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Premium News: What WWE Is Discussing Regarding Potential Coronavirus Issues

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WrestleMania is just weeks away, the country is facing a global outbreak of a disease and the city of Tampa is making a major announcement this Thursday. What has WWE discussed regarding options and concerns about the Coronovirus........

Our own Thomas Fenton is reporting that the WWE had a meeting this week regarding this potential issue of the Coronovirus. While there are no current plans to cancel WrestleMania it doesn't mean the WWE isn't taking precautions and thinking worst case scenario. Something to note is that if events start getting canceled or postpone so will international flights. 

Most events that are being moved or canceled are events taking place indoors and not at open air stadiums. With WrestleMania taking place at a football stadium that maybe a saving grace for the massive event. In a latest tweet from Ryan Bass in Tampa there are no plans to cancel WrestleMania.

While many assume WrestleMania is a huge deal a huge concern within WWE is what happens if arena's begin to close? Having to prepare 7 hours of television a week will not be easy if you don't have venues to run your events. Another issue is if WrestleMania is ok due to the open air facility what happens to those smaller promotions who may be affected?

One idea that was brought up during WWE meeting was to film specials. Where they would film 3-5 shows to air in replacement if they cannot go live for a show. These shows would likley be filmed at the Performance Center. The PC has so many friends and family near by that they could use as fans. If Wrestlemania were to be postponed it puts a delay on the entire company and almost a booking freeze because as of today all of Wrestlemania is planned.

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