Pat Patterson's Emotional Backstage Story Captivating WHW Listeners

Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Triple H, Pat Patterson

On a recent episode of What Happened WhenBruce Prichard told a story about being backstage at King of the Ring in 1998 when he was screaming trying to find Pat Patterson, the agent for the match:

"I knew the two big bumps and I knew the finish but I didn't know what they were gonna do immediately after the bump into the ring. I'm screaming backstage for Pat Patterson," Bruce Prichard said. "I'm going f--king nuts and I'm angry at this point because Pat's the agent for the match and he's not there at Gorilla to talk me through the thing. And Jerry Briscoe comes to me and sits down and says, 'what do you want?' I said, 'I've gotta know what the hell what we're doing here, what was planned here, what can we cut out? What can we do? What's going on? Where the f--k is Pat?'

He was then told that Pat's partner Louis had died and had a real moment of realization:

"I'm screaming like an asshole and a lunatic for Pat not knowing what had happened. I think Jerry knew I don't even know if Vince [McMahon] knew at that point. Just that calm comes over ya and it's a surreal feeling because all this other s--t that you think is so important becomes really unimportant and your priorities go just... it was just f--ked up. So in all of that, Pat's getting a phone call that Louie has passed. I'm yelling for Pat, 'where the f--k are you?' to talk me through this wrestling match and Briscoe gives me the news as cool and as calmly as somebody can do that and just looked at me and was like, 'let's just get through this' because to everybody else that didn't matter and we just got through it. Then you're looking at guys in the ring that are putting their bodies on the line and risking their life literally taking bumps and doing this crazy s--t that you wonder, wow is it all worth all that?"

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