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Paige Says There Was No Fallout From F-Bomb Incident


talkSPORT has a new piece online featuring quotes from Paige. In it, she addressed rumors she got in trouble for dropping the F-bomb during a live Periscope chat with fans:

She smiled: "There was no fallout.

"I’m very loose with my tongue sometimes and I say things I don’t really mean.

"But you know what, as soon as I was on there, it was 'Eff you, Paige.’ Well, eff you back!

"And that was it. There was no fallout, there was no nothing. You know how the internet goes - they take something and make it huge. They don’t know nothin’!

"They’ punished me by letting me go on Conan, yeah. Ugh!”

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

Jamie Welton of, who interviewed Paige’s father over the summer, met Paige over the weekend. He described it as a great experience and reported she was great with his children.

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