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Paige Talks About Having To Play "Meaner" Role On Tough Enough

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Paige & Lana

Paige did an interview with IGN to promote tonight’s premiere of Total Divas. In it, while discussing new cast member Amanda, the former WWE Divas Champion revealed she played a “meaner” role on WWE Tough Enough (where Amanda was a contestant). Below is an excerpt:

There is a new girl called Amanda, which is strange for myself because I did a show called Tough Enough for WWE, which is basically the American Idol of wrestling. She didn’t win but I was her judge and had to play a meaner role on there. Having her on the show is a big surprise, which you’ll see in this season when she gets introduced. None of us are expecting it. But there’s going to be drama, like always. There’s a lot of really, really nice stuff in there this season which I’m really looking forward to. Myself and Foxy have a lot of good episodes, which you’re going to see, and there’s going to be some new characters in it. I’m really excited for it this time around and I’m really excited for you guys to watch it.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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