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Photo Of Dean Ambrose On The Set Of Lockdown; Stephanie McMahon's Advice For Women In Business

Dean Ambrose On Lockdown Set

Dean Ambrose's Lockdown co-star Sarah Smyth posted a photo of them on the set of the film. As previously reported, Ambrose is set to wrap filming on September 20. The photo is embedded below:

">@TheDeanAmbrose onset of

— Sarah Smyth (@SarahSmyth24)

Playing cops n robbers with @TheDeanAmbrose onset of

— Sarah Smyth (@SarahSmyth24) September 18, 2014

">September 18, 2014

Stephanie McMahon On Leadership

Stephanie McMahon recently spoke to regarding how women can succeed in the business world. She gave advice to women in the workforce, put over the cast of Total Divas, and speaks on performance as an art form. Click here to watch.

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