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Prince Devitt Will Work As Finn Balor In WWE

Word making rounds is that Prince Devitt will work in WWE as Finn Balor.

While Devitt's name change was expected, Triple H wanted KENTA to keep his name to capitalize on the Japanese market that WWE has been so cold on over the years. However, the decision was made prior to introducing KENTA to the WWE audience at NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way a couple weeks ago that he would indeed undergo a name change. Hunter told's Jason Powell that KENTA, Devitt and Kevin Steen would all undergo name changes but they all had input on their WWE names.

That was certainly the case with KENTA going to Hideo Itami (he helped come up with it) but it wasn't that simple. Vince McMahon and Triple H have different philosophies when it comes to changing the names of workers once signed to WWE contracts. Triple H believes the company should acknowledge past success, while McMahon wants to rebrand them.

In an article here on, we explained how the name changes were so important to Vince that he wanted former All-Pro NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman to change his name. Vince was also considering a new character for him that wouldn’t even acknowledge his background in the NFL. Things between WWE and Merriman ultimately fell through, with one source indicating Vince’s direction played into that.

With Vince not wanting to acknowledge the past of an All-Pro NFL player and international superstar in KENTA, no one is off-limits or immune to the changes put forth by WWE.

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