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Wrestling News World reader Mike Bone sent us a detailed live report from the Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Watlman event in Glasgow, Scotland.

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You can read it below:

So there was a few people posting up thoughts on the Q&A session we had with The Wolfpac which i found a great chance to meet some legends, lets face it, a year ago someone said i could meet Scott Hall, i'd be like no chance. So to see the man himself happy and smiling and generally touched to meet fans was great.

Doors opened at 6:30 we were told to queue and not take seats for a photo opportunity, which it seemed alot of people were under the impression we'd be getting for free, however around 7pm (30minutes before showtime) there was flyers going up that you would be charged for the photographs which where i was standing at the front, wasn't going down well.

7:30 rolled on the music playing in the background of the three stars themes and still no show of them, however it was only a few minutes later before the Kliq sauntered through the doors at the Kerrydale Suite hall and was met with a big cheer and clapping with a few hand gestures going up in respect.

Photographs were fairly quick, and got to shake hands with them and a quick word they all seemed very happy and humbled to meeting fans who turned out which was nice (side note am almost 6ft but Sean Waltman is big and Nash/Hall are huge i felt small) Got the photographs which were expertly done and took my seat waiting for the "No Holds barred" Q&A and yes that was anything goes including Chyna.

20:30 rolled arrived in no time, the buzz was electric, the fans talking amongst themselves until here they came, Kevin Nash strolled out first to a cheer, then Scott Hall to a big pop also then Sean Waltman to an equally big pop. Question time they seemed relaxed and ready to hit out with some answers to whatever they were thrown.

How did the wrestlers court come about - Xpac stated he started it and it was to be done with the boys and not from Stanford and that the court nowadays is no longer in business. Referenced that Taker/Yokozuna were the judges of the court and could range from anything to gimmick infringement or stealing moves.

Favourite Gimmick - Xpac stated that no matter if he was the 1-2-3 kid or Syxx Pac or X-Pac he was always the same person no matter. Scott Hall didn't say who his favourite was but went with Kevin having no vanity and said Vinnie Vegas(got a pop) and Oz(another pop) were two of his favourite to watch. Kevin Nash went along saying that Oz was one of his favourites and told the story about Japan about when he was coming up from the ground and he heard the fans saying "Oz Oz Oz Oz" and huge pop when he came up through the ground with this massive lasershow, he was told afterwards that once he left WCW he'd have a job in he signed with WWF.

They were all asked about the Performance Centre which was interesting as its new they mentioned about lame gimmicks aka Joe Hening who is talented but cant catch a break, but the one thing they pointed out that who is running the centre its not main event calibre wrestlers.

Nash put it in a sense of - He could give Bill Demott tracing paper and a dime and still couldn't draw a dime.

They were then presented by the attitude era if they would have stayed in the WWF, Xpac said that if it wasn't for Nash/Hall there wouldn't be an attitude era and there certainly wouldn't have been a DX, they also noted that at WCW Nash/hall had loads of creative control.

Nash/Sean put over Hall as the greatest worker never to be a world champion and if it wasn't for Hall they wouldn't have been as relevant.

Is Hogan still relevant as he was, it seemed that they weren't defending Hogan but as they put it, Hulk is Hulk, nobody thought Hogan could hang with Rock at Toronto and he stole that show, then he went to Mania 19 and stole that, they also said that Hogan could play on there team anytime.

HOF/Wrestlemania 30? - They were quiet but then they stated they didn't care for it, and if they died and they weren't in then so be it. Mentioned Austin and said that once he was inducted that Steve felt nothing for it and didn't mean anything to him. Also wondered why Edge who was successful why he was in and not Savage/Jake Roberts weren't at this time. They also said that the fans are missing out, as its all a popularity contest and that the real guys who should be going in aren't as its up to 3people to decide and if you've annoyed one of them you aren't getting in.

Nitro was asked was fairly quick stated it was a nightmare to work sometimes as they could count on each hand of all three of them how many times they'd go out to a main event and wing it.

Scott Hall was asked about his feud with Austin in 2002, he said that he enjoyed wrestling Austin but felt that they could have been so much better as Hall was in a bad place and Austin was in a bad place also obviously leading up to Austins departure in 2002.

Current Breakout talent who they liked and thoughts on the Shield. - Roman Reigns is the one we should watch, has the look of a champion and could be the future. They like the concept of The Shield but the one they don't like is the way they attack people like a swarm of bees as they classed it just randomly attacking. It looks good but just comes across as...Really. They also expressed that if WWE came and asked, they'd work Mania 30 with The Shield which got a pop.

Did Scott Hall hate Goldust? - No he didn't and he felt bad as he didn't run with the storyline with Goldust as he is a talented wrestler. However one comment that caught everyone off guard was when Vince told Hall/Nash about presenting the storyline. - Let me tell you of my first homosexual experience. Classic.

There is no Kliq in the WWE they just laughed that off, and was asked about HBK return to WWE in 2002 was there a plan, yes there was, but it was stopped after Kevin done his quad.

97 Screwjob was brought up next which was brought around that they agreed Vince did the right thing as much as they love Bret he wasn't being fair. Sean Waltman though had other ideas he wondered if Bret was in on the full thing as Sharpshooter in your home town and you didn't see it coming, really. Then they queried about the punch Bret supposedly gave Vince, was never seen. Was interesting to hear there thoughts on it.

Undertaker Longevity - "well he works one match every year for the last 7years, he could do that for a while" - Got a pop but they stated they all have much repsect for Undertaker that when people were jumping to WCW he stayed and was the guy who needed to draw people in and was doing it even after having cracked ribs and a broken facial bone he still worked.

A brave brave fan asked Kevin Nash if he had any bad feelings about taking down WCW as he was the booker which prompted a great response from Nash. - Hopefully i have remembered everything from this part as i was in tears and laughter with the response.

Nash - "What a lot of fans don't realise is that outside this realm of wrestling there is real life shit going on, Turner sold to Time warner who sold to AOL...who were a dot com company, and what happened in the space of 3weeks shares at AOL dropped from $77 dollars to like $11 and that AOL were selling everything off like Seahawks(i might be wrong on the team) amongst other things, but hey if you mean to tell me that a boy from Detroit took down a BILLION DOLLAR company by booking bad matches, you know what blame me i accept it, and you know it was all the master plan of Vince McMahon, he sent us to look like outsiders to join WCW, send over more talent to help us take them down and he was very happy, however a member of the Kliq is now running the show at the WWE with his best buddy behind him for support so when Vince dies and Hunter takes over the Kliq will be running all of the shit, which actually it was our plan to take down TWO companies" - The place erupted in laughter and tears, if i had recorded it i wish i could let you hear it, was fantastic. I said to my mate Steven Weeks who was with me that was probably the best Nash promo we've heard in years.

Scott Hall was asked about the DDP Yoga, and how its changed him and how the fans are happy he's doing well. He told us about how Diamond phoned him up and spoke to him and brought him back from the dead. He was a real moment of clarity when Hall was hooked up as he was close to dying.

Nash stated that he was happy his brother and best friend was still here while visually upset and Waltman crying the three hugged on stage to a standing ovation from the fans. It was a lovely moment to end the Q&A.

I enjoyed my experience at The UK Takeover Tour, yes as you may have read there has been issues. You know issues like that i can deal with, yes maybe next time be more honest with the fans, but the chance to meet Hall/Nash/Waltman, they might never do it again in the UK/Glasgow.

I loved it, and i'd do it all over again. Wolfpac4Life.

Below are some photos that Wrestling News World reader Mike Bone attached with his report:

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