Pete Dunne On Triple H's Support; Brock Lesnar Boosts Country Star's Popularity

Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne On Triple H's Support

In an interview with, UK Champion Pete Dunne talked a bit about Triple H and what his support meant to him, as well as Tyler Bate, especially leading into their championship match at Takeover: Chicago that had the audience on its feet on several different occasions.

“It was really important to get a pep talk like that. Like I said, it’s always in our mind to go out there and kill it, regardless. We know that our future here is less secure than if we were full-time with the NXT brand or SmackDown LIVE or Raw, because we’re fighting to secure a full company in the U.K., and not just for ourselves. As far as the relationship with Triple H goes, he has been incredibly supportive and has given us a chance to make a name for ourselves.

Brock Lesnar Boosts Country Star's Popularity

Ever since Brock Lesnar appeared on the Stone Cold Podcast and mentioned his favorite country singer being Colter Wall, the singer has seen a surge of popularity increase. In a Rolling Stone interview, Wall said that Brock (who is famously known to be a notoriously private person) invited him out to his farm to just hang out and listen to some of his music.

“I got an email one day that said, ‘Hey, it’s Brock Lesnar.’ I was like, ‘Sure, sure.’ But sure enough, it was him. He said he liked my music and would like to meet me. I went out to his farm, hung out, talked and played some music for him. He has been a huge supporter ever since.”


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