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Paul Heyman - “Ryback Hurts People”

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Paul Heyman’s analysis of Ryback vs. Kane on the WWE TLC Kickoff amused me. When Renee Young asked Heyman if he had seen a different Ryback since his return from injury in October, Heyman said he most definitely has seen a different Ryback. He said he didn’t like what he saw and offered this:

I don’t know if you’ve heard this about Ryback. Ryback hurts people. No one likes to step into the ring with Ryback. He’s a very dangerous individual. And now he has the chance to pick something up and smash it into his opponent. Except his opponent — Kane — intrigues me because he hurts people too. Can Kane do the damage to Ryback? Can Ryback do the damage to Kane? Here’s the thing; they’re not just going to do it with their hands, they have the opportunity to pick something up and smash it into another human being.

Obviously, Paul was doing his job to sell the match but I found his comments amusing based on accusations CM Punk made against Ryback in his tell-all interview with Colt Cabana. It was there CM Punk accused Ryback of taking 20 years off his life and breaking his ribs on a blown table spot.

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Ryback ended up calling Punk fragile and insecure and later said he believes Punk wants people to feel sorry for him.

Heyman is a real-life close friend of CM Punk.

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