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Paul Heyman's Third Client Is...

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Curtis Axel

Paul Heyman announced on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that his third client, the newest "Paul Heyman guy," is Curtis Axel.

Axel's the real-life son of the late Curt Hennig and formerly worked in WWE as Michael McGillicutty. His real name is Joe Hennig. The name was developed by using his father's name (Curt Hennig) and his grandfather's name (Larry "The Axe" Hennig).

Axel is a former member of The Nexus faction, as Michael McGillicutty, and has been in WWE's developmental system since 2007. We knew something was up with him after he berated Sin Cara in-character (See also -Michael McGillicutty Says He’ll Knock Sin Cara’s Punk Ass Out) following a loss on last week's episode of WWE Superstars.

Axel had stated publicly he was not a fan of the Michael McGillicutty name.

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