before Raw, I have a hard time believing they shot a match and angle as is without her announcing either a retirement or running an angle. We were unable at the time of writing to independently confirm or deny the details of the story. Thomas Fenton will be sure to have more later as this story is still developing.

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