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Prince Devitt Makes Strong WWE Tease

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Wrestling News World reader Daniel Hill sent word that it was stated at Sunday's Progress Wrestling show in London, England that Prince Devitt would work his final match before heading to the United States. The show's promoter, Jim Smallman, made the announcement and Devitt acknowledged it.

Below is Daniel's report from Twitter:

">@wnwdotcom At the PROGRESS Wrestling show in London today, Prince Devitt (making a surprise appearance) confirmed... 1/2

— Daniel Hill (@ScrumpyDaniel) June 29, 2014

">@wnwdotcom That it would be his final match before "heading to the states". He received a huge standing ovation from the crowd

— Daniel Hill (@ScrumpyDaniel) June 29, 2014

Below is a photo of Smallman with Devitt:

">@jimsmallman Enjoy sir

— Daniel Hill (@ScrumpyDaniel) June 29, 2014

It's widely believed that Devitt is headed to WWE. A key sticking point has been his reluctance to spend a lot of time at the WWE Performance Center. We're told he was given assurances as to how long he would be down there before he signed.

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